As the world moves further into the digital age, you may find yourself asking what does an information technology role involve?

However, it isn’t solely information technology roles that require IT skills.

You will find that modern computing technology has made its way into almost every modern workplace. As such, you will notice that IT experience isn’t only required for technology roles. Here are some common job roles that you may be surprised to learn require IT  from their employees in the modern age. And it’s no secret that IT jobs are some of the highest-paid jobs in the world.

Information Technology knowledge is a pre-requisite even in a lot of non-tech roles. Listed below are some of the common roles that require these skills.


With so many of us working and communicating in the digital space on a daily basis, a lot of personal data is left behind.

Unfortunately, this data can be harmful in the wrong hands. That is why people that work in security need IT skills to determine what could be harmful to computer users and work to protect their data so that they do not fall victim to a cyber-attack.

This personal data tracking technology can also be used to benefit other security groups, such as the police and home security systems. This digital data can be used to find cyber criminals and other lawbreakers, so IT skills are necessary for protecting people and their possessions, which is the main goal for those who work in the field of security.


While every modern company needs to hire certain people who understand information technology responsibilities, the people in charge of a business’s recruitment also need to have their own set of IT skills.

They can also improve these IT skills by hiring people who have the experience required for information technology roles, such as software engineers, web developers, and database technicians.

The most common IT skills required by individuals working in recruitment are organising employee data, communicating with potential hires via online chat or video call services, and posting digital ads on recruitment sites.

Since most recruitment now takes place online, these IT skills are necessary for anyone working in the recruitment field.


There was a time when marketing didn’t require the use of a computer, nowadays, that seems almost impossible.

Before the digital age, most advertising reached its intended audience through radio, TV, and posters. While a lot of these marketing methods are still used today, the average marketing recruit also needs the appropriate IT skills to use digital graphic design as well as knowing how to use social media promotional materials, cookies, and SEO technology.

All of these modern marketing methods are used to put a company message across to the intended audience subversively. 

Hospitality and Tourism

People might think that Information Technology is not required in the hospitality industry. However, technology has swept the tourism industry. Right from hotel booking to check-in and check out; technology is required everywhere.

From Siri and Alexa in Smart Hotel rooms to Augmented reality and Virtual Reality used by Booking engines; technology has a key role to play in hospitality and tourism.

Thus it is now crucial to be tech-savvy if success is sought in a hospitality industry career.


This list above contains just a few examples of how the modern workplace has forced the average worker to brush up on their IT skills and capabilities. There are even more complicated IT systems out there, many of which you can learn about by looking at job description examples for information technology roles. For now, though, you can expect almost every profession to require you to work on your IT skills.

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