Why Hoteliers Should Invest in Google Hotel Ads

Thanks to the technical progress and development of the internet, many people’s values have drastically changed. We don’t want to stay at our office or home all the time — we want to travel. 

But where should we go? What cities and countries should we visit? In what hotels should we stay? To find the answers to all these questions, we go to a source which knows everything — to Google.

This story has the following moral: if Google doesn’t see or promote your business, you don’t exist for the internet community.

Although Google is associated with the search engine in the first place, it provides business owners with a wide range of services and opportunities to advertise their services. A specialized offer for hoteliers is Google Hotel Ads. 

From the article, you’ll learn why hotels should invest in Google Hotel Ads and how this service helps to attract travelers.


What Is Google Hotel Ads?


Why Hoteliers Should Invest in Google Hotel Ads


Google Hotel Ads is a service that displays hotels in three placements: in Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Assistant. It allows potential guests to compare hotels and book a room quickly with no additional efforts.

This service allows hoteliers to reach customers at the moment of researching and decision making. The hotels that are shown in such a manner have a great advantage in comparison to the hotels that try to reach their potential guests only through an organic search.


How Does Google Hotel Ads Work?


When you search for a general query (for example, “hotels in Berlin”), Google will show a special hotel section:

It is displayed after the paid advertisement but above other results of the organic search. 

In this section, you may take a look at the most essential information about the hotels: name, price, and rating. To see more options, filter the search results, and check the city map, you should click “View *** hotels.”  

In a new window, more hotels will be displayed. In addition, you’ll see the whole map with hotel tags on it. In the same menu, you may check available flights, packages, and a guide about the city. 




To narrow the search results, you may specify the following criteria:

  • dates
  • guest rating
  • amenities (free breakfast, free parking, pool, bar, etc.)
  • price for a room
  • a number of guests
  • hotel class
  • all prices or deals

When you click a specific hotel, you’ll see a detailed hotel card with a short description, reviews, photos, and current booking options. In such a manner, you don’t have to look for booking sites, as you may compare prices without the extra search.

If the search query is specific, the hotel is shown right on the side of the search results page:

If you use Google Hotel Ads, your hotel will be shown on various stages of your potential guests’ search path, and the possibility of a successful deal increases.




7 Persuasive Reasons to Invest in Google Hotel Ads


You might have already noticed a few advantages of this service. But we want to provide you with a greater number of reasons to invest in Google Hotel Ads. Seven arguments should be enough, right?


  1. Google is the most popular search engine in the world.


Although other search engines exist, they lag far behind Google. Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, and other companies aren’t able to compete with Google as equals. This doesn’t mean you should totally ignore other opportunities to promote your hotel, but Google gives the widest range of opportunities and the greatest number of potential clients.


  1. Potential guests see the advertising in three placements.


If you advertise your hotel with the help of one tool or platform, you’re not likely to succeed. You have to combine various tools to achieve a better result. Google Hotel Ads allows you to promote your hotel in three placements at once: Google Search, Maps, and Assistant.


  1. Google Ads is an easy-to-use tool.


No doubt, a marketing specialist can handle even complex tools, and create various advertising campaigns that include multiple tools. But hoteliers don’t always have the opportunity to hire a specialist. In that case, Google Hotel Ads also comes in handy. It is easy to use, and you can find detailed guides online.


  1. You can measure the results.


Analytics is no less important than advertising. Without the analysis, you won’t be able to know whether your campaign is successful or not. Google Hotel Ads provides you with performance data that will help you to make reasonable decisions.


  1. Google Hotel Ads works for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.


Modern internet users don’t restrict themselves to one device. We can work with a computer and look through new posts on Facebook using our phones. Mobile advertising is as important for modern businesses as advertising for desktops. Google Hotel Ads works on all kinds of devices.


  1. Internet users get easy access to the hotel photos.


Pictures always grab more attention than descriptions and reviews. They can show the best of your hotel: clean-lit rooms, an attractive design, a big pool, a beautifully set table, etc. With Google Hotel Ads, your potential guests won’t have to look for the photos elsewhere.


  1. Google Hotel Ads simplifies the booking process.


Choosing the hotel, comparing prices, and booking a room can all be done in one place. The simpler the process, the greater the number of people who will make it through to booking a room in your hotel.

No doubt, Google Hotel Ads is an extremely efficient tool to promote your hotel and attract new guests and travelers. Most of hotel chains use Google ads. But it’s not the only solution for your business. Create an Instagram profile and post beautiful photos of your hotel and positive reviews from your guests. Improve your website to make it more user-friendly. Finally, create your own blog about traveling and hotels and fill it with useful and interesting content for your potential guests. If you’re not good at writing or don’t have time for it, order creative blog posts here. Trust me — they’ll grab the attention of numerous internet users!


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