Getting placed on campus is the first step or an introduction to the professional world. A good placement thus ensures a smooth entry into a professional career.

For instance, to have a great Hotel management career, you would need to start with one of the topmost hospitality employers in the world. Campus placement at one of the reputed hospitality chains would give your career a great headstart.

Let’s dive directly into 3 smart tips to help you prepare for campus placement.

1. Prepare for an aptitude test / practical test by honing your skills

Aptitude exams are primarily used to assess candidates’ true potential through standard performance across various industries.

It is one of the initial steps in the process of eliminating candidates for the position.

Logical reasoning, communication skills, numerical ability, and topic knowledge are among the aptitude tests and skill assessment tasks. For Chefs, practical skills would be tested. The same would be the case with Accounting, Sales, housekeeping, engineering, Front office and others.

Be ready to be tested for your skills.

To improve one’s aptitude for aptitude tests, one should consider the following factors:

  • Gathering information- Speaking with experts or college seniors.
  • Practice as much as possible- It’s critical to practice thoroughly and focus on topics that are relevant to you.

2. Get ready for a Group Discussion

The purpose of group talks is to observe the applicant and how they respond to the question posed to the group. To prepare for a group discussion, take into account the following factors:

  • Improve your communication skills- Companies are primarily looking for people with diverse talents.
  • Clarity in thinking- Working on one’s cognitive process, as well as using a result-based idea approach, can assist one in coming up with clear responses during a group discussion.

3. Prepare thoroughly for the technical round

This round assesses the candidate’s knowledge of the core subject.

This round mostly assesses an individual’s linguistic and coding abilities and what they would bring to the job.

To do well in this round, we recommend that you do your study and explore several places online where you can read about other people’s interview experiences with the organization. Individuals can solve the questions successfully by practising numerous coding tasks.

The HR interview round assesses a candidate’s degree of confidence. This round requires thorough preparation to persuade the interviewers that you are the best candidate for the required job.


The future is going to be of virtual campus hiring and Mettl Blog elaborates on this. However, this one is for future updates on tips for campus placements. Here’s an intro about what the virtual campus placement process looks like in general and how technology will soon shape the way forward.

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