Best Hilton Hotels in the World

When it comes to 5-star hotels, luxury and comfort are the two things that fill your brain. As soon as we say HILTON, even the word luxury doesn’t sound as luxurious as this hotel chain has made it look like. If in doubt, have a look a few of the best Hilton Hotels in the world.

The chain owns properties all around the world and each of these properties is equipped with facilities that will wow you multiple times during your stay.




There are reasons that make Hilton experience special.

Right from the rooms where the cosy interiors keep you in the sheets. the world-class gym facilities which give you a reason to stick to your gym routine even while on a holiday.

This stepped up by the restaurants that serve finger-licking tasty food.

When it comes to a Hilton, perfection is the least you can expect.

While every hotel of this amazingly beautiful chain is furnished with some common facilities; there is something different and unique about every property on their own.

For example, one of the hotels in the chain has a personal beach while the other one gives you a feel of the medieval times.

In short, they are redefining luxury in different ways.

However, we will stick with the usual meaning of luxury for now and let’s have a look at a few of the best Hilton Hotels in the world.


Top Hilton Hotels in the World


Hilton Worldwide has under its umbrella a lot of hotel brands with magnificent individual properties.

Waldorf Astoria has super luxury properties all around the globe and Curio collection is another exciting new brand of Hilton with excellent properties.

Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah is one of the exciting properties of Hilton Worldwide and so is the 47 storey Curio Property in Dubai with Tropical Rainforest and artificial beach in the house.

We will, however, stick to the Hotels with prefix Hilton in this listing. Let’s begin.


  1. Hilton Hotels and Suites Niagara Falls


Niagara Falls must be on your list of to-do things.

Or you might be the lucky one to have visited it already.

Hilton Hotels and Suites at Niagara Falls here has it all. From a Casino to the most majestic views of Niagara Falls.



Image Courtesy- Hilton


53 storey massively sized hotel is a proud member of Hilton family.

Facilities at the hotel include water slides to massively sized banquet halls and everything in between.

This sure sets the scene for this list of best Hilton Hotels in the world. We intend to include from upscale to the budget version in our best Hilton Hotels list.

So, read on.


2. Hilton Doha


Hilton Doha is no new entry to the best Hilton Hotel list.

Let alone the Hilton Worldwide brand, this majestic Hilton property stands tall in a lot of best hotel collections by top magazines and media houses from around the globe.

What’s cool at this hotel?

Over 300 super luxury rooms and all with a sea view. So no more complaining.

Image courtesy- Newsroom Hilton 

Image courtesy- Hilton News


Loved by leisure travellers and business travellers alike this hotel has a private beach as well.

Heard of a luxury, you will find it right here.

Just a few minutes drive from the Airport, you can’t ask for a better location in one of the most vibrant and happening cities of the Middle East and Africa.




One of Hilton’s new Hotel is opening in 2019 which is 100 Kms from Doha. The Hilton Salwa Beach as it’s called is going to be bigger and grander. It is one of the most anticipated hotels opening in 2019.


3. Hilton Berlin


Betraying no sense of luxury and prestige, Hilton Berlin is a 5-star hotel, situated in the capital city of Germany.

There are multiple reasons for this being in the best Hilton Hotels lists.

It is humongously spacious to accommodate an overwhelming count of guests with an immense ease.

It is a front-line hotel in the shopping district of Berlin, ensuring an exquisite experience amid a lot of hustle and bustle.




With over 600 rooms, equipped with the avant-garde decor and an ambience to fall enamoured of, Hilton Berlin vouches for a service that’s inch-perfect and best-retained.

Hilton Berlin is not season-specific but keeps its doors open throughout the year to offer accommodation that magically suits various needs.

Less wonder, the workforce is highly amicable and proficient in coping with situations when the stream of visitors goes much beyond the threshold.

Dining options at Hilton Berlin are stately and cajole the visitors into guzzling the food without passing a gasp.

Magnificent breakfast strutted with mouth-watering desserts and aromatic coffee, is for the tongues which don’t like stopping at just plain platters.

Lunch and dinners create cravings for new and old alike.

Hilton Berlin assures a great menu every time one would visit here.


4. Hilton London Kensington


Rooted in the heart of Uber dynamic city of London, Hilton London Kensington has a master class of its own that makes it one of the best Hilton hotels in the world.

Endowed with the magnificence that may put other hospitality biggies to shame, this hotel has over 600 rooms with an accommodating capacity of 2,000 guests at a time.

The hotel has scaled to skies by providing amenities that cater to the requirements of both business and leisure travellers.

At Hilton London Kensington, anticipate a kind of service that’s friendly, quick and approachable.

