Hospitality industry professionals at times have to face tough working schedules. To beat the stress and to relax, there can’t be a better thing than a game. In this article, we suggest a few hotel management games which you might like and that might help in hospitality learning as well.

While these hospitality games can be the best tool to have a great time, these can be used to have a better workplace environment.

Better and more connected workplaces are actually one of the 3 things today’s talented hospitality employees want.

So, these hotel management games can be used in team-building activities and even for training team members.

Let’s begin.

These are the best Hotel Management games

There is a cool app game called Monopoly Hotels.

This is probably the most popular hotel management game which is loved and liked by both hospitality and non-hospitality professionals.

The game is divided into a number of stages and there are different hotels with different setups.


The whole game is divided into levels. Hotel categories, rooms, issues, guests, housekeeping, cuisines, you name it and you will find it all here. The free version is good for beginners and for add-ons, you might need to shell out some bucks.

We have a lot more games to recommend in this article, so before you start trying online hotel management games, just read on.

Online Hotel Management Games

Would it not be interesting to find some fun games which might be related to your field and there is something to take away and learn as well?

After all, that is what games are meant for. They must provide a refreshing as well as a stimulating learning experience.

There are a lot of free online hotel management games to select from. Some of them are funny, stimulating and related to hotel management training. There are numerous sites to play these hospitality games online like Funnygames, Kibagames,  Shockwave etc.

There are a lot of online hotel management games like Innkeeper, Castle Hotel, Jane’s Hotel Mania, Papa’s Bakeria, Ragged house etc. which is built around the hotel theme. Happy Chef and Star Chefs are few of the many options for chefs and culinary enthusiasts.

These games simulate the hotel environment and are of varied nature like who earns the maximum tip wins or manages the hotel from a to z by becoming a hotel manager and so on.

There are certain hotel games online specifically designed to train the hotel staff as well.

So, hotel managers, you can give a couple of these a try at the workplace to even train your team members.

Learning sometimes can be fun as well!

Here are some of the hotel management games you should try

Theme Hotel has an excellent review which is a game that allows you to set up a hotel from scratch. The game can be played online or downloaded online.

There are numerous websites offering hospitality simulations and a Hotel Management Business game which explores the analytical skills of the players while being extremely interesting.

My Sunny Resort is another funny and interesting game.

As artifical intelligence is reshaping the hospitality industry, the quality and experience of these hotel games are getting better day by day. A lot of AI-driven games are now extremely popular. These, at times, also involve monetary risks and thus need proper guidance and planning. There are various examples of such AI-based games in which players should play at their own risk. One such game can be checked at Aviator game official website. There are various other game websites including dice games, Poker etc. However, we are discussing some of the games here that hoteliers would love to play and don’t normally involve money or gambling. These are just for fun and learning purposes.

While the online space is full of technology-laden simulation games for fun and hospitality learning, let’s have a look at a few of these interesting hotel management games which have stood the test of time to remain popular to date.

1. Hotel Baron game

Hotel Baron is one of the popular hospitality games that can be found online. This game allows you to build your own hotel and allows the novice to build a chain of hotels.

From a beginner to a hotel expert, you can select the transition and simulation category.

Follow the steps to see the stages from a novice to a true Hotel Baron. Keep upgrading your status as a hotelier.

Hotel Baron is a highly stimulating game, which permits you to develop your interest in the hospitality and services sector.

This game is one of the free hotel management games that give you the freedom to modify your customer service and many other services attached to your position in the game and in real life.

There are four professions, from the hotel management sector, linked to the game.

2. Hamster Hotel game

This one is special for the Hotel Management ladies.

Hamster game is the perfect hotel management game for ladies (not that gents can’t play it).


In the holiday season, make sure you operate your hotel in the best possible way. The traffic is going to be huge and there can be guests who might not be the most pleasing ones.

As a true hotelier, you need to ensure there are no complaints and maximum profits pour in at your luxury hotel this season.

Honeymoon Hotel is another popular online game in this category.

3. Luxury Hotel Management Game

Luxury Hotel Management Game is one of the best hotel games online, which permits the players to learn management tactics in a relaxing manner.

The hotel in this game is situated in New York City, which is why there would be a lot of guests to deal with simultaneously.

The city may come up with surprises and as a true hotelier, you would need to embrace the uncertainty of the hotel industry.

There are certain tasks that you need to learn in order to be a part of the hotel management and this is the perfect game that allows you to engage with the tasks in a fun style.

When you would reach the difficult levels of the game, it becomes a bit challenging to cope up with the boss and the different tasks linked to your position in the game.

4. Resort Empire

Play this game to test your skills with other players from the hospitality and non-hospitality sectors.

This game tests you as a hotelier for sure and is fun.

Resort Empire is another challenging online hotel management game that gives you the authority to master your hotel management skills.

You can determine in a better way if you are capable of the position or not, after playing this game along with other online players.

There is a demo present before the game begins to give you an idea about the rules and regulations of the game.

The tasks of the game are suitable for the learning of all sorts of positions in the hotel management staff.

Wrapping it all up

Information systems in the Hotel industry are now used as a routine.

We are trapped in the IT world with a lot of  Hotel Management software flooding us daily.

These Hotel games can provide us with a quick respite while staying connected to technology.

Hospitality games are also flooding the internet and the world today with the fast-paced technology.

You would come across a bunch of new games every other week that take over the internet.

These games keep evolving for the better along with the advancements in technology.

These free hotel management games are the best method to acknowledge the certain set of skills required for the job positions at the hotel.

So why wait? Start trying a few of these hospitality games online or download the apps. Most of them are free.

These games also help you with mentoring, training, and motivation, and create a better understanding of the position, so as to provide training techniques efficiently, and in a cost-effective manner.

So, if you are a gaming enthusiast, give yourself some time off to unwind using these Hospitality games.

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