Build an Amazing Career in the Hospitality industry – Actionable Tips for 2019

The hospitality industry is by far one of the biggest employers around the globe. Competition is tough and to be extremely successful, you need to do things differently. In this post, we have shared a few useful tips to help you build an amazing career in the hospitality industry.

In this post, we have also listed numerous options to build a parallel career for yourself.

This post also includes a few extremely useful hospitality job search tips and tips for effective career planning in the hospitality industry

We have included pointers for the hotel industry professionals to ensure that they get all set to bring their ‘A’ game in terms of building a career in the hospitality industry.


How to build an Amazing Career in the Hospitality industry?


Let’s get to the key 5 points straight away now!


Strategies to Build an Amazing Career in Hospitality


Thanks to the amazing response to our earliest post on Best Freelance Jobs online, we have decided to curate another post with a greater focus on building a career within the hotel industry.

Also, check our other useful posts to know all the hospitality career paths and the hospitality jobs that will pay you the most. Now moving on to the key tips to ensure an amazing hospitality career for yourself.

So, put your seat belts on as we take you on a journey that would help you give wings to your hospitality career. The points mentioned in this post may very well pave way for your future as an entrepreneur within the hospitality industry.


1. Plan before you act 


This is really important to have a great career in hospitality.

The hospitality industry is extremely demanding and people seldom get time to plan their career effectively.

This is the biggest mistake you can make early in your career in the hospitality industry.


“Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail”


Before you plan your next Hospitality Job change, be sure of your career curve. Hospitality management appreciates planning and precision.

There’s a saying ‘Do what you love and love what you do’. Plan your next steps so that you can keep loving what you do.

Build your hospitality career as you would plan to build your dream home. Take help from the experts and check even the minute details.

Be sure you plan your hospitality career effectively by:

  • Identifying the career roadmap
  • Setting up a short-term as well as long-term goals
  • Meeting career advisor(s)
  • Prioritising things
  • Taking small steps at a time


How to Make a Career Plan


2. Understand the skills required to Shine in the Hospitality industry


To be super successful in Hospitality, be sure to have skills related to the hospitality industry.

While hard work, education and training ensure that you get the work-related skills quickly, it’s the soft skills that would matter in the longer run.


build an Amazing Career in the Hospitality industry


Here are a few soft skills that matter the most in the Hospitality industry.

So, in order to have an amazing career in hospitality management:

  • You must be a visionary
  • You must be decisive
  • You should be a people person
  • It’s good to be the Jack of all trades
  • You must be a team builder


A great hotelier is much more than a dedicated team member.

So, ensure that you become one among the great by inculcating skills that will give you a clear competitive advantage over others.



Big Five Traits of Successful Hotelier

Techniques to get Promoted quickly in the Hospitality Industry 


3. Let your Inner Entrepreneur shine


Do you love your dream and would like to live your dream one day?


Take out an hour from your day to do what you love.


Have a side hustle that might become your full-time engagement in future.


Image Courtesy- WhimMagazine


Don’t be shy to discuss your dreams at work. It helps in building your brand as a visionary and a leader.

  • Do you plan to open up your own Hotel someday?
  • Do you wish to be a marketing Moghul of the Hospitality industry?
  • Do you wish to become a travel expert?
  • Would you love to change the technology of the Hotel industry?
  • Or there might be some other future plan thinking of which might bring a smile on your face immediately.

There are a lot of ideas which might come to you, but you never let your inner entrepreneur unleash itself.

Let go of that inner entrepreneur and start taking action towards your future goals, however big or distant that might look.

Be rest assured that this will only give you a punch of extra energy helping you out in your existing job as well.


There’s an aphorism ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained’. How true, isn’t it?




Discover your inner entrepreneur



4. Start networking effectively now for an amazing hospitality career


We all are used to social media and Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram is pretty much part of our lives now.

However, with more networking opportunities available, we seem to have lost the art of networking somehow.

We all know that Service is the key to success in the Hospitality Industry. And excellent service can be achieved by human interaction alone.

Networking should also be treated as service. You give some sort of service while you make an effort to network.



Image Courtesy- Craigdent


It has to be two-way traffic and networking must be done both online and offline.

So, in order to stay ahead of the competition, give yourself the networking advantage.

Networking will not only help you get acquainted with the influential people in the Hospitality industry but will also set you on course to become an influential leader of the future.

It has been observed that even in the most connected world today, we are out of network.

While the hospitality industry seems to be a well-knit community online, the offline events have decreased.

It’s time to start meeting and networking with people. You will find lots of benefits in networking. Using the network for your hospitality job search is one of the benefits.


LinkedIn and other social media platforms are good but they must be complemented with the coffee meets, phone calls and other modes of offline networking.


LinkedIn does give a lot of options to network for the purpose of career advancement and learning. Check our other article for details on how to find hotel jobs through LinkedIn.


5. Learn from the Legends of the hospitality industry


Wherever you are and whatever you do, there would be lows and highs in your career curve.

You would need some sort of motivation to steer you through the difficult phases. While some Motivational Hospitality quotes may provide immediate relief, nothing better than taking some motivation from the Legendary Hoteliers.

  • Do you know how Conrad Hilton managed to create such a big hotel group?
  • What do you think about Bill Marriott, who took Marriott to new heights?

Read about them and take inspiration from them.

