King Chef Restaurants- Serving spectacular Chinese Cuisine around the globe

Would you like a bite of the flavourful Chinese foods ideally served in a more stylish manner?  This is where King Chef restaurants and eateries come into play.

Chinese are known for their ingenuity and their influence in virtually anything, including contemporary culinary habits.

Enjoyed by people of almost all nationalities, Chinese cuisines are arguably the most beloved cuisines in the world today.

And, the beauty of these dishes is their vast variety that resonates with the modern-day dietary requirements.

King chef eateries are not an international chain but there are individual eateries, stand-alone restaurants and mid-scale King Chef food outlet chains around the globe.

Surprising thing is that almost all of these have a similar menu and strikingly similar taste and ambience.




In this post, we bring to you the concept in detail while highlighting a few popular King Chef eateries around the globe.

We don’t endorse or recommend these restaurants as these have been included in this post to make the article more informative for readers.


King Chef is a perfect reason to ditch the less-than-stellar eating joints 

King Chef is slowly evolving into the oriental cuisine’s take out or eat in destination owing to its spectacular servings of the authentic Chinese cuisines.

For once, you aren’t forced to rush to your city’s Chinatown or any little-known Chinese eatery.

King Chef Chinese restaurants are found in all the great cities and the real thrill is the wide variety of attractive and sophisticated dishes.

dimsums-chinese-foodExpect authentic Chinese dishes in all these eateries with a mix of adaptation to local or regional cuisines.

Excellent Dimsums and seafood items are the reasons to rejoice in most of the King Chef Chinese Buffets.

Those who love seafood can have a piece of the lovely Shrimp Wanton Noodles, Garden Shrimp, Kung Pao Lobster, and various prawn delicacies.


Various chicken and beef, as well as vegetable-based foods, are also served, perhaps making King Chef an all-in-one restaurant.

So, where ever in the world you might be travelling, King Chef stays with you if you are longing for your favourite Chinese dish.

King’s Chef Diner in Colorado Springs is loved for its Buffets and authentic Chinese taste and ambience.



The counter at the King’s Chef Diner in Colorado Springs- Image by  TripAdvisor


King Chef Serves various Chinese foods, affordably! 

Whether you are craving for the basic lo mein, stir-fries and egg rolls or the outstanding, delicious options like Peking roast duck and shrimps, the list is endless.

The delicacies served are from over 300 different menu items, most of them feature the real Chinese food items.

What you will particularly love with King Chef Chinese eateries is the way each option is made; fresh and tasty with that authentic Chinese touch.

A great King Chef restaurant is placed in one of the oldest international China Town in Manila and is extremely popular for authentic Chinese dishes.



King-Chef Restaurant Binondo- Image by  Our Awesome Planet


The fame and popularity associated with such a massively growing restaurant are partly bolstered by the fact that all dishes are surprisingly affordable.

This feature and specialities remain the same in most of these Chinese restaurants around the world.


And, the experience is priceless! 

Aside from the huge menu featuring countless foods, the buffet experience is memorable.

Most of these restaurants are fun places to be at with a vibrant atmosphere to freshen you up.

What it puts this crop of establishments way ahead of the rest are the giant-sized banquet rooms in few of these restaurants that play host to business meetings as well as holiday parties.

Such meals as dumplings are enjoyable when done in groups, what the institutions offer perfectly well.


Going abroad? Worry not, King Chef is already there 

There can’t be a better treat than exquisite food while travelling. Trying a few Chinese dishes might do wonders to your taste buds.

It might not be the first time that Chinese dishes are strongly influencing the world, but the way these restaurants are doing is impressive.

From small dine-ins to biggest buffets. From fun and casual to fine dining; you would find great King Chef restaurants at your service in most of the places you travel to.

If you are in Dubai, search for these eateries in Al Quoz or Muhaishnah.


These restaurants are now available in Dubai, most of the US’s major cities, UK, New Zealand, Philippines, Indonesia and other major global destinations.

Just Google a bit or look at restaurant aggregating sites and you will find one of these restaurants near you for a great oriental feast.

At least, you have a reason to tour China in a global perspective, enjoy its foods that span beyond the regular oriental tofu and sushi varieties.