There are so many cool ice hotels in the world. In this post, we have brought to you 8 of them and these are not in any ranking order. Read on.

Most of us enjoy the sight of snow. Tourists love it a lot. Those who build a hospitality career here do the same out of passion for snow capped valleys and mountains.

When you mix this love for the snow to some adventure, you get as a result the Ice Hotels. These are a temporary or permanent structure made from blocks of ice. These have to be normally rebuilt every year.

Let’s begin.

Hotel de Glace Quebec City, Canada

The Hotel de Glace is considered to be among the finest ice hotels in the hotel industry. It is said to be the first and only true Ice hotel in North America.

The hotel is merely open for a short window of time from January to March, therefore the available rooms fill weeks beforehand.

This hotel is an artistic gem. A place for romantic getaways that thrills, chills but gets you all facilities of a luxury Five Star Hotel.

A few myths might be debunked once you visit the website of this hotel.

The cool is a quickly neglected matter at Hotel de Glace, Quebec’s ice hotel.

While temperatures in the 44 rooms or suites linger at around 25 degrees Fahrenheit, the bed frame (also manufactured from ice) includes blankets and arctic sleeping handbags.

SnowCastle of Kemi, Finland

Here is a quick ice hotel video for you to explore more about Ice hotels.

It is no longer the same snow forts that were simply meant for kids.

Since 1996, the SnowCastle in Kemi, Finland has presented guests a distinctive seasonal experience in the world’s most significant and largest snow fort.

Snow sculptures and light effects create a charming mood throughout the hotel, with a restaurant and bar and a chapel as well.

This Snow fort is rebuilt every year and has been a delight to tourists from the country and those visiting Finland.

Amazing artwork amazes tourists and this is a place kids normally love. This is arguably the largest snow fort in the world which is open for only 3 months every year.

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel Alta, Norway

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel is located near the banks of the Alta River in Norway.

After spending the night time over a reindeer hide in one of the hotel’s snow rooms, do you mind the sauna to warm-up?

This is one of the best in the hospitality industry and if you time your trip right, you can also get a view of the Northern lighting or even get hitched in the snow chapel.

This ice hotel is open from 15th December to Early April and is being built from over 2 decades now.

If you wish to travel to this place, a snowmobile safari is a must.

From enjoying the warmth of the fireplace to having fun outside in the snow. From enjoying an excellent breakfast to having a lovely dinner.  You have it all at this Ice hotel.

Kirkenes Snow Hotel, Norway

Let’s begin with a quick trip to Kirkenes Snow Hotel. This will give you an idea of what you can expect out of your Snow hotel visit.

A quick and special ice hotel video for you to get a feel of what it’s all about.

Have a look at the homepage of Kirkenes Snow Hotel in Norway. You would love the entrance and the overall experience.

It was opened up in 2006 and is found in northern Norway, close to the Russian boundary.

The hotel, bar, and chapel are rebuilt every winter with the aid of glacier sculptors from the famous ice event in Harbin, China.

Squeamish about the cool or uncertain you can invest in full nighttime? There are day travel options available as well.

While each of the ice hotels is a man-made artwork in itself, the Kirkenes Snow Hotel actually aims to produce a specific artwork in each room.

Every year, an artist uses the 20 different rooms of this ice hotel as a personal canvas.

Each room differs from each other and each is a delicacy.

Hotel of Ice Balea Lac, Romania

Perched in the Carpathian Mountains and reachable only via cable car, the Hotel of Snow rebuilds its rooms every year, inspired by way of a different theme.

If sleeping in a room made completely of ice isn’t a traditional enough wintertime experience, the hotel has three igloos.

For the makers of the Hotel of Ice, it was a dream to travel to the past.

The hotel was built at an altitude of 2,000 metres.

Built from chunks of ice slice from local Balea Lac, this hotel is more comparable to a small town.

Confining yourself within the chilled walls is not the only way to relax and enjoy.

Ice Hotel Romania also has a snow bar, an ice restaurant and a Church of ice.

Icehotel Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

How about inching even closer to the Arctic? If you are having fun on this virtual visit to different ice hotels of the world, we still have more for you.

You can have a look at the website of Icehotel Jukkasjärvi to know exactly how it works at the ice hotel for visitors. You will be glad you did.

To get a hotel made from ice and snow, this is approximately as luxurious as it can get.

The deluxe collection at this Ice hotel includes a private sauna, and each one of the “art suites” has been created by artists from around the world.

Other rooms include a vibrant Aurora Borealis light show projected on the roof above your bed.

If your Scandinavian holiday isn’t happening until summer, Icehotel also has a “wilderness camp” where you can stay in wooden cabins, go fishing, and otherwise commune with nature.

The hotel industry has been transformed into the Snow Hotel which has 16 fine art suites, that are three-dimensional installations of original fine art.

Intricately and separately created by artists from around the world, the one-of-a-kind room accommodates 2-3 people.

Lie back again on an ice block bed-relax with warm animal hair blankets and relish the sculpting work unique to your collection.

It would not surprise many when we mention that it features on our list of Most Innovative Hotels in the world. No surprises there eh!

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort Saariselka, Finland

Sure, the glass-roofed igloos at Kakslauttanen Arctic Vacation resort are magnificent downright remarkable, however, the resort’s traditional igloos will be the real offer.

Kakslauttanen has a variety of rooms, including suites, “silver digger cabins” with built-in saunas and a sled out front side. There is one designed to appear to be a visitor room in Santa’s house.

On-site activities include a range of things. It can be the warmer activities like souvenir shopping, going to an automobile mini-museum to the truly cold spine-chilling ice swimming.

Snow Village Kittila, Finland

This is one of the best ice hotels in the world.

The Snow Town is properly located more than 120 kilometres north of the Arctic Group in the Finnish Lapland, and even more than 33 million pounds of snow is being used to make Snow Town every winter.

As a key player in the hospitality industry, the hotel includes more than 30 rooms, a chapel, two restaurants (only 1 is constructed of snow), and a club where you may never need to stress about your drink.


Hope you enjoyed a visual display of some of the coolest and best Ice hotels in the world.

While the world is fearing that global warming may leave the next generations devoid of the chilliness and beauty of snow, these hotels ensure the sustainability of these snow artwork for many generations.

These hotels made of ice are architectural gems. Ice Hotels seem to be the most amazing creation coming from the hospitality fraternity.

The snow tourism helps in several ways in terms of enjoying the art, feeling all your senses, learning more about nature and sustainability and bringing the snow-covered regions to the mainframe.

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