There are numerous contemporary hoteliers and hospitality professionals who have set up examples of how you can create an amazing career for yourself within the hospitality industry.



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Now for some smart Ways to Find Hospitality Jobs


1 in 5 jobs would be created by the hospitality and travel industry in the coming years.

So, the opportunities in the hospitality industry would be more than other industries.

However, great jobs are like hot cakes which get sold and cold pretty quickly.

So, the hospitality professionals need to be super smart in finding the jobs in 2019 and beyond.

We believe that traditional methods will give way to these smart job searching techniques in 2019 and beyond.

These are a blend of conventional wisdom and fresh methods to match up the pace set by the ever-changing landscape of the hospitality industry.


5 Smart Ways to Find Hospitality Jobs in 2019


According to a survey of 5000 job seekers by FastCompany in the USA, traditional job boards, LinkedIn and networking continue to rule the market.

These still work for a few but is on its way out. So, get out of these habits. Earlier the better for all hospitality job seekers.

So, before we begin with the list, let’s first mention what’s not going to work in 2019 and beyond if you are looking for a great career in the hospitality industry.


What’s not a smart way to find hospitality jobs anymore?


  • Sharing resumes with multiple Recruitment agencies and then relaxing.

This strategy doesn’t work any more especially in hospitality as technology has enabled almost all hospitality employers and hotels to have a personalised database and human resource team.

They want to hear from the candidates directly.


  • One-click applications

You loved registering for the portal and then clicking 100 times in 3 minutes to apply to hundreds of jobs. Didn’t you?

Unfortunately, this would not give you results.

The Portals have changed and applications now require personalisation.


  • Sending messages on social media or commenting on social media to all job posts.

Just commenting or messaging won’t work anymore.

The social media is crowded and everyone is being spammed.

Those who take out time to act differently win.

Step aside from the crowd.

Due to automation bots are taking place of recruiters.

CVs get shortlisted or rejected without even human interactions.

Thus a smarter approach to finding hospitality jobs is required in 2019. These are mentioned below.



6. Sell your skills Online and Offline for an excellent hospitality career


We mentioned bots doing a lot of screening for employers with automation. This is set to increase in future.

So, it’s important to be smarter than the artificial intelligence or machine learning-based bots.

Find the right company, the right boss and then match your skills with the desired job role.

Explore the skills that you have that can give you the competitive edge and use it both offline while you speak to people and online in CVs, social media profiles, cover letters etc.

Use your skill and sell them properly in your resume and on social media profiles to get through the robots or even human resource professionals.

Bot friendly resumes, as displayed in the below image by the business insider, must sell skills relevant to the job to beat the automated bots.




7. Using the Online Hospitality Job portals effectively


Hospitality jobs are going to be available in plenty.

To search hospitality jobs effectively you would still need ample support of the job portals.


One-click applications don’t work anymore. No HR team likes to be spammed by numerous applications.


The job boards like the one at this Global Hospitality Portal along with other popular hospitality job portals including services like LinkedIn, Glassdoor etc are still the best resources to know about fresh vacancies.

These job portals are using more and more of technology to filter and screen best candidates.

So, apply only to the most relevant jobs, try using a cover letter and customise cv for each job application.

Most of the hospitality employers still use job portals in some way or the other and it is useful to keep the updated profile in the most popular portals.


8. Storytelling Technique – What’s your story?


If you need to keep shining in 2019 and beyond, you need to be a good storyteller. And mind you, the story should not look genuine, it should be genuine.

Behavioural aspects are now the most important thing employers look for in the prospective employees.

The belief is that skill can be developed if the environment, attitude and effort are in the right direction.

This is even more important in the hospitality industry where service and personalisation rank over skill sets.

Finding a job should be like your next project. Everyone has a story and your story should invoke the right emotions for the hiring manager or recruiters.

It is pretty much part of the communication and in 2019 and beyond a good storyteller will find easier passage towards an astonishing hospitality career.

Use the Star Storytelling method as explained in StarStorytelling Blog to plug in your right emotions in all the stories that would help you in your next career move.





9. Referrals – Start with Family and Friends


We have placed this at the last but this can be one of the best among the smart ways to find hospitality jobs in 2019.

The online space is so packed that people miss the connection out of technology boundaries.

People are ready to help and more than ever now. We just need to ask.

So step up and ask help from your family, colleagues and friends.

Your next hospitality job might just be through a referral. What more, you would also revive some old connection en-route your dream hospitality job.




The Hospitality & Travel industry has the most diverse category of jobs. Career options in the hospitality industry are limitless.

The competition is fierce and employers look for different skill sets so that the employees can cope up in the world of technology and rapid transformational innovation.

Hope you liked this article on how to carve an excellent career for yourself within the hospitality industry and beyond.

In this post, we have also suggested some of the smart ways to find hospitality jobs to stay ahead of the learning curve in the current knowledge economy.

Use these strategies to create a short term and long term plan to give your hospitality career new wings.

The secret sauce of success is the subtle art of crafting your career with careful planning, regular learning and by being extremely resourceful.

There are a lot of articles on this Hospitality Portal to help you steer your career to new heights of success.

Before we wind up, this is to all the talented and super creative hospitality professionals out there.

It’s all about upgrading ourselves to our own best version. Isn’t it?


“Dream big and take action now”