New York – the bustling metropolis, travel destination, business melting pot, and a technology hub, all wrapped into one. With so many business opportunities and sizzling tourist attractions, New York is certainly a place to be. In this post, we will list a few of the best pet friendly hotels in New York.

The thing, however, is that finding the perfect hotel in New York that’ll allow you to bring your four-legged friend along hasn’t always been easy.

To make it easy on you (and, of course, your pet), we have rounded up six pet-friendly hotels in New York City. Read on.

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But, before you do, let’s get on with this list first.


Right off the bat, this 23-story hotel property is run by Kimpton, a company that is known for its laid-back management approach, lavish perks, dazzling interior decor, and informal setting.

So, if you are looking for a place to kick back for the night and pitch a tent for your pet, Eventi should be your pick.

All their rooms are spacious, cosy, and unexpectedly lavish.

Your four-legged friend can curl up on a pampered pet’s bed.

Even better, they provide leashes, bowls, and toys for your lovely pets.

This hotel definitely ticks all the boxes to be on the list of Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in New York.

The Quin

This modern hotel that swung its door open for the first guest in 2013 is among the list of luxury hotels that allow pets 20 pounds or less into their establishment.

With a total of 28 suites, 208 large rooms, and 3-story PentHouse suite, there’s certainly no place better than the Quin for you and your pet.

Loews Regency Hotel NY

The NY branch of Loews luxury hotel chain is yet another lavish hotel that boasts lax family and pet policies.

In fact, they offer special services for both pets and kids.

With free treats, cosy pet’s bed, vet-approved meals, leashes and much more, you will enjoy staying at Loews NY chapter.

There’s a $25 room-cleaning charge, though.

Hotel Pennsylvania (closed in 2020)

This Hotel was the winner of EPA’s building competition for 2015.

It is a humongous-sized budget pet-friendly hotel in New York.

The hotel loves dogs and all other pets.

The Hotel Pennsylvania has regularly been the official host of the yearly Westminster Kennel Club dog show; so expect the best treatment for your beloved dog or cat.

Their pet-friendly packages begin at as low as $99.

Don’t miss seeing pictures that display their pet love on their official website.

The Benjamin

If you seek luxury for yourself and your pet, this is the Pet-friendly hotel in New York, you can bank upon.

All impeccably organized, cosy, and clean rooms in this dog-friendly hotel feature in-room fridges, kitchenettes with sinks and microwaves, and a plethora of other scintillating amenities.

With a ten-pillow bed arrangement, comfort and pleasant night’s sleep is certainly their central tenet.

The Mark Hotel

Have you felt that your pets are special? You will feel it at this amazing pet-friendly hotel in New York.

The Mark Hotel feels the same too.

Located on the Upper East Side of NY, the Mark Hotel will treat your pet like royalty.

This hotel which was revamped in 2009 prides itself on having 50 top-notch suites and 100 large rooms.

The Parisian-esque interior decor surely befits your stature and that of your pet.


Hope you liked the collection of Pet-friendly hotels in New York City.

A lot of hotels have gone the extra mile to show their love for animals. The mentioned hotels and many more around the world are doing a great job in accommodating the four legged friends (and other pets) of their guests.

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