Have you ever wondered why some businesses soar ahead of their competitors while others lag behind? The answer often lies in their ability to generate innovative ideas for business. Consider the hospitality industry’s predicament in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a sector in distress, with job losses and pervasive uncertainty. To navigate these challenges successfully, innovation and creativity are imperative.

In this article, we delve into 7 innovative ideas that can fuel growth for all businesses, including those grappling with the hospitality and tourism downturn.

Every organization strives to infuse that extra dose of creativity and innovation to outperform the competition. A continuous stream of innovative business ideas is the key to sustainable growth. Here, we focus on how to maintain this flow of innovation.

7 Ideas to Foster Innovation and Growth in your Business

1. Find the next ‘S’ curve of innovation

Having an idea is one thing; bringing it to fruition is another. As an entrepreneur within your own sphere, you might be brimming with ideas, but not all can reach the execution stage. To ensure your innovative business ideas see the light of day, subject them to a screening process:

  • Is there a substantial market for your idea?
  • Do you have a capable team to back your innovative business idea?
  • Does the business model bring novelty that excites consumers and investors alike?

Innovative business ideas rely on tapping into your brain’s creative imagination. This faculty, as described by Napoleon Hill in ‘Think and Grow Rich,’ leads to unprecedented growth through a continuous flow of ideas and innovation.

It’s critical for businesses not to miss the innovation window. Here are a few considerations for fostering business growth:

  • Identify the new growth curve before the previous one dwindles.
  • Invest time in understanding your consumers’ mindset.
  • Concentrate on decoding your consumers’ needs.

We recently heard of the launch of iPhone 15 and the next version is already under the testing mode. iPhone has moved several generations in a span of a few years. So, is Apple a successful firm? They have been successful because they have continuously managed to find the next ‘S’ curve in time. They have been best at utilizing the innovation window.

Tesla, Amazon and Marriott are a few of the many other firms that have explored and utilized the innovation capital. They have displayed their creativity to stay ahead of the competition.

Not that it is an easy task to innovate at will. What is important is to have the willingness and vision of the same. There is an interesting article by Entrepreneur.com on entrepreneurial ideas that changed everything.

There are ways to develop and tap into the innovation capital.

2. Look for emergent strategies from the lower and middle management

Cultivate a culture of inclusivity within your organization to nurture innovative ideas. To drive business growth, start by seeking input from within the organization. Your team is your greatest asset, both in getting the job done and generating incremental and transformational innovative ideas. To encourage innovation, consider:

  • Implementing Kaizen or continuous improvement.
  • Organizing brainstorming sessions and empowering decision-makers to listen to their peers.
  • Cultivating an innovative culture by establishing mini-startups within the organization.
  • Rewarding those who embrace failure as a learning opportunity.
  • Encouraging creative activities and excursions to inspire fresh ideas.

There are other Clues and Ideas to help your innovative business ideas prosper and flourish in cut-throat competition.

Let’s move to another crucial strategy for business growth.

3. Look for opportunities from Macro and Micro Environment to outwit competitors

  • Why a few firms are better than others?
  • What competitive advantages do they have over competitors and rivals?
  • Why can’t other firms copy success factors easily?

A large number of entrepreneurs and intellectual giants credit innovation and invention for sustainable competitive advantage established by firms.

Not many people would undermine the importance of innovation for workplace competitive advantage. Thus, we shift our focus to a more relevant area to explore and that is the origin and usage of innovation to stay an edge ahead of the competition in personal and professional spheres.

Peter Drucker, an intellectual giant, writes in his article that, innovation is real work, and it can and should be managed like any other corporate function.

Drucker further argues that most innovative business ideas come from methodically analyzing seven areas of opportunity.

Four within the company or industry:

  • Unexpected occurrences.
  • Incongruities.
  • Process needs.
  • Industry and market changes.

Three from the external social and intellectual environment:

  • Demographic shifts.
  • Changes in perception.
  • New knowledge.

Innovation is more than a random flash of genius; it’s a conscious effort to create meaningful change in an enterprise’s economic or social potential. Innovation and invention serve as the backbone of entrepreneurship, driving purposeful, focused change in an enterprise’s potential.

Related article from Harvard Business Review: Discipline of Innovation.

While Facebook, Twitter, Google etc. are credited to the young guns who were geniuses inspired by geniuses the foundation of these innovation and entrepreneurship ventures was laid decades ago.

Once you’ve identified an attractive opportunity, you still need a leap of imagination to arrive at the right response—call it “functional inspiration.”

