11 Things We Love And Hate About The Hotel Industry

The Hotel Industry is one of the most robust industries. It touches every segment of customers, boasts of a great employee mix and gender equality but also faces challenges like huge attrition rate and long working hours. In this article, we look only at those things we love about the hotel industry.

The Hotel Industry is one of the fastest-growing industries and one of the most versatile industries. We are all fans of this industry and this website itself is dedicated to the hospitality industry. However, there are a few things we hate about the hotel industry and we would desperately want to change it.

Let’s take a quick look at these 11 things. 6 for love and 5 for hate.


Things we Love about The Hotel Industry



  1. Cosmopolitan Culture and Gender Equality at work


Not many industries can boast of a great Female to Male ratio. In it one of the interesting hotel industry facts that the hospitality industry is said to be the most female-friendly industry. 

Not only does the hotel industry ensure no gender imbalance at the workplace, but it also sets an example by being one of the most culturally diverse industry.

Yes, you can find people from dozens of nationalities in one hotel. In places like Dubai, it would not be an exaggeration to say that you might find a workforce of over 40 nationalities under the same roof. How is that for cultural diversity?


2.   Has a Bright future and Lots of Opportunities 


There are a lot of advantages to the Hotel Industry. With more people travelling, the hotel industry is expanding. 

Future trends in growth are definitely one of the things we love about the hotel industry.

This is giving rise to more jobs and more opportunities. So, while the world is fighting its march towards recession, the hotel industry is booming. 

Check out the Overview of the Hotel Industry to know more about how the Hotel industry has an extremely bright future with plenty of opportunities.

According to Hcareers, if you crave for creative opportunities, you will find that in plenty in the hospitality industry. 

Moreover, the Hotel industry is an indispensable part of the hospitality and tourism industry and thus it extends opportunities for hotel industry professionals in other sub-sectors of the hospitality industry. 




3.   A Chance to Travel Around The World


Do you love travelling? If you do then come and work in the hotel industry.

You will get plenty of opportunities to travel over the course of your career.

We love this fact about the hotel industry that hotels have a robust system of hiring people from various countries within the hotel chain and from outside.

And, the hotel industry provides you with opportunities to travel in plenty.


Image Courtesy- William Blue College


A lot of passionate hoteliers take up challenging opportunities at some hotels simply due to the love to explore that particular country.

Cruises have hotels as well and you will find a lot of hoteliers working a few years on Cruises to earn while they do a world tour.

Plus, you get free nights, discounted stay, discounted food and staff loyalty programmes for ensuring that you can take your loved ones along at times. 


4.   Opportunities for Meeting New People every day


Taking the love of exploring new cultures forward. While an opportunity to work with people of different cultures is special, it is also an opportunity of meeting new people every day that we love about the hotel industry. 

Yes, the guests in the hotels and customers in Spa and restaurants are from various countries, culture and societies. 

There is so much to learn and so much to explore through the pleasant (and at times unpleasant) interactions with different guests and customers daily.


5.  Food for Thought- It’s Food all the way for the Foodie Hoteliers 


Food is one of the perquisites we love about the hotel industry.

If you love to try different cuisines, you would be spoilt for options while working in the hotel industry.

Luxury hotels have a big team of chefs and top hotel chains take a lot of care of the food menu in the staff cafeterias. 

Plus, you get food vouchers for partner hotels and restaurants for family members.

If you don’t mind a tip, we would recommend gelling well with the chefs who might be the best people around for the foodies.

We have all heard of the phrase ‘Food for thought’ and that is what we love about the hotel industry as it will ensure you get gourmet delight every single day. 


6.  Finally- It spreads Love and Gratitude


The Hospitality industry is all about service. Hospitality is all about love and respect. 

Love and gratitude are at the heart of service in the hotel industry. 

Hotel industry professionals are creating experiences for tourists and customers which stays with them for a lifetime.

The sweet memories that give as a part of your service while working in the hotel industry make it all the more worthwhile.

The Hotel Industry tries to simplify things and helps the kid in everyone to come alive.

It is this industry that allows customers to Eat, Play, Love, Smile, Repeat.


Things we hate About the Hotel Industry




There are several pros and cons of the hotel industry like most of the other industries.

While the hotel industry has more pros than cons, we have listed here 5 big disadvantages in the hotel industry. The things that we hate about the hotel industry. Check the list to see if you agree.

Things, however, are changing and we desperately want this to change even at a faster pace.


  1. The Work Pattern (Long Hours and Weekend Work)


It is not uncommon within the hotel industry to hear of long working hours, multiple shifts and working weekend.

