Strangest Guest Complaints and Unexpected Problems Hotels face

The hotel industry is an extremely diverse industry and the best part is that you get to meet people from all around the globe. However, some of these people lead to strangest guest complaints which might be hilarious at times and strange at some other times.

Sometimes, there are solutions to the same and at times there isn’t a solution that one can think of.

In this post, we bring some of the strangest guest complaints and a few of the most uncommon issues faced by few hotels.

Listed below are the most Bizarre guest complaints we could compile from several sites like Traveller and Skyscanner.




The list below combines unusual requests and strangest guest complaints.

  1. Our pick of the best complaint is about a traveller who complained that the room had no Ocean view.

Well, we missed mentioning the fact that the Hotel was located in Mayfair, London.


2. One guest came up with a request that only right leg of chicken should be served to him.

Yes, we know we have strange people on Earth.


3. One guest asked for a refund because the dog didn’t enjoy the stay and was grumpy throughout the duration of stay.


4. Now, this is another classic guest compliant- The groom wasn’t happy and complained to the hotel staff that his mother wasn’t given a Honeymoon suite.


5. One guest came up with a bizarre complaint that the waves are too loud in the sea view room.


There were other complaints and requests in the lists which included a request of crocodile soup, honey and chocolate milk bath, bed sheet being too bright and ice cream being too cold.

One guest asked for pictures of a Hollywood star in room of a Californian Hotel. The Hotel did satisfy the request though.

Let’s continue the journey of interesting yet weird guest complaints.


Funniest hotel complaints ever made 

Holidays are supposed to be the perfect opportunity to relax and blow off some steam. The perfect holiday should only be characterized by spending time with friends and loved ones doing nothing but exploring, having fun and doing nothing.

Unfortunately, not everyone experiences the dream of a perfect holiday. There are

There are travellers out there that have had terrible holiday experiences which might have led to irritation, bad reviews, and unbelievable hotel complaints.

Although some complaints are valid, some are utterly ridiculous and unwarranted. Here are some more of the funniest hotel and strangest guest complaints ever made:



Image by Daily Star


6. Too many beautiful women

A tourist on holiday in Britain complained to the management after he discovered that there were too many beautiful women staying in the same hotel that he and his wife were staying.

It turns out that his wife had caught him looking one too many times, which forced his hand to make a complaint.

The man also added that because of the tension caused by his staring, he was forced to grovel by buying gifts over the course of their 5 day holiday, which ended up costing him heavily.


7. We assumed it would be included in the price

A couple looking to have a day of fun and adventures booked an excursion to a water park situated close to their hotel.

Upon arrival, the couple quickly telephoned the concierge to complain and ask why he had not notified them to carry their swimsuits and towels.

The couple assumed that the swim gear would be included in the price, and so did not see any need of bringing their own.


Funny Hotel complaints


8. It took too long to get home

A group of travellers called their resort after their holiday to complain that it took them too long to fly back home from Jamaica to England.

They also called to find out why it only took their counterparts three hours to fly to America while it took them 9 to fly to Jamaica.


9. I don’t like spicy food

An individual on holiday to Goa in India was disgusted to discover that almost all the restaurants, even the one at the hotel, served curry and yet she hated spicy food.


10. The sand was different

A group of friends complained about their resort after they discovered that the sand on the brochure and the actual sand on the beach were different.

The brochure showed that the sand on the resort was white but it was rather yellowish, much to their disappointment.


Unexpected Hotel Issues


However, not all unexpected issues at Hotels are due to guests as has been displayed by the above strangest guest complaints.

There are stories which have led to several issues for hotels which were totally unexpected.

These unexpected issues are related to legal issues, flooding, other natural calamities etc.

There are two issues which could not be classified in any of the above. So, we present here two short stories about unexpected issues these hotels had to face.

So, if you are a hotelier, you already know that you need to brace yourself for all expected and unexpected issues.

We leave you with two recent Hotel industry news from the USA dealing with unexpected issues Hotels need to face at times.


1. Renaissance Hotel Guests Bothered By Overnight Train Noise 

Renaissance Hotel guests are being offered to fans, earplugs and white noise machines to drown out the sign of the RTD’s A Line train in Northeast Denver.

According to Brian Lenfestey, the hotel’s general manager, said the blaring horns are terrible, as the train runs to the airport 22 hours a day and needs to blow the horn at every intersection on its way – whether it’s day or night time.

Lenfestey said the hotel ended up losing major contracts with two airline crews and the Carolina Panthers who were going to stay there when they played the Denver Broncos.

He said their trip advisor rating dropped from 22 to 33, with guest reviews saying “Trains with loud horns all night long” and “Worst night of sleep I ever got.”

Lenfestey said it’s an economic hit since the hotel is losing its market position.  Many residents in Aurora, Green Valley Ranch and Stapleton have been complaining about the noise as well.

A board meeting was recently held, and Graham suggested the RTD use buses during the overnight hours until they can address the train noise problem.

However, Nate Currey with the RTD said running buses to the airport isn’t logically feasible. He did say the RTD was hoping there would be some quiet zones set up before the A line was supposed to be up, but it’s yet to occur.

Currey said things haven’t occurred as they anticipated. He said he understands the frustration residents and businesses have, and urged them to be patient, as they get things settled.


2. Memphis, Tenn. Hotel Remains Closed After a Disease Outbreak

A Memphis, Tenn. Hotel has been closed since Sept. 22 after management was informed that more than 6,000 guests might have been exposed to Legionnaires’ disease.

To date, the Shelby County Health Department noted there are six confirmed cases of the disease from people who stayed at the La Quinta hotel from July 1 to Sept. 22.

County officials are working alongside the CDC in the investigation to identify guests who stayed at the hotel.

Legionnaire’s disease symptoms include fever, coughing and muscle aches. Most people who’ve been exposed won’t show symptoms.

Helen Marrow, who works for the Shelby County Health Department, said people need to know they’ve been exposed so that they can get treated from their healthcare provider right away.

The hotel was closed Sept. 22, and it’s not known when it’s going to reopen.