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In today’s technology-driven world, the future of the hospitality industry is digital. In this article, we turn our focus on technology trends in the hospitality industry.

The good news is that hospitality technology has come a long way over the years.

We have covered a lot of areas in the post that are related to technology in the hospitality industry.

Technology would play a crucial role in reshaping the hospitality and the hotel industry.

We have also listed a few of the technological innovation.

So, in the age of Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Analytics and Shared Economy, what trends could be in store for hospitality technology for hotels and restaurants?

So, let’s have a look at the top Hospitality technology trends of 2020 and beyond.

Our post about the Hotel Industry Trends already covers a few points on the latest technology of the like of SaaS, Enhanced room technology, Mobile check-in etc.

Let’s take things a notch higher as it’s 2020 that is taking us deeper into the era of artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

So, what’s new as far as hospitality innovation and the latest hospitality technology trends in 2020 are concerned?

  • Service Automation
  • Mobile Technology
  • Faster Internet
  • Virtual Concierge
  • Chatbots for customer service
  • Apps for guest

and lot’s more.

Yes, hospitality technology is reshaping the overall hospitality industry.

Now, let’s dwell deeper into these and we can ensure that hospitality technology is making things more interesting for both the industry professionals and end-users.

Let’s check out how it’s going to do so in 2020 and beyond.




  1. AI and Data Analytics one of the top Hospitality Technology Trends


This is probably the most important one in the hospitality technology trends list of 2020 and 2021.

Artificial intelligence (AI) gave the information technology industry the much-needed rejuvenation and now AI is almost into everything.

There is a reason why we have begun with AI in hospitality as one of the latest hospitality technology trends.


There are multiple exciting technologies driven by AI set to reshape hospitality. These include.

  • Robotics in Hospitality- Think of Robot receptionists, Robot concierge, Robot butlers and more.
  • Exciting chatbots to enhance customer service
  • Personalised services through self-improving AI-based apps
  •  Backend efficiency to improve by greater use of AI driving down the costs.
  • Brand management can be simpler with great use of AI and machine learning.

AI is redefining the hospitality industry in many ways.


Well, our very own Hospitality industry is still cautious in terms of diving deep into AI.

However, a few of the hotels are already using or rather testing AI.

While AI is going to give new dimensions of the Hospitality industry through helping manage big data and in the management and integration of booking platforms, it will take customer service to the next level.

Data analytics is further helping the hotel industry to better understand customers and manage customer base effectively.

Hospitality industry through data analytics can now understand and serve the customer better. Can there be better news for an industry that thrives on service?



2. Digital Key in the Hotels


Mobile technology has now enabled hotels to introduce digital key.

Hilton Hotels already have this in the beta phase. All travellers need to do is to download an app and the barcode they receive upon booking can act as a digital key.

Other hotel chains are expected to follow the same starting from 2018.

In 2019 digital keys have become more common than what hospitality pundits might have expected. This is how hospitality technology can transform the experience of customers.

The digital keys have ensured hassle-free and secure entry and exit for guests in the hospitality industry.

This is a hospitality technology trend that’s rocking the hotel sector.

All Hotel Managers and Restaurant owners must take note of this.

It’s so fascinating that something as simple as a door key could undergo such a tremendous breakthrough.

That’s the power of innovation.

Instead of using an electronic keycard, guests can now open their hotel room doors with their smartphones, tablets or smartwatches.

Amazing, isn’t it?

The keyless entry hospitality technology that debuted in 2014 is now being adopted by almost all major hotel brands like Hilton, Marriott, Accor etc.



We are aware that the topic has been beaten to death and we would thus like to make this informative yet refreshing for those managing restaurants and hotels.

Moving on to some insights on hospitality industry technology that would be useful for restaurants and hotels.

What does the future of the hospitality industry have in store for us as far as the technology is concerned?

In today’s technology era, everyone is spending on mobile technology and better usage of customer data. How can the hospitality industry stay aloof of this trend?

Technology is the buzzword of the last few decades and is now a key success factor in the hospitality industry.

What’s more, mobile check-ins enables hotels to stay on top of their room availability and better optimise per-room revenue.

Even better, this hospitality industry technology allows them to offer late check-outs for an additional charge.

Hotel brands such as Hilton and Starwood are already reaping big from this hospitality technology for hotels.



3. Blockchain in the Hospitality Industry


We have heard a lot about Blockchain with over $2 billion invested already in Blockchain.

Now think of the issues within the hospitality industry due to fraudulent transactions. The cases are numerous.

With Blockchain as a digital ledger that is incorruptible, the hospitality industry is set to benefit if incorporated properly.

May it be payments, supply chain management or customer loyalty programme Blockchain might very well revolutionize the Hospitality industry.

We have already covered a lot about this latest technology in our other article on how Blockchain is changing the Hospitality Industry.



4. WiFi, not a delight anymore and the SIP-DECT technology


WiFi and faster internet are bare necessities now.

The latest hotel technology trend is fast speed internet. Speed is the buzzword.

It was a normal practice to charge customers for WiFi. That’s now a thing of the past.

Future technology in the hospitality industry would need hi-speed internet as a basic necessity. Yes, even for the customers.

And, it will need to be offered free of cost to all customers.


SIP-DECT is another novel technology term that is replacing voice over Wi-Fi technology.

This is one of the Hospitality Technology trends that may very well catch up in 2021.

