FAANG is an acronym for the five most prominent tech companies in the United States – Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google.

These American corporations are more than household names; they are also financial behemoths. Their combined market value and capitalization exceed 4 trillion USD as of date.

As a student aspiring to build a lucrative tech career, these are some of the best companies to intern for. Its boosting effects on your resume and the chance to learn directly from some of the best tech minds are some of the advantages of working at these firms.

With these perks, a lot of students like you would want to apply for FAANG internships. So how do you give yourself a fighting chance?

You may need to write an essay alongside your resume to get into the internship program.

Or, if you can’t write one yourself, any writing service can get it done for you. You can order an essay through one of the top providers online. This can also be done by yourself but can be time-consuming. Since many custom writing services are available, this will greatly reduce your time. As you can expect, writing a captivating CV and cover letter is just one aspect of getting an internship at FAANG. You also need other skills in your arsenal.

Here are some skills that are expected from internship applicants in the top 5 tech companies:

1. Research Skills

An intern’s primary task is to learn. But to learn, you must know how to find, store and apply relevant information. The above-stated set of actions is what research is all about.

In tech companies, you should know how to research products and services if you are in the marketing or financial department. You are also expected to find out the gaps they fill in the market and which products or services are direct and indirect competitors.

As an internship applicant, you might not be considered if you cannot carry out convincing and conclusive research. Research is an essential part of your internship, so why not start practicing early enough? You can start learning by researching services that the companies have offered in the past before going ahead to apply for an internship.

2. Tenacity

Even as an intern, you must be able to work effectively under pressure. In fast-paced environments such as those you would find at these top tech companies, tenacity can bring you results. These companies usually have a lot of workload and demands. This level of responsibility means that there is no room for sluggishness. Tenacity is a vital skill, especially when you are applying for an internship program at Amazon.

3. Programming Skills

Having a decent knowledge of programming languages is an almost non-negotiable requirement for internship applicants at FAANG. This is because these companies are heavily tech-inclined. Even if you are looking to join a less technical department, you still need to know the basics of computer programming to integrate into the workforce seamlessly.

However, since you are applying for an internship, you won’t be expected to get the ball rolling right off the bat.

You will receive the training you need once you are in. But you must first show that you have above-average (even if not professional) programming skills.

If your computer science internship resume doesn’t highlight your knowledge of a relevant programming language, you will not be considered.

Remember, you are applying for computer programming internships, so you are expected to have worked with C++, Java, and Python. These are the codes that make some of these companies’ websites and apps work. For example, you need experience with these coding languages when applying at Google because they run the Google platform.

4. Excellent Communication Skills

In addition to programming skills, you must also know how to communicate with your team members and, in some cases, clients.

Yes, having good grades is an advantage for candidates who are after tech internships.

However, the big five also require that interns understand the basics of communication. You will be integrated into a team and, therefore, will need excellent communication skills to keep up with other interns and full-time team members.

5. Marketing Skills

While marketing skills may not seem as exciting as some other skills on this list, they are some of the most important ones to have.

Remember, even your internship application is an attempt at selling yourself.

FAANG companies are majorly after exceptional students. To prove to them that you are unique, you need to sell them on what qualities make you stand out.

Some of the big 5 tech companies like Apple divided their internship program into different parts. In the Corporate Roles department, you need marketing skills to sell products and attract clients. You should be able to sway people into either investing in Apple or buying its products. Even if you are more fascinated by the technical side of things, having marketing skills will help you get the job and excel in your role. 

6. Expressiveness

Part of selling yourself lies in your ability for self-expression.

You must know how to use words appropriately during interview sessions.

Even while applying to be an intern, some tech companies expect you to advise them on improving their processes.

Progressive opinions earn you brownie points, so make meaningful contributions during interview sessions.

7. Collaboration and Partnership Skills

To be considered for a role at FAANG, you have to prove that you can be part of a team. At companies such as Facebook and Google, team culture is greatly promoted. There is little room for lone rangers over there. As they say, teamwork makes the dream work.

Except you’re applying to a company like Netflix which rarely accepts interns, you need to be pro-teamwork. Netflix is interested in recruiting only the best and most experienced candidates. Over there, the work culture requires you to pick your career path, improve and grow.

In other companies like Apple, a manager is assigned to you. A fellow intern and probably an “iBuddy” will be on your team so that you don’t start feeling isolated at any time. The top tech firms are interested in grooming the most grounded and relatable professionals. It is said that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and thus, these companies are always looking to make team collaboration better.

8. Resourcefulness

While you need good grades to get considered for the internship program, you also need to deliver results in the real world. Students are usually scouted directly from campus events and taken as interns. It happens because they were doing activities that got them noticed.

When your talent is observed, you will be sought after. It will also pay off if you get involved in technical projects that show your ability to take the initiative. Being inventive is no guarantee that Jeff Bezos will come knocking on your door; however, it will make you a better intern prospect in his company.

9. Interpersonal Skills

FAANG managers expect you to create relationships with the people around you. For collaboration to thrive, you should know how to build and maintain relationships at work. Be the kind of person that team members want around in the office every day.

Employers look out for interns with interpersonal skills because they ensure that the team delivers optimally. A good way to show that you are relatable is to be friendly during your interview. Smile while at it, and genuinely be interested in understanding the person speaking to you. Finally, ask about the work culture and throw in a couple of friendly comments about your observations.

10. Versatility

With how dynamic work is at the five big tech companies, you will be left behind if you don’t know how to wear multiple hats. As an intern, you should be flexible. The interviewers look for this quality when choosing candidates from thousands of internship applications.

Even if you have an area of expertise or a preferred path, you should be able to fit into some other department(s) without causing disruption. You will learn more and prove your value to the company if you can fit into more roles than one. Finally, being versatile will increase your chances of retention in the company after you have finished school.


An internship is an excellent way to boost your CV and give you an edge when applying for jobs as a graduate. A FAANG internship is the pinnacle as far as internships in the tech industry go. Getting in might be difficult because of how competitive it is, but the benefits to your career and personal growth afterwards are more than great. If you’re applying for an internship position at any of these tech giants, honing the skills discussed in this article will give you an edge over other applicants.

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