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This post is for all those who are a part of the hotel management fraternity. Whether you are a hotelier, a student, a tourist or simply a hospitality enthusiast; you will find this post interesting.

As the title suggests, this article is all about hotel management. definition about managing hotels, about the jobs in the hotel industry, hotel management colleges and courses and about the salaries in the hotel and hospitality industry.

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About Hotel Management


As the name suggest hotel management is all about managing hotels. The term is used interchangeably with hospitality management but they are not one and the same.

Hospitality management definition would have hotel management as a part of it and would also include various other hospitality industry sectors like Cruise, Aviation, Restaurants etc. 

The definition of Hotel management would include managing various aspect of hotel operations. These would include managing some of the key departments like:

  • Front Office
  • Food & Beverage Production/ Kitchen
  • Housekeeping
  • Engineering
  • Reservations
  • Food & Beverage Services / Restaurant Management / Outlet Management
  • Banquets & Convention
  • Sales & Marketing

and so on.

Hotel Management has become a fascinating industry owing to its continuous growth and the growth of the tourism sector.

More people are travelling which is leading to a growth of the hotel industry which has a rich historical background. The hotel industry is expected to keep growing in the range of 6-8% in the coming years which in turn would benefit from the rise in corporate travelling.

Check more about the hotel industry’s facts in our article on Hotel Industry Analysis and Statistics. 


Who Are Hotel Management professionals and What Do They Do?


Every hotel needs a centrepiece, a unifier who supervises, leads, and manages the rest of the staff.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where a hotel manager comes into the picture.

An incisive look at a hotel management position shows that a hotelier is responsible for the administration of all aspects of the hotel establishment including staffing, operations, and customer support & service.

As you might expect from any business leader, hotel managers oversee hotel property appearance and maintenance; that is, they make sure that landscapers and grounds people do a bang-up job in making the property impeccably clean and appealing.

When it comes to the financials, hoteliers are also in the front seat; they monitor all budgets, operating costs, and forecasts.


Hotel Management: the Requirements


Much akin to anyone in a management position, hoteliers need to undergo rigorous training and acquire relevant experience to garner a job in the hotel industry.

In principle, a hotel manager must have a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management (or any area of speciality) and a minimum of 6-8 years expertise in the sector or a related field of hospitality.

To stay on the cutting edge; however, the prospective hotelier must also gun for an MBA and attend leadership seminars regularly.

There’s more – the hotelier must also be familiar with a variety of hotel’s practices, concepts, and procedures.

Here are 5 Tips to become a great Hotelier.

He or she must rely heavily on judgment and experience to deliver top-notch plans and accomplish goals.

As if that isn’t tasking enough, the hotel manager must also multitask as well as report to the top brass. Here, latitude and sheer creativity are not only called for but also expected.


Best Hotel Jobs and various Career Paths


You can love this industry or hate this industry. But, you can certainly not ignore this industry which is an integral and indispensable part of the fastest growing Hospitality & travel industry.

If you are in doubt why hotel management is loved all over the world then let’s get to the facts right away.


1 in 5 jobs globally is being created by the hospitality and tourism sector in the past decade. 

The hospitality industry is worth over 10% of Global GDP.


The Growth of Hospitality & Tourism industry is set to spur growth in hotel jobs in the coming years. 

So, there are multiple reasons to work in the hotel industry. May it be the growth, flexibility or scope; the reasons are countless. 

Let’s get to the point of interest now. The holy grail of hotel industry or the top jobs.


Best Hotel jobs in terms of remuneration are:

Hotel Manager / General Manager

Head of Sales

Casino Property Manager

Executive Chef

Head Sommelier

and so on. To check more- read our article on Best Hospitality Jobs. 


Then there are other expertise-based creative hotel jobs like E-commerce manager, Designers, Flaring Bartender and so on. So there is something for everyone in the hotel industry. Whether creative, professional or lateral entry options, the hospitality industry has options for one and all. Such is the vastness and expanse of the hotel industry.


