Your employees form an important part of your hospitality business; they play a huge role in determining the success or failure of your business and work best when they are engaged. 

Now, what does employee engagement mean? Employee engagement is when your employees have a strong connection with your business. Additionally, they understand your business’s goals and align their values with these goals. 

Note that employee engagement and employee satisfaction are very different. On the one hand, employee satisfaction measures the happiness and contentment your employees have working with you. 

On the other hand, employee engagement pushes your employees to perform better. It measures their motivation and commitment to their work. Note also that there is the possibility of your employees being satisfied but not engaged.

In this article, you will learn seven tips that are sure to promote employee engagement in your hospitality business.

7 tips for fostering employee engagement

Employee engagement is essential in any organization or business let alone the hospitality industry. Here are seven trusted tips to help you foster employee engagement in your business. 

  1. Offer ongoing opportunities for mentorship, coaching, and training 

One crucial tip you can adopt in fostering employee engagement is providing your employees with mentorship, coaching, and training programs. With the ever-changing trends in your business and ever-changing trend in the hospitality industry, your employees also have to learn new skills.

Also, as they advance in their careers, your employees need to learn new hospitality skills to work more efficiently and stay up-to-date with the latest technologies. They can learn these new skills by attending coaching and training. 

For instance, you can offer programs to improve your employees’ interpersonal skills, which will come in handy for their customer support services. Also, you can train your employees to use new technology, which will help with business automation. 

In training, you and your staff can use a guide to learn why employee engagement is important in any business.

  1. Supply your employees with the right hospitality tools

When you take a critical look at the work environment you have provided for your employees, you will know which hospitality tools they are lacking and how you can improve in these areas. 

An engaged employee has access to the tools and resources they need to succeed in their position. Therefore, you need to give your staff the adequate tools to meet their objectives and carry out their duties.

For example, providing employees with the right technology to cut down on repetitive and monotonous tasks will boost employee engagement. These repetitive tasks can lead to frustration among your employees, which will reduce engagement. 

However, when you automate and simplify these tasks, your employees and business will benefit greatly. 

Simplifying repetitive tasks using technology is known as Business Process Automation. Business automation means you provide your employees with the necessary tools, increasing employee engagement.

  1. Ask your employees for feedback

Your employees’ feedback, opinions, suggestions, inputs, etc., matter a whole lot in your hotel and travel business. If you hope to continually keep your employees engaged, happy, and aligned with your business goals, you can conduct regular performance assessments.

In these assessments, you can ask them how they can work and perform better. Additionally, they may also mention ways in which they are struggling. Also, asking your employees individually for their opinions and feedback will make them feel valued in your business. 

However, it would be best if you acted on the feedback and opinions of your employees. You can use survey software like SurveyMonkey to gather your employees’ feedback.

  1. Find thoughtful ways to appreciate and reward your employees

Everybody likes getting rewards and recognition. Employees will always love it when you reward and recognize the hard work in your business. There are reputed hospitality awards for both employees and businesses.

These rewards and appreciations will spur them to do even more for the business, thereby keeping them engaged. So, it would help if you created a culture that commends your employees’ impacts on your business. 

For instance, if you set goals for certain departments or individuals in your business and they reach these goals with tremendous results, you can reward them with awards.

However, you have to be thoughtful and deliberate about the rewards. Do not just throw something together last-minute. Being thoughtful in the gifts and rewards will show your employees you care and thus increase their engagement.

Some of the ways you can show your employees you care and appreciate them include:

  • The creation of company swags like tote bags, jackets/hoodies, etc.
  • Celebrating wins and company milestones as a team
  • Sending of birthday and anniversary gifts
  1. Share goals and company objectives to build trust

All your team members need to be on the same page to promote employee engagement in your business. One way to do this is by sharing your business’s goals and objectives.

Sharing your business’s goals and objectives with your hospitality employees will make them more engaged and establish trust among them. When you share the goals you have for your business with your employees, they will work with you to achieve these goals. 

You can educate your new employees right from the first day on the job about company’s goals and objectives. This will make sure they hit the ground running from the very beginning. 

Additionally, sharing your goals and objectives with your team will ensure they work hard and work hard on the right things. This will have a real, positive impact on your business’s performance.

  1. Encourage social connections among employees

Encouraging closer connections among your employees is a great way to make your employees care more about their place of work. Developing healthy relationships in your hotel business is extremely important for your employees and the business.

Your Human Resources team can organize a series of team-building events like team-building activities, sports competitions, and many others. Your employees will enjoy their time with your company and be determined to put in more effort to make your business a success.

  1. Encourage service projects

Another effective way to foster employee engagement in your business is to encourage your employees to give back to the community. Service projects, such as charity events, are another way to encourage closer relationships among your employees.

Service projects give your employees a sense of purpose through their work. This, in turn, encourages engagement among your employees. Some of these service projects could include visits to orphanages, feeding those in the shelters, sending personal cards and messages to those affected due to tragedies, etc. 

Why is employee engagement so important in the hospitality industry?

Employee engagement revolves around the amount of enthusiasm that an employee feels towards their job or their place of employment. There are some benefits that employees, customers, and the organization can enjoy because of employee engagement. 

Some of such benefits include:

  1. Improved productivity

An engaged employee actively participates in their work and their responsibilities. This means that such employees show a high level of interest, dedication, contribution, etc., in their work.

An employee who exhibits those traits would have increased output. This increased output means that there would be improved productivity on the part of the employee and your business. Therefore, employee engagement leads to improved productivity.

  1. Enhanced customer services

Customer service is the key to success in the hospitality industry. An engaged employee is not difficult to spot. It is very evident how engaged an employee is in their work. An engaged employee is characterized by enthusiasm in their work and customer relations. 

The ways the employee relates with the customer can affect the business, either positively or negatively. An engaged employee is more likely to have good relations with the customers. This implies that there would be better customer service.

  1. Better customer satisfaction

Good employee engagement leads to enhanced customer services, which leads to better customer satisfaction. An engaged employee is more friendly, efficient, and effective in customer relations. This means customers tend to be more satisfied with the services being provided. 

A customer that enjoys good customer service will be more loyal to such a hospitality business. Therefore, employee engagement goes from enhancing customer services to increasing customer brand loyalty. 

  1. Increased profit

Engaged employees offer services that leave customers satisfied. A satisfied customer can become a loyal customer for your business. You should know that loyal customers bring in profits from their patronage and business with the brand.

Also, a loyal customer will tell others about your hotel business, bringing profits to your business. Also, when the employee has an increase in productivity, it will likely translate to more income for your business. Therefore, employment engagement helps increase profits for businesses.

  1. More innovative ideas

Innovation is a part of any organization. After the Covid-19 pandemic innovations in hospitality are more important than ever to keep the industry growing. This is because businesses require creative solutions to their problems. Engaged employees are more concerned about the organization and are also interested in problem-solving within the organization.

This interest in the issues within the organization leads to employees coming up with innovative ideas that benefit the hospitality organization. 


The importance of your employees in your business cannot be overemphasized. If you want the best from your employees, you have to find ways to keep them engaged. Engaged employees are more productive, ensuring you fulfil your goals more easily. 

This is why this article highlights seven tips that you can be sure would help you foster employee engagement in your hospitality business. When you follow these tips, you will see results you can be proud of in your business.

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