Sorry Dubai, Saudi Arabia’ Makkah is set to unveil its world’s largest hotel sometime in the coming years. Abraj Kudai, which is a mammoth of a hotel, will carry the title of “the largest hotel in the world” for many reasons.

Abraj Kudai was scheduled to open in 2017 but due to some financial hiccups and other issues, the whole project got delayed.

With over a whopping 10,000 rooms, 12 towers, and four massive helipads, the hotel will certainly be the talk of the world, let alone the town.

Check out some of these amazing facts about Abraj Kudai below.

  • Total number of rooms- 10,000
  • The approximate cost involved- Over $ 3.5 Billion
  • Total number of Towers- 12
  • Number of Food Outlets- 70
  • Number of Helipads- 4
  • Total Floor area- Approximately 1,400,000 metre square

and there’s a lot more that makes it one of the most special hotels.

Abraj Kudai is for sure an iconic structure which is going to make the hotel industry proud.

Let’s get on with the details about the iconic Abraj Kudai Hotel.

As already mentioned, according to official reports by the Gulf state, the Abraj Kudai hotel is expected to cost an incredible 3.5 billion US Dollars.

Dubbed “the labor of love”, the hotel is set to receive visitors from all over the world in 2023; that’s if all goes well as planned.

It goes without saying that the hotel is a brainchild of the Ministry of Finance of Saudi Arabia.

Abraj Kudai will be grander and bigger than any other hotel

In 2023 or 2024, Mecca, Saudi Arabia will be home to the world’s largest hotel, spanning 1.4 million square meters.

Isn’t that huge?

The next best is the First World Hotel of Malaysia in terms of rooms with close to 7,500 rooms as mentioned in our other post about astonishing hospitality industry facts.

The Holy City in Saudi Arabia has plans to expand further in the future with several other huge projects in the queue.

While Dubai is leading the pack in terms of the growing hospitality industry, Saudi Arabia is definitely not far behind.

Abraj Kudai is a living example of what can be expected out of Saudi Arabia’s Hotel industry in future. Have a look!

Before you ask for further details, here we have furnished a lot more information about the to be Largest Hotel in the world.

About Abraj Kudai Hotel in Saudi Arabia

Principally this world’s largest hotel is under construction in Makkah, a spot in Mecca’s central zone.

Manafia, where it’s precisely located, is just a mere 2 kilometres from the Holy Haram, a landmark in Mecca.

So, it has an ideal location.

But, there is much more than the location that makes this hotel special.

So, let’s get into further details about this iconic Hotel of Saudi Arabia.

The Abraj Kudai will have 10,000 rooms over 45 floors and 12 towers. It will cost over £2.7 billion ($3.5 billion) to build and is funded entirely by the Saudi Ministry of Finance. 

It will lead the pool of the world’s largest hotels around the world with a distance.

It will have 70 restaurants, a ballroom, an extravagant shopping mall and helipads.

Yes, you got that right, it will indeed have 70 restaurants.

International project design consultancy  Dar al-Handasah group is in charge of design, which will be located two kilometres from the largest mosque in the world – Masjid al-Haram.

The mosque brings around two to five million Muslims when travelling on Umrah or Hajj pilgrimages.  Areen Design, a British group, will handle the deluxe interiors.

10 of the 12 towers will offer four-star housing while the other two will provide five-star accommodations.

The hotel will be open for the public to stay in at a cost of potentially £4,000 per night or $5250 approximately.

Five floors, however, are going to be reserved for the country’s royal family.

World-Class Amenities at Abraj Kudai Hotel

For starters, the hotel forecasts that there will be royalties making frequent visits to their premises.

So, designers have set the entire floor of about 1.4 million sqm to house rooms geared toward royal families.

Also, there’ll be a conventional conference centre therein to cater to the elite of society.

The podium of Abraj Kudai hotel will host a lot of things, a few of which are mentioned below:

  • Shopping mall
  • A raft of restaurants and food courts
  • A bus station
  • Car Parking spaces
  • Lounges and sitting areas

..and several other world-class amenities. All this when we just talk about the podium of this to be the world’s largest hotel.

With all these top-notch facilities – and possibly more to be added later on, the hotel will indeed offer lavish hospitality at its best.

World’s Largest Hotel Dome and The hotel Size

It will also feature the largest dome atop a hotel.

The dome itself will sit on top of a duo of mid towers and will house a convention centre and a ballroom.

It will be one of a kind oozing off the ancient Arabian reminiscence.

On the whole, the dome is set to be photogenic, offering breathtaking views of the hotel guests.

As you might expect, the Gulf state is gunning for the biggest size there’s with its world’s largest hotel.

Before the Saudi Arabia hotel is constructed, the world’s largest hotel in terms of size can be currently found in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand, with close to 6,200 rooms for guests to stay in.

Expected Delays for Abraj Kudai and Controversies around it

The largest hotel in the world is facing a bit of headwind as the Gulf state’s economy is reeling back from falling oil and gas prices. The Covid 19 Pandemic has only made the delay longer.

Hotel pundits expected that delays will not push the opening past 2019, though. As per the update, the pundits have been quite wrong. Although the opening of Abraj Kudai is scheduled in the coming year or two, unexpected delays can still not be completely ruled out.

As per the details in Wikipedia, a lot of projects have been stopped that includes the Abraj Kudai but it is expected that things will take off soon once again.

The hotel, once ready, will be a historic landmark – a reflection of the modern understanding of an old-style desert castle.

Once it is completed, it will also be one of the Tallest Hotels in the world.


That’s all for now about this amazing and special hotel.

Abraj Kudai Hotel is not only going to be the largest but also one of the grandest hotels in the world.

We can’t wait to update this space soon once this hotel has a grand opening. We hope that’s sooner than later.

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