Innovation and invention is the specific function of entrepreneurship, whether in an existing business, a public service institution, or a new venture started by a lone person in the family kitchen.

Today, much confusion exists about the proper definition of entrepreneurship. At the heart of that activity is innovation: the effort to create purposeful, focused change in an enterprise’s economic or social potential.

4. Promote Intrapreneurship within the organisation

Creating entrepreneurs within your organization is the secret sauce for success, particularly in the IT industry. Intrapreneurship, synonymous with entrepreneurship within an organization, emphasizes innovation and entrepreneurial spirit displayed internally.

Companies emphasizing innovation collectively prove themselves as creative and entrepreneurial. While chance and sudden revelations have their place, hard work remains the propellant for innovation and invention. Identifying attractive opportunities is only part of the equation. What sets truly innovative business ideas apart is “functional inspiration,” or the right response to those opportunities.

Genuinely entrepreneurial businesses have two “first pages”—a problem page and an opportunity page—and managers spend equal time on both.

5. Learn from the Giants- Follow the most innovative companies in your sector

Who wouldn’t want to be recognized as the most innovative company in their industry? Every business aims to secure a spot on the prestigious list of the top 100 most innovative companies, as featured in Forbes. However, it’s essential to remember that an invention or technology becomes an innovation only when it can be effectively monetized. Usability and marketability are vital for connecting innovation effectively with users.

The key is to create innovations that resonate with consumers’ desires and needs. To illustrate, companies like Apple, Tesla, Amazon, and Marriott have achieved unparalleled innovation in their industries. They continually reshape the landscape through innovation capital.

The iPhone was a revolution because of its connectedness with what users desire.

Tesla, with its massive Solar panel factories, friendly robots, and new much improved electric cars is reshaping the technological landscape of the industry. With its space research and energy-related innovations, this firm is one of the most impactful companies in the world.

Amazon along with Google and Apple have been movers and shakers of industries globally. With its disruptive business models, Amazon continues to dominate e-commerce and to a large extent, the software industry. Amazon has innovated in terms of logistics and has expanded well across the globe.

Marriott has come up with a quote ‘See how we are innovating travel’. The quote in itself portrays the intent of the Hotel chain. The list below provides some of the many innovations the Hotel chain has come up with to woo its customers across the globe.

  • Get Teleported- The virtual travel experience using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • The new Smart guest room- an innovation with the guest in mind
  • Marriott Mobile app
  • VR Postcards- A new view of travel

One of our posts covers these amazing hospitality innovations and more in greater detail.

We have limited our discussion to only 3 companies, but all businesses should follow in the footsteps of giant firms like these to achieve success.

You can also use video marketing:

Your potential customers are visual perceivers and so they find watching videos easier than to have required reading plain text. Video marketing has taken the internet world by storm and according to wyzowl more than 92% of businesses now are working on developing a sound video marketing strategy to stay ahead of their competitors.

Video marketing is a strategy for promoting your online business and making your potential customers aware of your product offerings by making quality and interesting videos of products with people using the items. The technique of making videos that encourage people to buy your products by helping them connect with and understand you better is thus known as video marketing.

Using video marketing, you can promote your products and showcase your most recent collections. This channel might be useful if you want to start earning money or attract new clients because it’s one of the best ways to promote your business. A demo video, product video or testimonial video is a quick, high-quality marketing video that aids in the sale and promotion of your online business offerings.

With the use of an easy online video editor that comes with ready-made templates, and many more features to add on, you can easily produce professional-looking videos in minutes without affecting your marketing budget.

6. Embrace Technology and use it more than your competitors

Technology is at the forefront of business innovation.

From Big Data to Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain to Data Analytics, businesses need to incorporate technology effectively. Whether improving internal processes, enhancing user connectivity, or securing data and payments, technology plays an integral role.

Automation, driven by technology, makes routine tasks more cost-effective, less prone to errors and frees up time for more creative endeavours. Stay prepared for the tech-driven future by integrating technology into your business processes.

7. Understand your users and market segment

To ensure the success of your innovative business ideas, you must have an acute understanding of your target market. Innovation must align with user needs. User feedback is vital, as it allows you to stay competitive. Creative improvements should be customer-centric, focusing on enhancing user experience.


These innovative ideas can propel your business to new heights. In today’s tech-savvy landscape, businesses that embrace technology and innovation are positioned for success. Innovation is the driving force behind competitive advantage, and it’s imperative to be prepared for the future. Remember, it’s not a matter of whether you accept innovation; it’s a question of when you accept it. Implement these ideas and observe the positive impact on your business stature and profits. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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