7 Best Haunted Hotels in Texas – Be prepared for Ghost Adventures

In the midst of the endless fun and festivities are several dozen spirits that reportedly rule much of Texas’ historic hotels. In this post, we present a few of these haunted hotels in Texas.

Don’t mess with Texas, a state that hosts numerous creepy haunted hotels.

It still plays host to even more adventure lovers from within and outside this vast state.

Menger Hotel is a historic hotel in San Antonio, Texas that has been standing tall since the 19th century and is reportedly haunted.

So, from the legendary Menger Hotel in San Antonio and the reported 32 ghosts down to Teddy Roosevelt and his rough riders, the list is quite broad.

Well, this is just the first mention of the list of haunted hotels in Texas.

Read on!! The fun has just begun.

The following list is a snippet of the most bone-chilling haunted hotels in Texas. Have a read.

Baker Hotel, Mineral Wells

Standing tall, rugged and lacklustre is the infamous Baker Hotel, a facility that supposedly hosts two frightening ghosts.

This Haunted hotel in Texas which is on the national register of historic places closed down in 1972.

While legends suppose that the haunting started before the hotel went out of business, a bloody nude woman is the most reported spirit.

If you would like to get a taste of how it feels staying in this facility, brace yourself for a night;

Baker Hotel is expected to resume business soon as per reports which suggest a major renovation plan for this hotel.

Many people feel that the 14-story hotel is haunted by old residents, with all kinds of sounds being heard from it and ghosts being seen every now and then.

People are more than welcome to take pictures during the Ghost walk at this one of the most haunted hotels in Texas.

You don’t have to believe in the paranormal to have fun during the Baker Hotel Ghost Walk.

Local people say that joy is also in history since it is so bizarre.

The Jefferson Hotel, Jefferson

The state of Texas is known for its huge share of haunted hotels, but this facility dominates the mainstream.

This is a place to be for ghost excursions. The place has its origins in the 19th century and is known for its antique rooms.

A lot is said and heard about the history of Jefferson Hotel.

It isn’t by coincidence as some people reportedly saw the ghosts while other guests have met the said spirits at night.

From footsteps clattering down the halls and doors and windows slamming on their own to knocks on the doors and frightening laughs at night, the stories are way too many.

If you are heading to this place, just keep your eyes open and your room’s lights on at night.

Camberley Gunter Hotel, San Antonio

This hotel was perhaps the best until in the late 1960s when it officially joined the list of haunted hotels in San Antonio, Texas.

Believe in the legend and this previous Sheraton Gunter has a shady past that has made it one of the most haunted hotels in Texas.

And the supposed ghost is an apparition of a maid murdered by her lover.

Not everyone experiences paranormal activity at this hotel, but room 636 is said to be haunted.

If reports are to be believed, the spirit dominates the entire establishment’s rooms and walls where it crawls the whole night.

Again, if you will be here, you better have your room’s lights on at night.

Littlefield House, Austin

Littlefield house derived its name from the original owner of the facility, a lady who wouldn’t leave her house. It is a part of the University of Texas Austin and not a private hotel.

Stories of the sounds of Alice Littlefield playing the piano or walking around at night make Littlefield House among the haunted houses in Austin, Texas.

Driskill Hotel, Austin

It is the oldest hotel in Austin which still accepts guests.

The hotel is part of Unbound Collection by Hyatt and has been an excellent establishment in repute since the 19th century.

From afar, the sight of this historic hotel that looks sophisticated and well-kept might fool you. The hotel according to many is a place to experience paranormal activities.

It is the portrait of a little girl holding flowers on the third floor that is reported to frighten, although ghosts of chairs and a strange sensation that terrifies the most.

No one can confirm but a lot of mysterious things are attached to this hotel that make it one of the most haunted hotels in Texas.

The deaths of two brides, in the same room, in the bathtub, but 20 years apart on the same date is one of the mysterious legends attached to this luxury hotel.

With excellent reviews to go along, few guests have had spooky experiences in the past.

Emily Morgan Hotel, San Antonio

If you have ever been to this facility, then you probably marvel at how such a hospital-like structure turned out to be a hotel.

Emily Morgan Hotel by Double Tree, which is a part of the Hilton Worldwide group, is no new name to the Haunted hotel lists.

USA Today placed this hotel in 3rd position on its list of most haunted hotels in the world a few years ago.

Well, Emily Morgan Hotel started as an advanced medical arts facility, complete with everything including a crematorium.

Some of the bizarre ghost stories emanating from this facility include random ringing phones at night, the TV turning on and sounds of people walking briskly down the stairs.

The Historic Ott Hotel, Liberty

With stories about the deaths of couples throughout this hotel’s existence, stories of ghosts are expected.

It is a designated Texas historical site which was opened in the 1920s.

No one can really figure out if the apparitions belong to Anna and Joshua, Bonnie and Clyde or any other couple, but one thing is for sure. The Historic Ott Hotel, Liberty belongs to the long list of haunted hotels in Texas.


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If you are not having enough from the best-haunted hotel in Texas, there’s more for ghost hunters to rejoice at.

The Hotel Galvez, located in Galveston, is believed to be haunted by a woman who committed suicide after she was told her fiancé had died on a ship. It was a mistake, and even though it occurred around the turn of the century, her spirit is said not to be moving on.

This Haunted hotel in Texas also provides ghost tour dinners during October.

Go back further, and check out the Presidio La Bahia in Goliad. It’s believed also to be haunted, with its unexplained sounds and lights at the 1721 constructed fort.

Texas is full of great places and if you are up for experiencing paranormal activities, you would never fall short of options here.

Hope you liked our compilation of the most haunted hotels in Texas.

Ghost hunters can visit these places for experiencing paranormal activities. While a few in the list are big names trying to get rid of all haunted lists, few promote themselves as places for ghost adventures.

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