Unlike in the previous years, working from home became a very popular thing in the human community in recent times. Starting around March 2020, many people began to work from home all of a sudden. This was because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It came quite suddenly, hereby leaving people with no choice but working from the comfort of their homes. 

Yes, you will support the claim that no one can predict how long this pandemic is going to last and that is promoting a brighter future for remote jobs in our world.

In this article we have discussed some of the top career choices that alows remote work. 

Preface to Remote Jobs / Work from home options

There are many jobs hospitality industry professionals can do from home. It can be copywriting, affiliate marketing, animation making, blogging, event planning, graphics designing, online teaching, etc.

One of our other posts on freelance hospitality jobs has covered some of these options already like the ones given below and more.

  • Becoming a Travel Blogger
  • Freelance Social Media Consultant
  • Becoming a virtual travel agent
  • Freelance hospitality recruiter
  • Becoming a Cruise travel planner

and more.

Let’s explore more of these remote hospitality jobs in further details. But, before we do so, let’s discuss why remote jobs are not as simple and straight forward as has been portrayed always. 

Remote jobs come with their peculiarities too, so it involves you changing some of your way of life, time management, and habit. 

Also, you might need to change your routines to make this working from home a success. 

Working from home also comes with its kind of peculiar challenges which will differ from individual to individuals, this is due to differences in personalities, lifestyles and also the types of works in which individual does. 

Also, everyone who works remotely has to figure out when to work, where to work, and how to create boundaries between work and personal life. You would need to consider things like purchasing a few office equipment, development of career, and building relationships with colleagues? 

You must be able to settle these and other important questions before engaging yourself in a remote job.

Now, back to the topic in hand. 

Hospitality Careers That Allow Work from Home

Hospitality management is one of the best careers you can choose, this career path is unique in all because it is people-centered. 

Hospitality management career paths are diverse and include jobs in hotels, restaurants, customer care relations, events, Cruises, Aviation and also in other areas of the tourism industry. 

The hospitality industry is large and it has various aspects and roles where you need practical training. So, there is a need and requirement for you to undergo training for your roles. 

Also, it is imperative to know that Service is the most important thing in the hospitality industry. No matter where or what you learn in the hospitality management industry it is important that you know that your first focus is how well and how best to serve your customers. 

Whether it’s face to face or remote hospitality work, the focus has to be customer service. 

Now moving on to some of the most interesting and rewarding Hospitality Career paths You Can Choose to do at Home.

So contrary to the popular belief, all hospitality career options are not restricted to the office alone; it can also be done remotely.

You can be in the comfort of your room and be working in the path of the career you love. The following are career jobs you can do remotely.

1. Food Blog (for the chefs) with Catering Business: 

If you are a chef, why not create a few wonderful videos of trademark recipes. Now post them on YouTube and other social media platforms for popularity. 

Earn though advertisement and promoting food of popular restaurants in your area. 

Then back it up with a catering business. A catering business is not exactly a work from home option, but, is more of a part time entrepreneurial venture. 

You can start small with a couple of people you trust who can also be of help. The cost of your start-up depends solely on how much you have and how big you want to start. 

It is important to know that creating a niche in your catering service is important as this has proven to be one of the keys to success in the field of catering. Choose a particular food you want to focus on or a particular kind or set of food that can be you are best in. 

You can start on a small scale and grow or you can decide to stay small. With home-based catering services, you can determine the way you manage your time. 

You might decide to work part-time, then enlarge your reach by making it full-time.

2. Event Planning (Consultant): 

You can remotely choose the career path of being an event planner. Become an online consultant in the events space. 

You must be good at numbers and must have worked for events before. Do the background research beforehand of the prices, promotions and products related to events in your target area and clients.

You can then team up with the right people and a little bit of online promotion can help you get started right away on a small scale.

As an event planner, you will need a dedicated workspace even in your house, this workspace will be only to your specification. 

Meeting clients should never be an issue as a home-based event planner, if your home office is not fitting enough you can make use of the nearest restaurants or café around you to suit your business purpose.

Moreover, Zoom meeting and Microsoft Team Meetings are the new normal now. Event planners can now set it all up for their clients while working remotely. 

3. Marketing and Public Relation remote jobs: 

Marketing encompasses various ways through which you promote or advertise your client’s business. 

Marketing for hospitality clients can be done digitally through search engine marketing, social media marketing, content marketing email marketing, affiliate marketing, or paid marketing. 

All this is to the end that your client’s brand awareness can be promoted, awareness can be created for a particular product your client wants, and so on. 

This career path can be easily pursued from home. However, like any successful career it requires a lot of discipline, learning, and dedication.

4. Customer Support assistant / Manager: 

Are you good at emails? 

Can you write well and can handle complaints?

If you have answered yes to both then this can be a good hospitality remote career for you.

Reach out to travel agencies, hotels, restaurants etc within your network and request them to give you hourly work opportunities to deal with excess emails, chat queries and more.

You can also reach out to companies that deal with these third party services and offer services online.

A customer service manager is known for his ability to be able to manage people well, attend to customer’s requests and complaints about the services of a company. 

5. Virtual Assistant: 

Like the above mentioned remote job, this can again be one of the jobs that the hospitality industry firms outsource to third parties. 

You can remotely work as a virtual assistant by offering administrative and management services to your employer. 

Some of the things a virtual does is making phone calls, making traveling arrangement, managing different accounts and so on.


Here you go, some of the many work from home options within the hospitality sector. 

there are various freelance job websites that can help you land gigs should you wish to become a virtual agent. It’s worth a try at least in case you are actively looking for a job at the moment.

These platforms and more would even help you come up with more ideas to work remotely while staying in the hospitality industry. 

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