Best QR Code Contactless Digital Menus for Restaurants

Digitization and innovation are everywhere, leaving no industry behind. The world of food and hospitality is certainly not an exception. The days of regular paper menus are gradually becoming a thing of the past to make way for more eco-friendly, quick, and modern approaches to ordering food and drinks. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has further cemented the need for contactless menus. Contactless QR menus are created by the cafe or restaurant and don’t require a physical menu to be placed in the establishment. All your guests need to do is scan the QR code (ideally visible from each table) and select what they want to order, confirm it, and that’s it! The order will then be sent to your waitstaff and be ready for processing. 

Let’s take a closer look at whether it’s worth making the switch from traditional menus to digital QR menus at your establishment, along with a few of the best providers for these digital solutions that you can get now. 

The Pros and Cons of Digital Menus

More and more food establishment owners are opting to switch to digital menus for their restaurants because of all the advantages that they come with. Getting more tech-friendly is one of the ways the hospitality business can recover from the COVID-19 pandemic-induced lull. Moreover, tech friendliness is also one of the key hospitality industry trends in 2024 and beyond. 

The pros include:

  • Shortened waiting times—no more time is spent on guests capturing the attention of a waiter to take their order, the waiter manually entering the order, and then resuming with service. Guests will tap away on their devices and the order will be sent to the waitstaff. 

  • Reduced paper consumption — more establishments are aiming to be sustainable in their actions, and an important part of that is being conscious of paper consumption and waste. Instead of printing new flyers and menus every time there is a change to the menu, you can easily add new menu items from the administrator’s side.

  • Contact-less ordering — the pandemic pushed people to become more aware of everyday items that may be covered in germs and bacteria. By passing paper menus around each day among hundreds of diners, you can imagine why people would find it more hygienic to simply order from their personal devices.

  • Reduced costs — you won’t need to order new menus nor will you need to purchase hardware when you opt for an app-less digital menu solution. This will save your business hundreds of dollars a year on menu maintenance alone. 

There are only a few drawbacks to contactless menus, which include:

  • Not everyone who visits the restaurant may own a smartphone or other digital device to scan the menu with. In such cases, it’s best to keep a few paper menus handy to ensure that you don’t exclude any potential diners.

  • Even if the diners own a device, they might not know how to utilize the technology or not be open to change. This may be the case for the elderly and people who are not tech-savvy in general.

Here are the key points in a nutshell by the EAT app regarding the pros and cons of QR code menus in restaurants. Have a look!

The Best Digital Solutions Out There

Now that we’ve taken an in-depth look at what digital menus for restaurants entail, here are a few recommendations for digital menu providers that will save you time on research.

Ring n’ Bring

RingnBring packs all the needs of a diner into one humble QR code. Diners can browse a customized menu, place orders, and even request to split the bill, all without downloading an app. 

The establishment can add extra features and services to customize it even further, such as offering valet parking, etc. Ring n’ Bring’s digital solution expands to serve not only cafes and restaurants but also poolside establishments, resorts, hotels, and more. 


Bonee is a cost-effective digital ordering solution that caters to any sized establishment. 

Some of the perks offered by Bonee (as stated on their official website) include a multifunctional and user-friendly interface with various tools for adding, editing and deleting products, tools for hiding unavailable products and activating orders, and product rating analysis using Google Analytics. 

Bonee also offers a White Label program along with an Affiliate Partnership program, which may interest many business owners. 


MenuModo’s contactless ordering system is certainly “like it was before, but safer,” as they claim it to be. With only five easy steps, you can set up your digital menu and get it up and running to be used. 

Equipped with personalized welcome screens, text and image menu support, and the option of adding your social media links, you’ll have everything you need to create a customized menu. 


SproutQR is just as easy to set up and for your diners to use. Hundreds of businesses trust and rely on SproutQR to provide their diners with a non-paper-based and contact-less option for ordering. 

SproutQR Pay is in the works as well, which will give diners the chance to pay for their meal just as easily as they made the order. 


Here you go, some of the best QR code digital menu platforms for restaurants. Now you are all set to use them to your advantage. Save costs, give a better and personalized user experience and that too in a sustainable way.