Image Courtesy- Easyuni


There are various career paths within the hotel industry which include but are not limited to:


Chef jobs


Front Office and Guest relations

Restaurant service




Information Technology




and various other Career paths in hotel industry make this field even more robust and interesting.

If you are looking for a hospitality job, then you can explore our Hospitality jobs search section. 

We have also listed major global portals that can help you in landing your dream hotel job. These are extremely reputed ones with global reach and global offices. Explore them in our article on Top Hospitality Job Portals in the world.

The above resources will give you multiple options to get your desired hospitality job. 


Top Hotel Management Courses and Colleges


Another interesting thing about the Hotel industry is that whether you are a fresher out of schools or an experienced professional of other industries, you will have some sort of opportunities in the hotel industry.


If you are looking for information regarding hospitality management courses or top colleges for hospitality education then you can visit our Hotel Management Courses section.


The industry is so huge that it needs people from across industries and from all around the globe. According to an article by Glion Institute, all Hotel Managers need to be leaders with strong attention to detail and team management skills. 

There are various hospitality institutions from all around the globe to provide the best quality education for upgrading skills and better employability and knowledge. 

This section lists a lot of top courses in hotel management and also includes a lot of professional and management courses for experienced professionals. 


Top Courses in Hotel and Hospitality Management include:

Hotel Operations Management Diploma / Degree

Event Management Diploma / Degree

Postgraduate Diploma in International Hospitality Management

Master in Global Hospitality Business

MBA in International Hospitality

and so on. 


If you want to explore more about the top hotel management schools of the likes of EHL, Cornell. Glion or want to explore Culinary colleges like Cordon de Bleu then check our below articles.

Top Hospitality Schools in the world

Top Culinary Schools in the world

Hospitality Management is one of the most popular career options in the world. The Hospitality industry is expanding and thus the demand for hotel management graduates is ever increasing. However, the number of courses and institutes are increasing and we get confused about the best types of courses in hotel management. So, if you are looking for best hotel management courses with fees you are in the right place.



In this section, we focus on different hotel management courses.

We also try to focus on the best hotel management institutes and career paths by studying these top hotel management courses.


In this section, we have listed some of the best hotel management courses along with the course fees. We have also explained the different modes and types of hotel management courses you can pursue. 


We have listed types, categories and modes while citing course list for all hospitality management aspirants to explore further. It is important to weigh all options properly whether you are a fresher seeking entry to hotel management or an experienced professional looking to take up your career to the next level.

Here, we will try to put up the basics of hotel management along with ample further readings to help one and all explore all course and career options within the hospitality industry.

But before we get into details, let’s get the ball rolling by presenting a few of the typical hotel management courses you can expect. These range from Hotel Management diplomas to the executive MBAs and everything in between.

Let’s have a quick look at some of these first and then the details. We are not ranking these. These are just for illustration of the types and fees of various hotel management courses. More details are provided in the post. So, please read on.

These are some of the hospitality management courses and the options are aplenty in almost every mode of education, for freshers to working hospitality professionals, from free education to super expensive and more.

We have explored it all in details in this comprehensive article about the various courses in hotel management.



The information above is true to our best knowledge for 2019-2020 session.

These include some of the best names in the hotel management fraternity and include some of the most popular hotel management courses like The Masters in International Hospitality & Tourism Management and B.Sc. in Hotel Management.

The course fees at times are not the true representation of overall expenses. It is always better to request for the complete breakdown of estimated expense while selecting hotel management courses.

Here’s a representation below on hotel management course fee breakdown from the brochure of EHL’s Masters in Global Hospitality Business course.


So, it’s always good to do proper research before finalising a course. Or you may end up paying substantially higher than that you might have expected.

Moving on to the topic in detail to help all hotel management aspirants in putting the best foot forward in the hospitality industry.