Demanding work hours and poor work-life balance is said to be the biggest disadvantage of this industry.

According to JobStreet.com the situation is worse in Asian countries where at times Hotel industry professionals have to worm up to 18 hours a day during the peak season.

The situation is a lot better in European Countries and North America but compared to other industries, even the hoteliers in these countries complain often about tough working conditions.





A lot of hotel industry professionals work over the weekend when everyone else is having a great time with family and friends. Yes, that’s what hospitality service is all about but even these professional deserve some break.

We suggest the below to the thinkers and leaders of the hotel industry to improve this.

  • A five day work week across the industry all around the globe. Happier staff means better service that would definitely reflect in terms of long-term benefits.
  • Extra pay for weekend work and rotational weekend off.
  • Better use of technology to forecast staffing requirements in peak season
  • Automation (depending on the feasibility) at front office and restaurants during peak season
  • Treating staff as internal customers and on par with external customers. A healthy workplace is a need of the hour for the hotel industry.

Check out these Funny Images of the Hotel Industry that we have compiled to explain the disadvantages of the hotel industry with a put of humour.


2.   Bureaucratic Hierarchy


The Hotel Industry is plagued by too much micromanagement. This is because of the old school Bureaucratic hierarchy in hotels.

“I order you Obey” is the concept utilised in most of the hotels. The Hotel Manager pressurising Directors who in turn provide pressure to the managers and supervisors.

However, the immense stress is passed on to the workers which constitute a majority of the workforce in hotels. This leads to a high attrition rate in the hotel industry and a less than satisfied workforce.

One of the major tricks to attract and retain best hotel industry professionals is to decrease micromanagement and have a purpose and ownership added to job roles.

We suggest a move towards a slow death of the hierarchy culture of the hotel industry by the introduction of flat organisational structure or something like Holacracy as described by the below image of Medium.



3.   The Star Divide between 5 Star Hotels and 1/2/3 Star Hotels


Yes, the hotel industry professionals are primed to treat 5-star hotel and people working over there in a separate league that 1/2 or even 3-star hotels.

As if one is the king and others like pawns.

Customers look at features, services and cost and go for a 3 star or a 4 star or a 5 star as per their convenience.

When customers are not rigid in selection (barring a small star conscious section), why should the hotel industry carry a bias?

We are all aware of the tussle between apartment-sharing websites like Airbnb vs the Hotel industry. This divide has to diminish and disappear to give the competitors a tough fight.

Let’s all forget inequality and hire and invite people based on talent and preferences without any biases.


4.   Unruly Expectations and Complaints of the Customers


This is another thing we hate about the hotel industry.

At times guest becomes too unruly with their expectations. You would hear of the most bizarre complaints in the hotel industry.

Just for a few freebies or refund at times customers threaten hoteliers by leaving a bad review on travel websites or by spreading a bad name.

While at times the complaints are genuine, the unexpected and fake complaints outnumber them.


Image Courtesy- ARS Technica


Yes, customers are not always right.

We need to find robust measured to handle guest complaints in an effective way to deal with genuine complaints. These should not be mean to blackmail hotel or its staff for some discounts or free meals.


5.   The Seasonality of the Hotel Industry


This again is one of the disadvantages of the hotel industry. Forecasting of expenses and revenues is so very difficult in the hotel industry due to the seasonality issue.

The business is seasonal and depends on too many factors like weather, socio-political situations,  economy etc. It becomes a torrid task to forecast staffing needs, expenses and revenues making life tough for all the hoteliers.

Concepts like Timeshare, retail outlets and concept/themed food outlets can help hotels fight seasonality. But, the onus is on the respective governments and regional travel authorities to help the hotel industry fight the issue of seasonality.

Devising better policies by understanding seasonality and having a more integrated tourism industry can help fight this issue in the future.


Final Words


Well, there is so much more the hotel industry has to offer. 

We have also mentioned 5 things we hate about the hotel industry and would like to change.

The Hotel industry has always been a front-runner in embracing technology and change. Lots of leaders and industry experts are taking initiatives to ensure that the hotel industry stays ahead in the competition curve.

The Hotel Industry is extremely diverse and thus any change takes time to propagate uniformly across the industry.

Change is said to be the only constant and this is what we expect from the hotel industry. To change!!

So, what do you love about the hotel industry the most? Is it the food, opportunities, technology and gadgets, diversity or the happiness that it spreads.

We leave this on you to decide. Stay happy and stay awesome and keep spreading smiles.