For those looking for a comfortable setting with interiors of no casual class, this hotel is the place to go.

In the outskirts of this hotel, there are a number of locations, visiting which brings the exhilaration of a whole new world.

Once a visitor visits this hotel, he or she comes across an opportunity to visit Kensington Palace, the birthplace of Queen Victoria where royalty stands high and tall.

Plus, the hotel engulfs Westfield Shopping Centre, a stupendous shopping centre of 265 shops, 50 restaurants, a 14-screen cinema and many luxury spas.


5. Hilton Tel Aviv


Fifth on the list, which is in no order, is the marvel from Mediterranean – Hilton Tel Aviv.

A backdrop that offers spectacular views of Israeli beach, and a swimming pool that’s one of a superlative kind, this hotel is a perennial favourite of a lot of travellers.

Those who wish for an ideal beach destination in real earnest can find this hotel worth a stay.


Hilton Tel Aviv is synonymous with the eminence of the ‘Hilton’ label in every likelihood and has always been passionate about creating an experience that may stay glued to the souls.

Facilities like ‘room service’ at beach and room both, and access to a good deal of cocktails are utter mood-chargers.

This sure has been one of the best Hilton Hotels in the world.

Moreover, At Hilton Tel Aviv, visitors stand a chance to visit its super-splendid 17th floor Vista Club Room on the condition that they should book any of the Vista Club Rooms.

These special rooms, from which, if the nearby sea is beheld, nature’s beauty makes the visitors serene, as if he/she were in heaven.

The guests of Vista Club are fortunate enough to go to 17th floor Vista Lounge, where they can enjoy to the maximum.



6. Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik


Cocooned in the historic and serene locales of Dubrovnik’s old town, Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik gives access to the angelic, highly attractive vistas of the medieval period.

The watery delight the Adriatic Sea adds up to the soul-touching sublimity of the place.

You will always find a Hilton property close to you where ever you travel around the world.

For a reason, it is one of the Largest Hotel Chains in the world.

Coming back to Hilton Dubrovnik.

Built brick-by-brick for a majestic landscape, this hotel offers a unique adventure to tread the golden footprints of the mid-history and experience the comfort of modern-day luxuries.


The hotel provides luxuries that are not limited to executive lounges, a business centre and the high-speed Internet.

Other amenities include a health club, a fully-equipped spa and an indoor swimming pool.

The old and the new trends dovetail so beautifully here that one will be left drooling for more.



7. Hilton Buenavista Toledo


The impressiveness of Hilton Buenavista Toledo, a 5-star facility in the suburbs of Spain, is likely to pluck melodiously at the heartstrings for always.

This is a classy Hilton Hotel for sure.

Founded in the middle of tranquil turfs of Spain, this hotel stems out of a 16th-century palace that makes it beautifully eclectic in its artistic class.

The luxury lap offered by Hotel Buenavista Toledo caters to every idea of pampering and looks after every need of that feathery treatment any heart would hanker after.

As bizarre as it may sound, this is the only comfort accommodation for all sorts of travel junkies in the Toledo town.

The rooms are equipped with facilities, like Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, minibars, coffeemakers and around-the-clock service option.


The highlights, however, are the well-styled contemporary suites, whirlpool tubs, chaise lounges and spacious balconies.

A gamut of wellness and spa treatments by Hotel Buenavista Toledo is a point of strong customer orientation.

This sure comes out to be one of the finest Hilton Hotels in the world.


8. Hilton Garden Inn Toronto City Centre


The deep-rooted refulgence, with a platterful of magnificence and cordiality – this is Hilton Garden Inn Toronto City Centre, a 3-star Hotel with the widest choices of accommodation.

An effort has been made to take a holistic approach in this post to include properties that are not limited to luxury properties.

We aim to provide a list of best Hilton hotels with the right mix of luxury, experience, price sensitivity, class, the heritage among a lot of other things.

Smitten by the beauty and luxury bugs of Hospitality!  It’s a cupid actually and not a bug and you are not alone.

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Back to the Hilton Garden Inn Toronto now.

Be it a leisure tour, or a business trip of high leverage, this hotel has proved its competency by providing a perfect package that extends love, care and hospitality.

Hilton Garden Inn has been making waves everywhere by notching up the comfort quotient like none.

The hotel boasts about a network of 224 guest rooms, and a scale of services, including valet parking, Wi-Fi, a fitness centre, a 24-hour convenience mart and an indoor pool.


9. Hilton Curacao Willemstad


Curacao is an exotic location, with beautiful beaches, vibrant culture and smiling people.

Tucked into this gateway to paradise is a hotel that has marked its odyssey in the golden year of 1968 – it is Hilton Curacao Willemstad.



