Top 10 Largest Cruise Ships in the World

In this post, we bring to you the largest cruise ships in the world. The word of Cruises is fascinating and worth exploring.

We have already covered in this post, some of the best Cruise Lines in the world. So, once you have explored these mammoth-sized Cruise Ships, have a look at the most prominent Cruise lines as well, the resources of which are given in this post.

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Here is a video of the compilation of the largest Cruise ships. Although the video is little outdated with a few bigger Cruise ships making the cut in the new list, it’s still worth a look.




We have ranked these Cruise Ships in terms of the length. This website doesn’t make any claims on the data presented in this article. Facts are based on references and official websites of the Cruise lines.

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Largest Cruise Ships in the World 


Top 10 Largest Cruise Ships in the world



10. Norwegian Epic


This is an awesome Cruise Ship from the stylish Norwegian Cruise lines.

The cruise ship was launched in 2010 and is little less than 330 metres in length. While it is smaller in size than the Freedom and Independence Cruise ships of Royal Caribbean; the passenger capacity is higher.

It can have onboard over 5100 passengers and has over 2100 rooms as compared to 1800+ keys Freedom of the Seas.




Continue the pictorial journey on NCL for a visual delight.


  • The Cruise ship features Courtyard Villa Complex with private pool, Sundecks, Saunas and Whirlpools.



9. Genting Dream


Let’s carry on the journey of the biggest Cruise ships in the world with a dream.

Actually, Cruise Ships vacations are like a dream. Elegant, Lavish, Relaxed and Fun.

Genting Dream by Dream Cruises is one of the largest Cruise ships in the world taking the 9th spot on our list.

This cruise is 335 metres in length and can accommodate over 5100 guests.



Image Courtesy- Dream Cruises



8. MS Freedom of the Seas / MS Independence of the Seas / Liberty of the Seas


The Hospitality industry can be proud of its Cruise industry. The allure of Cruises is amazing. Freedom of the Seas was launched in 2006 while Independence of the Seas was ready in 2008.

These amazing creations by Royal Caribbean International take the spot of 8 jointly.

No surprises here.

You will find the Cruise ships of Royal Caribbean International dominating this list.



MS Independence of the Seas is a 15 deck ship which can accommodate over 4300 passengers.

Find reviews and all other information about this Cruise Ship on Cruisecritic.




Freedom of Seas is a mammoth-sized Cruise Ship 339 metres in length. All other features are similar to Independence of the Seas.


Image Courtesy- Royal Caribbean

* Liberty of the Seas with similar length and facilities was launched in 2017 by the Royal Caribbean.



7. Disney Dream / Disney Fantasy


This is a masterpiece as far as engineering and design are concerned.

The ships are Approximately 340 Metres in Length.

How can Disney keep itself out when we are speaking luxury, fun and hospitality all clubbed together.

Although these Cruise Ships can accommodate a maximum of 4000 passengers, the length of the Ships entitles them to entry to the Elite list of 10 largest Cruise ships in the world.



Image by Disney Cruises


The ship has now been carrying passengers from over 6 years and is a super successful one.


6. Queen Mary 2


This must be an extremely familiar name to all Cruise Ship enthusiasts.

The ship of Cunard Line is 345 metres in length.

This Ship has been operational since 2004.



Image Courtesy- Cunard


It took almost 4 decades for Cunard to come up with the second version of the extremely popular Queen Mary that sailed till 1967.

Queen Mary 2 is a luxury Cruise Ship that can carry close to 3100 guests.


5. Global Class (Under construction)


Global Class by Star Cruises is going to be 346 metres in length once completed in 2020.

Global Class is going to be operational from 2021 if things go as per the schedule and will be able to accommodate 5000 patrons.


4. Anthem of the Seas / Quantum of the Seas


And we are back to Royal Caribbean.

Both Anthem of the Seas and Quantum of the seas are 347 metres in length.

These are comparatively recent Cruise Ships of the Royal Caribbean International and have been sailing for the last couple of years.

Both of these cruise ships can accommodate approximately 4900 guests.


* At Anthem of the Seas, look out for Rock climbing wall and H2O zone which is the aqua park for kids. Also, the North Star capsule gives a 360 degrees view of the ocean from 300 ft height. 


3. Ovation of the Seas


This is a recent Cruise Ship from Royal Caribbean International and is 348 metres in length.

The Ship has been launched in 2016.

This ship is an addition to the Seas series and can carry 4905 guests.

This is an architectural marvel as can be depicted by the image below (Courtesy- Ovation of the Seas)





  • The highlights in the Ovation of the Seas is the 220 Ft Poolside movie screen, the Casino and whirlpools. 



2. Allure of the Seas / Oasis of the Seas


Well is there anything stopping the Royal Caribbean International.

The Allure of the Seas was floated in 2010 while the Oasis of the Seas is one year older kin.

Both these Cruise ships are 362 metres in length and can accommodate little over 7100 guests.

The number of guests these ships can carry is the maximum among the proud members of the largest Cruise ships in the world community.

  • The specials in the Allure of the Seas are the ice skating rink, 25 food & beverage outlets and the theatre with over 1300 seats. Does that sound luxury?


  1. Harmony of the Seas


Finally, the numero uno of this series is Little Over 362 Metres in Length.

No surprises here. This again is from the Royal Caribbean International that can accommodate close to 6,800 guests maximum.

Built at a whopping cost of $1.35 Billion, this Cruise Ship touched the Ocean waters with guests in 2016.

This is certainly a spectacular Cruise ship that justifies its label of the Largest Cruise Ship in the world.


Harmony of the Seas - Offshore Barcelona (Spain) June 6, 2016

Harmony of the Seas – Offshore Barcelona (Spain) June 6, 2016

Image Courtesy- Royal Caribbean Blog 


* Look out for the Central Park and virtual balcony in its over 2700 rooms. 




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