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The Microsoft AZ-301 exam is developed for the professional Azure solutions architects. These individuals advise the business stakeholders and interpret business requirements into scalable, reliable, and secure solutions. They have the knowledge and advanced experience across different areas of IT operations, such as virtualization, networking, security, identity, disaster recovery, business continuity, governance, budgeting, and data management.

Before taking this certification test, the candidates should have a high level of proficiency in Azure development, Azure administration, and DeveOps. Additionally, they should possess expert-level skills in one of these domains.

Microsoft AZ-301 is one of the exams that the students have to pass in order to earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification. In addition to this test, the individuals also have to pass Microsoft Az-301 Practice Dumps . The candidates are advised to first attempt the AZ-300 exam before proceeding to take the second one. This is because Microsoft AZ-301 is believed to be tougher.

Overview of Microsoft AZ-301 Exam

If you have prepared for any Microsoft certification exam before, you already know that the company doesn’t reveal the number of its questions. However, you can expect about 40 to 60 questions. The format you may come across include review screen, multiple-choice, mark review, repeated answer choices, drag & drop, build list, active screen, hot area, short answer, case studies, and best answer. It is important to mention that you are not likely to get all these question types but your questions will definitely fall within them. The candidates are allowed a total of 150 minutes for the completion of the AZ-301test.

For the candidates in the United States, you will be required to pay the exam fee of $165. The individuals from other countries should check the certification page to know the fee that is applicable to them. It is essential to mention that the students are eligible for a reduction in the fee. To be able to enjoy it, you have to provide your valid education documents as proof. The Microsoft trainers, Academy program members, and Microsoft Partner Network Program members are also eligible for the price reduction.

Passing the Microsoft AZ-301 exam requires serious hard work. It is definitely not a walk in the park, but with adequate preparation, you can easily achieve success. To pass the test, the candidates must score at least 700 points on a scale of 1000. When answering the questions, you must answer all of them. This is because there is no penalty for providing incorrect answers. Therefore, you should try all of them, even if you have to play the guessing game at some point.

You can expect to get your result a few minutes after completing your test. You will receive the result notification through your email and you can check your dashboard immediately to view your result. In addition to this, you will also get the printed report card for the exam. This contains the mark as well as your performance score in each aspect of the test. Within five days of completing the exam, you can expect to receive the printed result.

Microsoft AZ-301 Exam Topics

The fact that Microsoft AZ-301 is difficult cannot be overemphasized. This means you have to give this test all it takes. Before you commence your study, the first thing is to check the exam objectives. This will equip you with the scope of what you need to study in order to prepare for the certification test. The subjects include:

  • Determining workload requirements: 10-15%;
  • Designing data platform solutions: 15-20%;
  • Designing for identity & security: 20-25%;
  • Designing a business continuity strategy: 15-20%;
  • Designing an infrastructure strategy: 15-20%;
  • Designing for deployment, integration, and migration: 10-15%.

How Do You Prepare for Microsoft AZ-301 Exam?

There are different strategies that the candidates can employ to prepare for this Microsoft test. It all depends on the learning style of each student. In this section, we explore different options that are available for your preparation. You don’t have to use all of them. Simply check the one that best suits your learning style and use it to your advantage.

  • Microsoft Learning Page

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous resource tools that you can use for your preparation. However, irrespective of the study guide that you have for this exam, it is crucial that you start your prep from this website. The Microsoft learning page has extensive information related to all you need to know about the Microsoft AZ-301 test, including topics, requirements, policies, exam scheduling, preparation options, prep materials, and more. In addition to this, you can easily access important updates as soon as they are made.

  • Instructor-led training courses

Microsoft recommends a series of instructor-led training to help you prepare for the exam. There are four training courses and you don’t need more than a day to complete each one. Various authorized training partners of Microsoft offer instructor-led training across the world. You can check the certification page to locate a partner that is nearest to you.

  • Practice Tests

Using practice tests is an integral part of the preparation process. Microsoft regularly updates various study resources, including mock tests, on its certification page. You can access them on the official website. In addition to them, there are various platforms where you can access real up-to-date questions and answers. Thus, Exam-Labs offers comprehensive questions that you can use. There are also other resource tools that you can access to prepare for Microsoft AZ-301. You can find free and premium materials and a test engine for the VCE files.

  • StudyGroups

You can learn a lot about the Microsoft AZ-301 exam from the study group. You can easily join one through the certification page. Here, you can ask questions and you will get answers from the members of this community. The study group is an excellent way to get access to resources that will help you achieve success in your test.


To pass the Microsoft AZ-301 certification exam with flying colors, you need to prepare yourself with all the materials you have. Don’t forget to create a study plan, follow it, and as a result, you manage this hard time. Good luck!


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