7 Top LinkedIn Mistakes by the Hospitality Job Seekers to Avoid

Here we have rounded up common and top mistakes hospitality job seekers do on LinkedIn. 

These are the probable reasons why you’re not getting hospitality jobs through LinkedIn.

7 Top Mistakes Jobseekers Do on LinkedIn

Avoid each one of them to taste sweet success in your hotel industry job hunt through LinkedIn.

Mistake 1: Not Weeding Out Typos from Your Profile

It is strange that most of the LinkedIn users still don’t get the first and foremost thing on LinkedIn right.

Here’s one of the worst reasons why you’re not getting hospitality jobs through LinkedIn: your profile is riddled with typos.

Don’t know how to put this, but typos have no place in your job-hunting process — not in your cover letter, not in your email correspondence, and certainly not in your resume. Your LinkedIn profile is no exception.

LinkedIn doesn’t have a built-in grammar checker or spell checker, but you need to stay on top of typos.

Use Grammarly or browser-based add-ons to weed out any typos.

Typos put off hospitality employers who treat you either careless or incompetent upon finding typos in your profile.

You surely don’t want to start with a bad impression. So, please take care of your profile as it reflects your personality.

So, please get it corrected right now.

Mistake 2: Commenting on Every hospitality Job-Related Post Without Reading it Completely

This is one of the biggest LinkedIn mistakes that puts off every hospitality recruiter.

Hospitality Jobseekers must care to at least read the post in full before commenting.

How many times, have you simply liked and commented without going through the LinkedIn post properly? If you did so, it’s curtains to your prospective hotel job with that employer.

There is a separate job section at LinkedIn for a more robust job search process.

LinkedIn activity or feed from the network is to guide towards the application process most of the time. Look out for soft signals in the post that can help you customise your application.

Please don’t comment with ‘Interested’ or ‘Review my profile’ until and unless it is clearly mentioned to do so in the post.

It’s not a birthday party invitation after all.

A well-rounded approach requires much more than a simple ‘Yes I am interested’ or ‘Review my profile’ comment.

So, please avoid this mistake while looking for hospitality jobs on LinkedIn and look for clues in the post by reading it fully.

Mistake 3: Making Cold Connection Requests

A lot of hospitality professionals believe that a bigger hospitality network will help them land a job. All Hospitality industry professionals just love to try and add every recruiter they can think of.

Is this a good idea? Definitely not. Rather it is detrimental to your job search.

LinkedIn has indeed made connecting with like-minded people and companies possible, but you don’t want to lose sight of how best to create these connections.

It’s more about the quality than the quantity that can help you the right lead for the job.

Even the best of us don’t like out-of-the-blue cold calls. And the same can be said for LinkedIn — you cannot just make a random connection request.

So, if you thought you are not getting the right job even after having 10,000+ connections, then the hard truth is that you don’t have real hospitality industry connections.

Please get out of more connections syndrome. Even a few quality and friendly connections can guide you towards the right choice.

Mistake 4: Having None or an inappropriate Profile Picture

This one is a big no-no, and possibly one of the biggest no-brainer mistakes hospitality job seekers do on LinkedIn.

Leaving a grey silhouette as your profile picture is simply unacceptable.

More importantly, a recent survey revealed that recruiters and employers are 14 times likely to view your profile if it features a photo.

Mistake 5: Leaving your Activity Feed On

If your activity feed is on, it might be one of the reasons why you’re not getting jobs through LinkedIn. Certainly, recruiters don’t want to get “Congratulate Jane on her new job” notifications six times a year. More often than not, your activity feed doesn’t paint you in a good light.

With over 94% recruiters on LinkedIn, it’s certainly not the place for being too opinionated.

So, let’s hear this again. You don’t want every recruiter to know that you are bombarding every recruiter out there with likes and comments.

By switching off your activity feed or customising it, you can ensure that your job hunting process to an extent is private.

Check the LinkedIn help section to know more about how to customise the visibility of your activity on LinkedIn.

Mistake 6: Not Putting Much Thought into your Profile Headline

You should put a great deal of thought into the headline of your LinkedIn profile. It gives you an opportunity to make a compelling first impression.

So, do a bang-up job on the headline. Be descriptive yet brief and to the point.

As you are a hospitality industry job seeker, please try to put in this section what the hospitality recruiter wants to hear and not what you would like to say. Be crisp and clear on your key areas of competence and interests.

Mistake 7: Not customising your Job search section

Have you made yourself visible to hospitality recruiters?

Have you customised your job search criterion?

Do you save hospitality jobs regularly and do you visit the LinkedIn Job section regularly?

Have you tried the LinkedIn job search app? Do try it and you will see that feeds are not the place to look for hospitality jobs.

Yes, there is more to LinkedIn than you think. Get your act together and use the job section of LinkedIn more often.

We have another dedicated post for you to know the top strategies for hospitality job search on LinkedIn. So, please do explore all that you need to DO for a successful LinkedIn job search.