Content creators always focus on the quality of their content. But quality comes at a cost. In the case of digital images, that cost is the image file size. 

When you design or capture HD images, their size is always more than usual. Those pictures take up a lot of storage space. Besides, they slow down websites when you upload them there.

Moreover, sharing high-res images is difficult over various file-sharing platforms. For example, the size limit of a file you can share over Gmail is 25MB. On the other hand, outlook allows users to send files up to 20MB. The case is quite similar to other platforms as well. 

But don’t worry. There is a solution to the problem; compress images with an image compression tool. Many content creators keep an image compressor in their toolkits as they know the importance of compressing images. 

Many companies have built photo compressors that are pretty reliable in work. 

However, some also built inefficient tools just to make money. Although those tools compress images, they ruin pictures’ quality. That’s why you should use an image compressor that can maintain image quality during the compression process.

This article will introduce you to five of the best image compression tools you can rely on. Let’s see what those tools are!

  1. DupliChecker

DupliChecker’s image compressor is undoubtedly one of the best free online tools. This image size reducer is much better than many other tools due to its range of features and benefits.

For example, it provides users with the opportunity to compress multiple pictures simultaneously. Moreover, it doesn’t ask them to pay for anything. So whether a person wants to compress a single image or tons of them, they don’t need to think about money.

Additionally, it also supports multiple image file formats. So, whether your images are in JPG, PNG, or GIF, you can reduce their size with this image compression tool. On top of that, this tool maintains image quality. So, if the quality is your issue, you must try DupliChecker’s image size reducer. 


  1. SimpleImageResizer

Simple Image Resizer is also an excellent platform for optimizing image sizes. This platform is built to assist people in completely optimizing images according to their needs. 

For example, it allows users to convert images, change dimensions, reduce the size, etc. Due to all its features, this Simple Image Resizer is quite popular among SEO experts and marketers.

This platform offers users more flexibility compared to many other tools. It asks them to compress image sizes according to their needs. 

Moreover, the whole process of compressing images with this online tool is relatively easy and swift. Therefore, even new users with no experience in compressing images can quickly discover the entire process.  There are numerous image resizer tools, several free and premium, for you to select. You can start to resize image now with Adobe tools or Simple Image Resizer. If you have a WordPress website then use tools like Smush. 


  1. ILoveImg

Like a Simple Image Resizer, ILoveImg is a platform that offers various tools to optimize and manage pictures. 

However, it provides a few more tools than Simple Image Resizer. However, our concern is only the image compressor. The photo compression tool of this website is quite helpful as it can compress images by up to 80% of their actual size.

The thing people love about this picture compressor is that it is quite user-friendly. It doesn’t have a fancy and hard-to-understand design. It only has a few buttons on the whole page. Moreover, everything is mentioned to help users learn what to do. 

Furthermore, it is very fast at work, and users can get their images within a few moments. Lastly, it also supports various file formats like JPG, SVG, PNG, and GIF. 


  1. SmallSEOTools

Although SmallSEOTools isn’t a platform designed for image optimization, its tools are pretty dependable. As a result, this platform has the trust of many users as they regularly visit them and use its tools. 

This platform’s success is because it uses advanced algorithms for every utility. These algorithms make its tools more precise and effective.

The photo compressor of SmallSEOTools is no different from the rest of its tools. It reduces image sizes without affecting their qualities. 

Moreover, this online image compressor is responsive to every device and browser. This means you don’t need any special equipment to operate this website. No matter what device you use for compressing images, you can access this platform from it.


  1. Img2Go

Img2Go is a complete package that you may need to optimize your images for websites or sharing. 

This platform has many things to offer related to pictures. For example, online users can use the same platform to compress, rotate, convert, resize, crop, edit, and watermark their images. That’s why most online users prefer this website for image optimization.

When compressing photos, it provides more options to users to provide the images in the quality and size they need. It asks them about the quality they need in percentage, their preferred file format, color changes, etc. By selecting the correct options, users can get what they want.



Here you go, some of the best image compression tools. Image compression tool is a vital one in your armoury of top digital marketing tools to help your overall content strategy.

With a growing focus on images, storytelling and videos, expect these tools to be more mainstream in the coming years.

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