Best Hotel Packages with Wine Tasting- Explore the Local Wine culture

If you are a wine enthusiast and love to mix your hotel packages with wine tasting tours then you have landed at the right place.

There is something magical about wines. Maybe it’s the smell, the taste or all those best-for-you flavours.

Now, this post is for those who have a serious love of wines. And, we don’t want to mix this with other spirits or beer. We will stay with wines for this post.

So, here’s a reality check first. Would you love to stay in a Hotel with wine cellar in-house?

Here’s some help for you. Have a look at the image below.

Does this excite you?



Image- Hotels with Wine Cellars 


Nonetheless, if you are a wine tasting enthusiast, you will certainly be delighted to attend wine tasting activities and find decent hotel packages without breaking your bank.

Here’s the thing: finding sensible wine tasting and hotel packages haven’t always been easy.

In this post, we will walk you through practical tips that are poised to help you sniff out the best deals on wine tasting and hotel packages.

Plus, we will also ensure that there is a freshness of wine while we walk you across these tips in this article.

So, read on…

For new enthusiasts of wine, we have covered the Basics of Wine in an earlier post.

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But, before you jump on to these posts, stay with us for more on Hotel Packages with wine tasting.

Let’s move on with a step by step approach.


1. Do a little research


Doing a search on your favourite search engines is an absolutely resourceful way of finding deals in wine tasting and hotel packages.

So, scour the internet for good hotel packages that marries well with your wine tasting calendar.

There are a lot of Hotels which have inbuilt Hotel packages with wine tastings. An example of this is the Wine tours by the Vintage Hotel.




Plus, these are extremely affordable at less than $60 per traveller for a day of a wine trip to two locations of your choice.

Isn’t that great?



There are a lot more of these online. So, start Googling.

But, be careful.

The bad news is that there are scammers and con artist online who are out to milk you dry. You have to seek the help of peer review sites.

The good news here is that there are many sites that rates and reviews wine tasting tours and hotel packages.

Your quest for hotel and wine tasting packages shouldn’t stop there.

You can ask around. Your friends, colleagues or family, might know a good wine tasting tour.

On the whole, go for hotel and wine tasting packages that have garnered raving reviews online.


2. Be Flexible with you tour dates


Now, this is a no-brainer. Flexibility while travelling saves a lot.

Not all wine tasting and hotel packages are created equal.

Some packages are cheaper on weekdays but cost more on weekends.

So, if you want to save a great of money, you’ll have to move wine tasting tour up or down to match those days when the packages are cheaper.

Look out for the offseason deals if you are conscious on the budget.


Hotel Packages with Wine tasting


There are a lot of Cheap Hotel booking sites which are just chasing these flexible deals.

Just check one of those websites for Cheapest Hotel booking rates online.

After all, they have done all the handwork for you. So, paying them a visit does help.


3. Check if you are eligible for a discount


As with any travel package, there are several discounts meant for loyal wine lovers.

Some tours offer exclusive discounts for members of certain organizations.

So, are you a member of wine societies?

Wine Societies like the one in this Wine Society website offer most of the services for free and a lot of information.

There are a lot of other Wine groups that you can join on social media sites like LinkedIn or Facebook.

Also, look at your country Wine chapter if any. Just look around on the world wide web and you will find lovely people with similar interests.

If you are enrolled in a loyalty program, you might be eligible for a discount too.



4. Negotiate Hard


It’s your money after all.

Negotiation doesn’t make you look cheap. Dropping a mail to the Travel planner or directly to the hotel does help a lot.

You would at least land up some food and beverage discounts or Free wine bottle.



Image by- 2Oceans Vibe 


You never know. So, try it, please.

Believe or not, you can haggle down to a bargain when it comes to wine tasting and hotel packages.

Tour company are looking to bring more and more customer on board and wouldn’t mind bringing their rates down.

Moreover, as you are clubbing Wine Tasting and hotel packages, you get some discount.


5. Always go for value


Most expensive is not always the best. We all know that.

Look for value in the offer. A mix of quality, price, convenience, reviews, other facilities and so on.

When looking at establishments that offer hotel and wine tasting packages, anything and everything goes, but you need to zero in on the one that offers more value based on all aspects of a wine tour.

So, all set for your Wine Tasting tour during the next vacation. Now, get immersed in awesomeness through various posts on classy hotels around the world at this portal.



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