Image by Hilton


Rooted in the mesmerizing locales of Curacao, this hotel comes with 196 rooms, enough to accommodate up to 350 guests at a time.

The hotel comes with a service that’s convenient and unparalleled in value. Hilton Curacao Willemstad is the most sought-after Hilton Hotel in this part of the world.

The hotel has been outlined by the seas, offering a view that only dreams have.

This sure is one of the best Hilton Hotels in the world with such a mix of luxury on offer.

This hotel is a paradigm of exquisite perfection, which can be gauged once a visit is undertaken.

It is replete with restaurants and bars, serving a trail of savouries and tropical drinks that deserve mouthfuls of praise.

Visitors can grab their favourite drinks, and devour them while splashing down on the waters of the ocean.

The bars available in the vicinity are Celeste Beach Bar, Captain Bligh’s Bar, Aqua Restaurant and Cielo Restaurant.


10. Hilton Garden Inn New Delhi


Having its foot in New Delhi’s most approachable location – Saket, Hotel Garden Inn is a testimony to the Hilton’s cemented position in the hospitality industry.

Being a hotel with Hilton’s signature, the services are stitched to render an experience that’s truly indelible.

What’s cool about this hotel that makes it on our list of best Hilton Hotels?

It’s located in the best shopping arcade of New Delhi and arguably of India.

A cosmopolitan crowd on offer, proximity to over 100 food outlets and almost all global fashion brands is what makes it a special one.

Hilton Garden Inn has a service bouquet of complimentary Wi-Fi, 24-hour business centre, Pavilion Pantry convenience mart and so on and so forth.

The décor scores brilliant on comfort chart, owing to the presence of comfortable Serta beds.

Doing work is a pleasant pursuit, out and out, courtesy the well-decked work tables that provide adequate space and required stationary.

At Hilton Garden Inn, a sweet-taste breakfast, which is followed by lunch and dinner, is a landmark service provided by India Grill Restaurant.

Adding more flavour to the relish, the Pavilion Pantry offers seasonal foods and fruits that are carefully assorted.

The room service at Hilton Garden Inn, New Delhi provides beverages to the comfort of the couch. Another place that provides for luscious beverages in India Grill Lounge.


11. Omni Hilton Head Oceanfront Resort


Omni Hilton Oceanfront Resort, erected in California, is a 4-star hotel, which possesses 323 rooms and a private beach, and which is nothing but beauty incarnate.

A large number of services, such as massage parlours, spa centres, water sports and fishing, are provided at this hotel, not to name a few.

The sea view from this hotel is incredible.


12. Hilton Fayrouz Resort


(As an update, Fayrouz Resort is probably out of Hilton family now- We will update this entry soon)

Hilton Fayrouz Resort may rock one’s fantasies for an idyllic destination in more ways than one way; courtesy its high-end facilities, tasteful decor and happy exteriors.

It has all the features to make it one of the best Hilton hotels in the world.

Basking in the resplendence of the sun, with sea peppering up with its crystalline waves, this hotel is a best-fit to those languid days, filled with nothing other than the smiles and the dreams galore.

With a thread of 150 rooms, palatial banquets, 3 restaurants and 5 bars, Hilton Fayrouz Resort in Egypt is a perfect escape.

If business resources are anything to hope for, this hotel comes with a promise of complete satisfaction.

Needless to say, Hilton Fayrouz Resort is a top-tier accommodation facility in Sharm el-Sheikh. Take our words!



Image by Official website Fayrouz


Hilton Fayrouz Resort puts a great emphasis on styling their services to the utmost convenience of families that pay a visit.

Some of the services available in this hotel are the Child Care Centre, Babysitting Service, Children’s Menu, Cribs, Children’s Activities, High Chairs and Playground.

Fayrouz Resort makes it an easy ride for those concerned with serious business by providing facilities like Express Mail, Photo Copying Service and Fax, day and night.



There you go. We listed a few of the best Hilton Hotels in the world.

We missed a lot of great Hotels; didn’t we? Picking a few out of over 5000 hotels is a difficult task. Especially when most of them are alike.

There are properties like Hilton Guam Resort and Spa built on 32 acres of Beachfront property, which has garnered appreciation for its unfailing, unbeatable services in the matters of hospitality.

There are others like Hilton Garden Inn Frankfurt and Hilton Athenee Palace in Bucharest. We could have gone on and on with the list of best Hilton hotels in the world.

But all good things come to an end. So, we wrap up this post only to come up with more fascinating hotels in future updates.

We, however, hope that your love for Hospitality, Luxury, Travel and for our Global Hospitality Portal has no end.