Best Types of Hotel Management Courses



It is important to first understand that Hotel Operations Management is not the same as Hospitality and tourism course.

The below infographic by Texas CTE explains that Hospitality has a multitude of course and Hotel Management is one of the various different routes one can take while studying hospitality. 

As is evident from the image, the hospitality industry has a wide array of courses to offer with excellent career progression.




Various Types and Modes of studying Hotel Management


Hotel Management is one of the most versatile and diverse career options. It is for everyone and thus at times, few take it for granted.

Mind you, getting into top Hospitality Management Schools in the world is not everyone’s cup of tea.

So, if you thought this career option is an easy option, you better think again.

Yes, it indeed is versatile and robust; but is equally competitive and rewarding.

In this section, we have also listed a few examples of the best and amazing courses for those interested in studying hospitality management. We are not in any ways making a claim here neither do we endorse these courses or institutes.

We have simply made an effort to present a few examples of great hotel management courses and institutions.

We have also provided further resources to help the hospitality management professionals to do a deeper analysis before arriving at a conclusion. Let’s get on with the details now. 

  1. Degree Courses in Hotel Management (MBA, MA, MS, B.Sc. BBA, BA)- Yes, there are various types of degree courses. A few examples of the best degree courses are:


  • BA (Hons) Hotel Management

  • BA in Hotel and Tourism Studies

  • Masters in Five Star Hotel Management

  • Masters of International Hotel Management 

  • MBA (Hospitality)

and so on. There are several other degree courses in events, tourism and hospitality. 

Now, if you are struggling to find the best hotel management colleges and institutions to explore these courses further, we have got you covered right here. Check out the Best Degree Hotel Management programmes in the USA in this listing. 

Also for the MBA enthusiasts, our post on Top Hospitality Management MBAs includes some of the best colleges like EHL, ESSEC etc.


2.  Hotel Management Diploma Courses – There are various high-quality Diploma courses in Hotel Management. These are both at the undergraduate level and postgraduate level.

These different types of hotel management diploma courses include:


  • Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM)

  • Culinary Management

  • Hotel and Tourism Management

  • International Hospitality Management

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management

and so on.

Those aspiring to be Chefs can look at our listing of Best Culinary schools in the world to explore options further.

A lot of these courses are also degree level courses depending on institutes. A lot of top hospitality schools provide one or more of these courses.

Post Graduate courses in Hospitality Management also have a lot of Diploma and degree courses. If you want to check the list of hospitality management universities, some of the top postgraduate courses in hospitality management are listed here. 

Also, some of the Best Courses in Hotel Management in the United Kingdom are provided by Study-UK. Have a look!




3.  Certificate Courses (short courses)– There are a lot of short certificate courses to fast track your career.

These include the likes of:


  • Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA)

  • Certified Hotel Asset Manager (CHAM)

  • Certified Hospitality Trainer

  • Certificate in Leadership for Hospitality Professionals

  • Certificate in Hospitality Management

  • Certificate in Restaurant Revenue Management


and so on.

Then there are also various other hotel management certificate courses like Certificate in Foodservice Management, Certificate in Hospitality Marketing and so on. Our article on the major Hospitality Industry certificates covers this topic in greater details and lists a lot more hospitality industry certificates. 


Different Modes of Hospitality Management Courses


There are several modes through which you can complete Hotel management courses. These are:

  • Full time- These are the courses which are delivered completely on campus.
  • Part Time– These hotel management courses include courses tailored for working hospitality professional. 

Most of these courses have a flexible schedule and are imparted mostly during weekends. At times the part-time model also has courses imparted partly on campus and partly online. 

  • Distance Learning / Online – The Online mode is gaining in popularity in recent times. Top Institutes like Cornell University, MIT etc. are a quality source of various online courses.

From short courses to complete degree courses, Distance learning and online mode have a huge range.

