Latest Hotel Industry Trends in 2017 and Beyond

In this post, we have covered the latest hotel industry trends that are set to change the hotel industry in 2017 and beyond.

Today, due to various technological innovation and changes, the pace of change in the world of tourism and hospitality is ever increasing.

2016 saw some serious changes in hotel industry trends from fluctuating international economies that threatened to affect the sector to the introduction of new segments in the industry.

We have covered some of the Top Hospitality industry trends in 2016 in an earlier post.


Latest Hotel Industry Trends 

Latest Hotel industry trends in 2017


Few of the changes we have already witnessed in the past in the hotel industry that were discussed in the post were:

  1. Use of Solar Energy

  2. Automated hotels

  3. Consumer-facing Technology

  4. SaaS for the Hospitality industry

  5. Dynamic rate marketing

  6. Direct booking and niche marketing


and a lot of others.

Hotel industry trends will include an extension of these and will lead to several new innovations.

The Hospitality industry has experienced an exponential transformation over the past few years and 2017 is no different.

The hotel industry has been the backbone of the hospitality industry. So, let’s cover in this post few of the latest hotel industry trends in 2017 and beyond.

In order to plan effectively and enforce strategies that will allow players in the industry to optimise their revenues, it is important to take note of the significant market changes as a way of understanding how the resulting trends will affect the industry this year.


7. Text and chat will be used more within the Hotel premises


Apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, which allow you to chat, will be used more in 2017.

Such apps allow easier communication with guests.

This hospitality trend is spreading like wildfire in the hotel industry.

Technology is making it a lot easier for hotel businesses to implement these guest service enhancements.

For instance, managers and hotel staff can respond to the needs of customers as they materialise.

This goes a long way in dealing with issues that require immediate attention.

In-house apps by Hotels will probably integrate Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat etc. to make it easier for the guests to communicate with different hotel departments in real time.

One of our other articles explains tips for improving guest experience through text messages.

Apps like Alice are already helping out hotels streamlining the guest experience and in providing great customer support.


Image Courtesy- Hotel-Online


8. Mobile Check-in will become more popular


Web check-in became a common thing in the Aviation sector which was later improvised to Mobile check-ins.

Mobile check-in has been an element in the hospitality industry for the past few years, however, it has become one of the major trends in the hotel industry as it is now more widely used as technology has advanced.


Latest Hotel Industry Trends- Mobile Check In

Image Courtesy- Mobile Check-in by Marriott Hotels 


Mobile check-in allows guests to book their own rooms directly from their smartphones in any nearby locations.

Adding this feature to the Arsenal can prove to be one of the Best Hotel Industry marketing strategies.


9. Alternative Lodging 


Alternative lodging such as Airbnb has become popularised by the market sharing economy.

It is said to be the Uber of the hospitality industry.

Alternative lodging has become a force that cannot be ignored as it has gripped a vital share of the market.

The low commission structure gives alternative accommodation companies an upside when it comes attracting and maintaining new customers.

Such platforms have also streamlined the booking and purchasing process, which has helped to make them popular with travellers.

Smart Travel lists 10 interesting alternate lodging options like B&Bs, Academic rentals, Farm stays, House exchange and so on.



Airbnb has organised what was a rather unorganised sector on the boundary of the hotel industry.

Sooner or later the Hotel industry will have to accept alternative lodging as an integral part of the Hotel industry.

The divide between alternative lodging and the hotel industry is diminishing day by day. It is better to acknowledge this as one of the latest Hotel industry trends.

Maybe the Largest Hotel Chains in the world can invest in this fast-growing segment to gain a competitive edge.


10. Loyalty pricing


Loyalty pricing will be a big component in the travel industry in 2017.

This hotel industry trend is set to be more personalised in the future.

More hotels and resorts are finding ways to get guests to book directly with the resorts.

Hotels have instituted campaigns that allow customers to enjoy the best deals possible.

Direct booking will this continue to find innovative ways in the future as well to attract direct travellers.

Customer Loyalty programs are once again gaining in importance.

Expect this to be a major force among the top hotel industry trends in 2017 and beyond.


11. Enhanced In-Room Technology


Today, guests are expecting top notch in-room technology and entertainment owing to the vast technological advancements.

It is one of the top innovation in the hospitality industry.

Guests are expecting to be supplied with on-demand streamlining services, fast internet, custom lighting, smart mirrors and in-room tablets that are all designed to improve the in-room experience.

The technology is supposed to be tailored to each guest before the guest’s arrival.

The future Hotel will know each of its guests taste and will have the technology in place.

If you are not a technology fan, you would still find a newspaper/magazine in place of a Tablet.

The millennial will, however, be ready for a technology treat overtime they check-in to their favourite hotel.

We leave you with a video from Samsung showcasing the latest Hospitality technology solutions



Hope you liked the Latest Hotel industry trends in 2017 and beyond.

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