When you are looking to search for jobs in cruise lines, one of the essential elements of a successful job search is the development of the job leads.

How can you find significant sources for the new job vacancies in your own field? In this article, we are going to share 5 ways to search jobs in cruise lines.

The key question you need to ask yourself is how can I get a job on a cruise ship? These 5 ways will help you a lot in discovering the largest number of new vacancies in cruise lines.

Best Ways to Search Jobs in Cruise Lines

Employment Agencies for jobs in cruise lines

Cruise lines have very few agencies that they authorize to work for them. So, think twice before a job agency claims to land you a decent job in cruise lines.

There are hundreds of agencies populating fraudulent jobs and charging hefty amounts. Stay safe and work your way out through authorized agencies only.

Be careful of fraudulent local agencies operating with the same name.

Look out for local authorized agencies. Most of these agencies don’t charge the candidates.

Few reliable names to search jobs on cruise ships are Seven Seas Group, Hospitality Net, CTI Group, Cost a way etc.

Stay in touch with regular employees of the cruise lines company and let them know that you are willing to work in their company.

So this way your comment or application will get attention and company management will mark you as a candidate who is well networked.

It is also extremely important to know all about Cruise line jobs and the advantages and disadvantages of Cruise line jobs. Our other articles cover these in details.

Company Career Websites

Here is the right way to approach your job search based on the company websites.

  • Research on the companies you want to apply
  • Make a spreadsheet clearly mentioning the name of each of these companies
  • Search the career section and copy the web link in the spreadsheet
  • Look for contacts through Linkedin or Facebook who are already working on the Cruise ship
  • Check the job description and make suitable changes in your CV
  • Make your CV look personalized. It must not be generic.
  • You are now ready to apply. Click on the links you have compiled and keep a proper track of the applications through a section in the spreadsheet which mentions application date.

If you are terrified of the above list, relax as we have done half the work for you.

If you are going to find the ideal job for you according to your skills, then you can easily get the information about the jobs from the career section of any company’s websites.

If you watch for new jobs vacancies on these websites, then there is a great chance you will find the ideal job you have been waiting for.


The job search can be a tiring and heartbreaking process but the rewards are high once you are successful.

The importance of social networking sites especially Linkedin is to act as an icebreaker. You will stay involved in the job search.

If you already don’t know about the importance of networking, you will miss out on a variety of jobs leads.

Here is how you can use Linkedin for your hospitality job search.

Jobs developed/discovered by networking are more effective than any other method.

Networking also includes using vast numbers of people such as friends, customers, neighbours, associates and vendors etc. for the purpose of getting information about new jobs vanities.

Job Boards and Career Websites

Start building profiles on various job boards. Look for suitable jobs and start applying.

Nowadays job boards and career websites are a great way to search jobs in cruise lines.

Online Magazines like Transitionsabroad, Institute of Hospitality are a few among many which keep coming up with excellent career opportunities.

Many jobs boards have moved toward a virtual format.

If you are looking for most reliable hospitality job boards, look nowhere else and just go through these hospitality job portals.

So get online and start exploring the oceans of opportunity.

Career magazines, career fairs and newspapers

You might be thinking of magazines and newspapers as an old school thing. You are grossly mistaken. Cruise lines still promote their jobs through career magazines and fairs.

Most of the career magazines have moved on towards technology and have their websites.

Also, keep looking at career pages in the local newspaper as you might be surprised to see a career fair in your city within the next few days.

Look for opportunities and stay alert. You never know when you land up with an opportunity to get your dream.

Stay in the hunt and stay positive. All the best!

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