Our post on Free online hospitality courses covered a lot of free and paid online courses for those who would like to explore this further. Check out the article to explore the options to upgrade your knowledge without even spending a dime.


Career Options after Completing Hospitality Management Courses


Selecting the right course sets you on the right track to an amazing hospitality career. Whether you want to be a hotel manager or a chef or want to take up one of the many other top jobs of the hospitality industry, the right choice of the course would put you in commanding position.

There are hundreds of types of Hospitality career options that one can opt for after graduating from one of these courses.

Most of the Hotel Management Graduates from top hotel schools start with a Management Trainee programme to get knowledge of all departments. They are then fast-tracked to a supervisory role in the department of their interest and expertise.

Culinary enthusiasts turn out to become Commis chefs and moving ladder through various chef posts like DCDP, CDP, Sous Chef; reach out to the top Chef jobs.

Similarly, Sales professionals start as executives reaching out to managerial roles. 

Hospitality Management Courses are for achievers, dreamers and explorers. It’s not an easy course for sure. Getting admitted to a top hospitality management school is no easy feat.

From Food & Beverages to Housekeeping; From Front Office to Sales; From Travel desk to Banqueting; From Engineering to Spa; the options are limitless.

So, take up the right course choices in hotel management and embark upon the journey to a super successful hospitality career. Put the best foot forward through one of these courses to become an integral part of the hospitality industry which is growing at an unparalleled pace.

Hotel Management is an extremely exciting yet demanding area. Those looking for a career in the hospitality industry are normally extrovert but the industry has enough scope for even introverts.

Hope you would find the above information about hospitality schools informative and interesting. Some of the top colleges are located in the most scenic locations in the world and include paid placements.



Hotel Industry Salaries


With all the requirements and responsibilities on their shoulders, it makes us wonder: how much do hoteliers earn?

In this section, we have discussed Hotel Management Salary for various positions within the hotel industry or hospitality industry on the whole.

The hotel industry has grown over the years to become a multi-trillion dollar industry that employs millions of people in myriad disciplines across the globe. In this post, we have tried to tackle the question about how much do hoteliers earn.

From housekeepers to executive hoteliers and everything in between, the industry hotel industry is a mammoth of an employer.

Given the expanse of the hotel industry, it is impossible to cover each and every position in detail.

Look out for our posts on the Hotel Industry Salary in Dubai and Hotel Industry salaries in Maldives for salary listings of Dubai and Maldives.

At the helm of all hotel, establishments are the hotel managers (at times referred to as hoteliers); these are the individuals who work around the clock to see to it that all moving parts of the hotel are running without a hitch.

In this section, we will run you through various hospitality management professionals and the salaries that they earn in various parts of the world.


Guide to Hotel Management Salary



This post is a guide to various useful resources towards researching on hotel management salary.

However, in no way does this post makes any claim about the accuracy and exhaustiveness of these salaries.

We are just trying to explain that there is no definite answer to how much the hoteliers earn. But, these guidelines should help for sure.

One of the first useful resources is provided by the largest and the most popular job portal Indeed.

Look out for Indeed Salary Checker for the hotel industry.

Below is the screenshot of results obtained for hoteliers in New York.

You can select your location for results of your area through the provided link.





Entry and Mid-Level Hotel Manager Salaries 


Hotel managers are tasked with the most management responsibilities in a hotel, and should deservedly bring home the lion share in terms of compensation and salary.

According to the surveys by Best Hospitality Management Degrees (Survey), in general, the starting hotel manager salary in the US begins at around $28,000 and goes all the way up to $40,000.

Those that distinguish themselves early enough can ask for an even higher entry salary.

If you have a bachelor’s degree in hotel management and less than a year of work experience in the industry, the statistics for hotel management salary shows that the median of what you might earn is around $38,000 with one to four years of experience earning you $41000, and over 20 years of experience earning around $75000 annually.

Large Majority of those with experience from 5-19 years fall in the salary range of $50000 – $70000 annually.

