This Japanese Hotel Offers Discount To Bald Guests

There is a lot of interesting marketing offers that the hotels come up with on a regular basis. But, this one is really interesting. An offer only for the guests who are fighting hair loss issues.

You might have heard about a lot of marketing offers and discounts but this outclasses all others. Now there is a discount for bald customers or those customers who are going bald.

Isn’t this interesting?

The Kitakyushu Hotel Plaza is the hotel in Tokyo is offering a discount to anyone who is bald or is deemed going bald.

There are several Hotel Marketing Strategies that each hotel must employ to create a profitable niche for themselves. This hotel has actually tried to attract a big market segment.



So, How much is the discount?

In A RocketNews24 report, the hotel will provide a nearly $5 discount (500 yen) per night if the staff at the front desk feel they are balding.

This is as per the reports of 2016 and the hotel might have targeted a unique segment of the hotel industry.


What do Surveys have to say on Bald Customers 


Statistic Brain has come up with the figures that about 35 million men and 21 million women are suffering from hair loss.

This is a huge

And, this something that the hotel’s marketers found advantageous to their service.  In a Trip Advisor survey, more men are bald in Japan than any Asian country.

So, the market in Japan is the best to experiment with this marketing strategy which a lot of other hotels might follow.

A real marketing opportunity to be taken advantage of, especially from a small hotel chain that wants to corner the market and bring in more guests.

HeadBlade Inc as reported to Wall Street Journal has seen a rise of 30% in terms of revenues each year over the last decade.

With more firms focusing on this niche segment, why should hotels hold back?

Kitakyushu Hotel Plaza might have hit the bull’s eye but the results are yet to be seen.

This is a niche market and not something that other hotel chains have explored.

It would be interesting to see if they can make a movement out of this marketing lead.




Reasons behind the Bald Discount Offer 


Another interesting piece of explanation for the offer comes from the President of the Hotel.

The hotel’s president is extremely bald and contemplated the idea after the cleaning staff made complaints that an excessive amount of hair was clogging the drains.

To the president, this meant that less hair results in less cleaning.

The Tetora Group has run the balding campaign for roughly two years and has employed a bald mascot that looks similar to its president for the lobby of the 12 hotels it owns.

It stands to reason that some customers would be uncomfortable to be told their hair loss is being judged by the staff.

However, a $5 discount for every night in the hotel is nothing to laugh at. Leave your pride outside and take advantage of the balding discount.
This is a kind of marketing promotion that should be offered in nearly all businesses.



Here you go, an interesting and different marketing strategy at the display.

While Digital marketing trends are being explored by all hotels these days, these are some non-conventional upselling strategies.

While Bio-Technology industry is trying to find ways to cure balding issues, there are few hotels which are trying to make a business out of a peculiar market segment. Well, we are not sure if this is going to be a big hit, this is surely a creative act which needs to be appreciated.

We expect more innovative ideas like these to flood the Hotel industry in the years to come.