It is a mobile-enabling technology that offers hotel several sizzling features without forcing them to get tied to a fixed location.



Innovative Technology products in Hospitality



5. Virtual reality and Augmented Reality to enhance the travel experience


Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are not science fiction anymore.

The hospitality industry has already introduced these latest technologies.

VR and AR are set to dominate as one of the latest technology trends in the travel and hospitality industry in the coming years.

Japan has come up with a great Travel experience which teleports travellers to multiple global destinations.

You can take a two-hour flight where you can travel around the globe in a virtual environment.

You can have takeoff and landing experience, lovely meal as well as the city tour of your favourite city.



In a similar experiment, Marriott Hotels have come up with virtual reality travel right from the room.

Now, this virtual reality although not a new technical term, has never realised the expanse it can achieve.

2021 may be the year when more and more organisations start using the same to enhance the customer experience.



6. The Rise of the Round-the-Clock, Virtual Concierge


The hospitality industry is facing cutthroat competition. Especially after the COVID-19 led slowdown.

The Hotel industry is extremely competitive. Thus, Information technology in the Hotel industry is more important than ever today.

Hotels can attract a new breed of customers by integrating technology in all aspects.

However, technology is in an invariable state of flux and is constantly unlocking new opportunities aimed at improving customer satisfaction and boosting internal efficiency.

So how does technology make a difference when it comes to beating the competition?

Simply put, technology makes life easier for many guests, and here is how.

When it comes to hospitality technology for hotels, the virtual concierge is all the rage right now. And for good reason. 

With this nifty hotel tech, guests don’t have to walk to or call the helpdesk.

That’s right; the virtual concierge does everything, it helps guests make dining reservations, ask for driving directions, check entertainment tickets, book spa appointments as well as order in-room service, housekeeping, additional towels, and whatnot.

Virtual concierge is so hot right now in hospitality tech that it has aroused the attention of Caesars Entertainment, Yotel, Aloft, and other Top hotel chains. 

It certainly takes the pressure off of hotel staff, so they can focus better on other people-facing tasks.

This is definitely the hospitality technology to watch out for over the next years.



7. Use of IoT and Smart Things to Spruce Up Personalised Experiences


Today’s tech-savvy guests, especially millennials, are often looking for the personalised hotel experience. 

That’s where the use of Internet of Things (Or IoT) and smart in-room gadgets come in handy. 

By creating customised stays, hotels can boost loyalty and encourage future bookings.


Image Courtesy- WebNMS 


IoT is already impacting multiple industries in positive ways. The impact of IoT on the hospitality industry is expected to increase over the coming years.

The latest advancements of IT in the hotel industry have played an instrumental role in enhancing the guest experience.

The hotels can now grab the attention of the guests right from the time they visit the website. Winning customers loyalty is now within reach of all the hotels.

Information Technology in the Hotel industry has made it easy to cover all the touchpoints for the Guest experience.

These include pre-stay, during stay and post-stay. From booking to entering the room to check out and user review, there are various touchpoints that can be covered using technology.

Hotels and restaurants now use guest apps to offer better, more personalised experience throughout their stay. 

These apps deliver everything, from emergency info to deal notification and hotel services.

Hospitality Technology is all about making the customer experience better.

After all, service is the key to success in the hospitality industry.




8. Online Booking and Reputation management


The most obvious manifestation of information technology in the hotel industry is in the bookings. The internet has helped to make it easy to access information.

Data containing the check-in and check-out times, hotel rates, facilities and amenities on offer, as well as other vital information allows guests to make informed choices.

By default, people now rely on various online platforms and best Travel Websites to look for accommodation and make bookings; therefore, the hotel industry has capitalised on this.

However, Direct booking is becoming one of the Latest Marketing trends in the Hotel industry.

Let’s discuss the numbers before we start the discussion of the importance of Online reputation management for the Hotels.

A majority of people use online reviews while deciding to book a hotel.

A lot of the potential guests would not book a hotel if there are no online reviews.



9. Information Systems in the Hotel Industry


Greater use of IT in the Hotel industry has ensured easier entry of the Information Systems even in Budget hotels.

Information systems were previously a thing only in the reach of luxury hotels.

Commoditization of software has made it easier for even Limited-Service Hotels and Select Service Hotels to have guests experience enhancing and analytics software installed on top of the regular point of sale software.

We have another post dedicated to Information Systems in the Hotel industry that discusses this in detail.



Information Technology in the Hotel Industry is becoming more and more important to gain a competitive edge.

Hoteliers are becoming more and more competent in terms of handling IT to skyrocket their businesses.

The Hotel industry has acknowledged the importance of IT which is a win-win situation for all.

Hotels can now focus on providing quality Hospitality services and best experience and leave the rest to the Information Technology.

Cloud computing today impacts almost all companies and all devices.

So, whether it’s about social media or your money website, you must be aware of the benefits of cloud computing.

This is even more important for the hospitality and travel industry. We are sure that most of you agree on the same by now.



Hope you found insights on hospitality technology interesting.

There is much more to technology and trends in the hospitality industry than what has been mentioned in this post.

Technology in the hotel industry is creating opportunities like never before.

Most of the innovation in the hospitality industry is powered by technology.

There is always a flip side to everything and technology also has its own pros and cons.

However, as far as growth in the hospitality industry is concerned, technology to help understand the customer better using data analytics seems like a clear winner for the future.

Exciting times ahead!



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