This might be a lot less in developing countries of Asia and Africa.

For a precise number for each position, Glassdoor is another useful resource where existing employees regularly update salaries.

Glassdoor Salary tool is one of the best for Hotel Management salaries because you can customise your search around the location and the desired hotel.

The result would be something like the image below.




Let’s look further into a few positions in the Hotel industry for better insights on hotel management salaries.

Right off the bat, people with a hospitality management degree rake in varying salaries depend on a variety of factors.


1. Salaries of General Managers of Hotels 


A hotel manager’s salary can be unexpectedly lucrative for those who decide to gun for general hotel management degrees and make it big in the hotel industry.

General Managers of resorts and hotels are normally in high demand and tend to earn higher than their counterparts.

These hoteliers will typically take home something between $80,000 and $250,000 each year.

The range is huge depending on the type of property and experience. Largest Hotel Chains may shell out more to their General Managers that small standalone properties.

Salaries also vary depending on the type of Hotel property.

Casino managers, for instance, earn an average of $115,000 while hotel event managers take home anything between $35,000 and $80,000.

In Dubai and adjoining areas, the range may be from 10,000 AED (or equivalent in other areas) per month and above. It is not very uncommon for General Managers in Gulf countries to get in excess of AED 25,000 per month.

In the Indian subcontinent, the salary range for General Managers is between INR 7 Lacs (0.7 Million)- INR 20 Lacs (2 Million). At times the package is a lot higher for expatriates from the West.

It is also not uncommon for Executive chefs to earn a higher salary than General Managers.

Hotel management graduates with bachelor’s or MBA have a higher chance to move up to a top-level position in as short as two years.

The range mentioned above is huge and might not be extremely relevant to a particular profile.

Another good tool to check salaries for a more precise value is Payscale.

Searching for Hotel Management Salary on Payscale India returned the values as shown in the image below.



2. Hotel Sales Manager’s salary


According to the forecast of the average salary for the hotel industry, a hotel sales manager takes home around $50,000 US dollars every year.

Plus the package may include a lot of incentives for all-star salespeople of the Hotel industry.

This figure is poised to vary from region to region with those in the US, Europe, and Middle Eastern countries raking in the most.

Hotel sales manager on their entry position, however, will earn much lower than above salary.

The amount will go up drastically as the hotel sales manager garners some experience or makes solid connections.


3. Average Salaries of Hotel Housekeepers in the USA


In some way, hotel housekeepers appear in the big picture of the hotel and restaurant management.

In essence, the average hotel housekeeper salary is approximate a little over $20,000.

According to hotel management salary stats, the best-paid hotel maids or housekeepers round up something close to $33,000 each year.

The managers earn a lot higher with Executive housekeepers earning well over $50,000 that soars further with experience.


4. Salary of Chefs in Dubai and around the world


Chefs at times are the best-paid hotel industry professionals.

The range is quite big starting from AED 900 per month ($250) in Middle-East for lowest Commi positions to over $100,000 for Executive Chefs and Chef de cuisine in various parts of the world.

One of our earlier posts highlights the Best Paid Hospitality Jobs for further insights on high fliers of the Hotel industry.

We have had a  look at the hospitality management professional’s salary in this section. We are confident that the details and resources in this section will help you get an idea of the salary in the hotel industry regardless of your location or position.




So, that’s all for you folks. We tried to quickly cover some background. We tried to provide a definition of hotel management and then proceeded to various job types and courses for hotel industry aspirants. Finally, we also tried to recommend a few top hospitality schools while dedicating a small section about salaries in the hotel industry.

We have provided ample recommendations in this post to cover all about the hotel management.

We bid adieu to all the fantastic people of the hospitality industry. Thanks for following this portal which is now one of the biggest hospitality portals in the world.

We will keep adding more resources to this article to help all hospitality professionals and hospitality enthusiasts in finding the best and most comprehensive information about hospitality management.