Why work in the Hospitality Industry? The 3 Top reasons

The Hospitality Industry is one of the most fascinating industries. It is expanding like never before and is engulfing the whole globe. People are travelling more than ever and more and more hospitality organisations are opening doors to tourists from around the globe. This ensures exciting opportunities for those who see a career in the hospitality industry. This post is not for sceptics but for those who see the ocean of opportunities in this industry. Let’s walk you through 3 top reasons to work in the hospitality industry. 

If you are one of those who has a question in their mind of why to work in the hospitality industry, we try and provide some simple arguments.

Some of the best Hospitality Management Schools and Top Culinary Schools are busy creating the leaders and top chefs of the industry. The industry should excite you as well, here are the 3 key reasons.


3 Top Reasons to Work in the Hospitality Industry


Why work in the Hospitality Industry? 3 Top reasons


1. An opportunity to Travel around the Globe


As per the report of STR global, there are close to 20 Million rooms in the world. 

Numerous food outlets, travel and tourism firms, Cruise, aviation and a lots more. The options are limitless when we speak about career options in the hospitality industry.

But the real perk is that the industry is dominated by large chains giving the employees a chance to relocate and work at various locations.

If you are a deserving candidate, you will never fall short of options to travel the world and work at various locations within your organisation or by changing your organisation. 

An option to work with people of different cultures in various locations makes Hospitality Jobs great. 


2. It’s probably the safest and most secure Industry for a career


Yes, Hospitality and Travel industry has been one of the fastest growing and stable industries over centuries.

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council:

  • The Hospitality and Travel Industry employs more people than automotive, mining, financial services and manufacturing combined.
  • 1 out of 10 jobs currently are provided through travel and tourism.
  • 1 out of 5 new jobs is being created by the hospitality and tourism industry.
  • Travel and tourism Industry contributes 10.6% of the Global Gross Domestic Product
  • The growth rate of the hospitality and tourism industry is over 150% of the global average


Do you need any other proof in support of our assertion that the Hospitality and Travel sector is one of the safest industries to work in?

So, if you are still pondering over the question that why work in the hospitality industry then check the WTTC website above and check the below image by Skift. It shows how the service exports in most countries are dominated by hospitality and travel. As a matter of fact, Travel and Tourism contributes to over 50% of service export for the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Malaysia, Spain and various other countries.



Now if that is not enough, we have another infographic to show how it is absolutely a safe bet to work in the hospitality industry. Wherever you are, you would probably not find an industry that has been more stable than travel and tourism over the past few decades.

The below info graph by pace dimensions displays how the people are expected to travel more over the years. The graph displays a regular upward trend starting from 1950.

Now if these data don’t convince you to work in the hospitality industry, what will?




3. Flexibility and Creativity is inbuilt in the Hospitality Jobs


Yes, you can take charge of your job description in the hospitality industry. While you would still need to work in boundaries but it is one of the most flexible industries.

We see a lot of hospitality professionals switching roles to save them from monotonous work.

Moving from Hotels to Cruises; from Tourism to Entertainment; From Aviation to Events and a lot more. The options are limitless. So, there is little chance to get stuck in the hospitality industry. 

In the Hospitality industry sectors like Hotels, Restaurants, Entertainment and Facility Management it is pretty common to have flexible working hours. This does have a flip side too as we display in these funny hospitality images.

According to Les Roche, flexibility is key to a successful hospitality career. Plus, creativity and attention to details can make you a star in quick time.




Thus if you are someone who loves creativity and flexibility then now you know why you must work in the hospitality industry. 




The Hospitality industry is expanding rapidly. More and more people are travelling and technology is helping the overall growth of this industry.

The three points mentioned in this post explain to prospective hoteliers why it is beneficial to work in the hospitality industry.

So, if you are looking forward to a career in the hospitality industry, you are with the tide. Have an excellent career ahead.