In this post, we have covered the most popular cuisines in the world. 

From the aromatic spices of Indian curries to the delicate artistry of Japanese sushi, each cuisine tells a unique story of culture, history, and the ingenuity of local palates.

Join us as we explore the rich diversity of tastes, textures, and traditions that make these culinary experiences a universal language, connecting people across borders through the joy of delicious food.

What do you love the most when you eat out? Pizza, Chicken Fried rice, Indian Dal or Samosa, Fish & Chips, Lebanese food, Mexican wraps and we have started to drift towards the dream world of a sumptuous meal.

This listing might help you decide what to expect if you plan to get into an eatery specialising in a particular cuisine.

Let’s begin with our list of Top and Most Popular Cuisines in the world. But, before we do so, we have decided not to number them to respect individual choices and tastes.

Most of the best Food & Beverage Shows around the world would not be complete without these awesome cuisines. Also, it’s the popularity of these cuisines that has created so many celebrity chefs around the world

Most Popular Cuisines in the World

Most Popular Cuisines in the World

Thai Cuisine

Thai Kitchen is well known for its flavour and aroma. Local spices and aromatic food make it one of the most popular cuisines in the world.

In one of the polls involving 35000 travellers, Thai cuisine featured the most in the list of top 50 most popular dishes around the world.

The topmost dishes in Thai cuisine in terms of popularity are:

  1. Tom Yam
  2. Pad Thai
  3. Thai Fried Rice
  4. Massaman Curry
  5. Green Curry

and several others.

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Italian Cuisine

Nothing sells more than Pizza and Pasta. Versions of Italian cuisine are now adopted by almost every country.

Wherever in the world you travel, you are sure to find Pizza shops and Pizza never disappoints as well.

However, Italian Cuisine has much more to its credit than only Pasta, Pizza and Lasagne.

Here are a few of the Italian delicacies that you must try if you have not already tried them before.

  1. Prosciutto- Peculiar cold cut Ham 
  2. Ribollita- 
  3. Gelato- For the ones with a Sweet tooth
  4. Saltimbocca- Veal and ham with herbs
  5. Tiramisu- Another classic Italian Dessert

These along with many other delicacies make Italian cuisine one of the most popular cuisines in the world.

Chinese Cuisine

Getting back to the spice garden. Chinese cuisine is probably the most popular cuisine in the world. It is often said that most of the Asian cuisines have taken something from Chinese Cuisine.

Chinese cuisine is made up of several sub-cuisines like Sichuan, Zhejiang, Cantonese, Fujian and so on.

When you think of Chinese Cuisine, think of several noodle dishes, dim sum, several fried rice variations, Chilly chicken, Stir-fried vegetables with spices, Date pancakes, Spring rolls and the list goes on.

Chinese Cuisine plays an important part in the history of the hospitality industry. The extremely popular tea with its roots in China has been a part of ancient hospitality customs that are even popular today

Mexican Cuisine

Mexican Cuisine can be traced back to 7000 BC. Mexican cuisine is often tied to symbolism and festivals.

Over the centuries, Corn has been one of the key ingredients of Mexican cuisine. 

In different variations, Mexican food is super popular outside Mexico. There are a lot of food items to impress your taste buds. These include but are not limited to:

  1. Quesadillas
  2. Tacos
  3. Al Pastor
  4. Huaraches
  5. Tortillas

and the list goes on. 

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Indian Cuisine

Like Chinese Cuisine and Mexican Cuisine, even Indian Cuisine has a rich history dating back thousands of years.

Rice is one of the staple food but what makes Indian cuisine special are the spices, herbs and seasoning. A variety of legumes, vegetables, dairy products and fruits give rise to endless delicacies making Indian cuisine one of the most diverse and popular cuisines in the world. 

Indian Cuisine is further divided into multiple sub-cuisines belonging to various states and regions of India.

  • Some of the dishes of Indian cuisine like Chicken Tikka Masala is extremely popular across the globe.
  • Spiced Masala Tea is another extremely popular drink across the globe with its origins in India. 
  • There are a lot of items for people with a sweet tooth and these include several sweets like Rasmalai, Gajar Ka Halwa, Laddu, Jalebi, and Gulab Jamun and the list is endless.
  • For lovers of meat, Rogan Josh is one of the extremely popular Kashmiri dishes of Indian Cuisine.
  • Several vegetable and meat dishes, Nan bread, Dals, and Biryani just pile up to the list of extremely popular Indian food items.

Japanese Cuisine

Rice is the staple food in Japanese cuisine as well along with the soup. 

‘Sushi’ is popular across the globe which is a Japanese delicacy. 

Other popular dishes of Japanese Cuisine are Tempura, Ramen, Okonomiyaki, Miso Soup and the list goes on.

And there are many more top cuisines

Here you go, a few of the topmost and extremely popular cuisines in the world.

We have missed some of the important & popular cuisines like French Cuisine, Spanish Cuisine, Greek Cuisine, Mediterranean Cuisine, Lebanese, Vietnamese and various other important cuisines.

All of these cuisines feature among the 100 Best Cuisines – TasteAtlas Awards 23/24: This website lists 100 cuisines based on user ratings and provides information on each cuisine’s ingredients, dishes, and restaurants.

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Here’s a video by Insider of the ultimate food list one must. (We are neutral on this and have included this video list because of its popularity with millions of views. There is something for everyone on this list as displayed in the video below. Have a look!

It is the popularity of these cuisines mentioned in this article and various others that ensure tourists and business travellers keep satisfying their taste buds while travelling. Best Culinary schools in the world train chefs to be innovative and creative while dealing with one or more of these popular cuisines.

So, the world of cuisines is ever-evolving and improving with the changing tastes of global travellers.

We will keep expanding the list in future updates to include the above-mentioned cuisines and more.

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