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In this article, we focus on hospitality education in Singapore and Malaysia. These Asian countries are competing with the west in terms of offering the best hospitality courses.

The hospitality management courses in Singapore and Malaysia are comparable to the world’s best.

Most of these courses are also accompanied by internship options and great employment opportunities.

Let’s get started with our listing of some of the most popular hotel management and culinary courses in Malaysia and Singapore.

PG Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management, Nanyang, Singapore

  • Location– Singapore
  • Course Duration– 1 Year
  • Fees– Singapore$ 16,000 approx.
  • Further info and contact details- Nanyang Institute

Nanyang Institute of Management, through its School of Tourism and Hospitality, is a provider of some high quality and career-oriented hospitality courses.

Post Graduate Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management is one such course at the Nanyang Institute of Management, Singapore.

This postgraduate course is specifically curated for professionals or students who want to switch their careers and be part of the dynamic tourism and hospitality industry.

The course can be completed in 12 months full time that includes 6 months of industrial placement.

There is an alternative part-time route to the completion of this course which can be done in 18 months including a 6 months full-time internship.

This course uses a blend of seminars, practical learning, theory-practice, collective study, teamwork, training, internship and more.

Students undertaking this Postgraduate Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management course from Nanyang Institute of Management will be expected to complete 8 fully taught modules and 6 months of industrial placement.

Work-Based Bachelor Of Hospitality Administration, UCSI Malaysia

  • Location– Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism Management- UCSI University, Kuala Lumpur
  • Course Duration– 3 Years
  • Fees– RM 48,300
  • Intakes– January, May and September
  • Further info and contact details- UCSI

Bachelor Of Hospitality Administration from the Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism Management of the UCSI University is highly reputed one. It is actually the first work-based learning programme in the hospitality field in Malaysia.

The course encapsulates theoretical learning, on-campus practical studies, project-based learning, seminars, career and leadership programmes and paid internships at employer locations.

UCSI University is one of the finest private universities in Malaysia. It is ranked among the top 500 private universities in the world under various rankings.

Established over 30 years ago, UCSI University has a tradition of imparting high-quality education.

Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism Management of the UCSI University is located in Kuala Lumpur which is the capital city of Malaysia. University campuses are equipped with state of the art facilities and almost every resource required by the students.

Career support is amazing and the university enjoys a great relationship with a lot of top hospitality employers.

Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management, ERCI, Singapore

  • Location– Singapore
  • Course Duration– 9 Months- 24 Months
  • Fees– SG$ 18000 for international applicants
  • Further info and contact details- ERCI

This Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management has been divided into 4 semesters and the full-time students take 9 months to complete the course.

The advanced diploma in tourism and hospitality takes further 7 months or a total of 16 months to complete for the full-time students. Part-time students can carry the study over the weekends and can complete the same course in 24 months.

This 16 months of diploma course paves way for multiple job positions in the tourism and hospitality industry while also opening up the scope to carry our further studies within the institute or across the world.

This is how the progression of this course looks like. Have a look at the below infographic that speaks volume about this hospitality diploma course.

As is displayed in the image above, ERCI is affiliated to the University of Greenwich and University of Wolverhampton for degree and postgraduate degree courses.

Hotel Management Diploma- Work-Based Learning, INTI, Malaysia

  • Location– Sabah
  • Course Duration– 2 Years and 8 months
  • Fees– Approx. Tuition Fee- RM 26,260
  • Intakes– January, April and August
  • Further info and contact details- INTI

This Hotel management diploma takes a hybrid approach towards imparting hotel management education.

The course of Diploma in Hotel management delivered through the INTI International University and Colleges in Malaysia. Let’s have a look at few of the highlights of this course

  1. Real practical training in international hotels through work-based learning (WBL) programme- Paid internships
  2. Opportunity to complete the degree by a 1-year top-up programme in Switzerland at the Hotel and Tourism Management Institute
  3. Lots of field trips, seminars of industry leaders to provide practical learning
  4. A mixture of problem-based learning and project-based learning
  5. The mission is ‘Come as a student, become a Manager’
  6. It is the only Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) accredited Work-based Learning Hotel Management programme in Sabah

The campus has training housekeeping rooms, training restaurants, state of the art lecture rooms and facilities, computer labs, sports facilities, library and more.

There are multiple career opportunities after you graduate from this college. INTI enjoys a great reputation among top hotel chains in the world.

Advance Diploma International Hospitality Management, EASB Singapore

  • Course Duration– 12 Months+ 6 months Internship
  • Fees– S$ 8950 (Local) and S$ 14,340 (international)
  • Intakes– Multiple
  • Similar Course– MSc in International Hospitality Management and Leadership

This course aims to build student’s confidence in the hospitality and tourism industry, as well as to develop their supervisory and managerial skills.

6 months attached industry internship makes this course a perfect blend of both

Upon completion of the Diploma programme, students will be able to advance to Bachelor and Masters programmes through United Kingdom University partner (either at the UK campus or the Singapore campus).

The curriculum is taught over 4 terms of 12 months. Modules are conducted in formal instructor-led classrooms sessions.

Given in the image below is a typical year at EASB Singapore for this advance diploma in international hospitality management. Most of the core hospitality modules are covered while also ensuring business skills and management skills are developed for ensuring an excellent hospitality career for all the students.

If you are looking for a college in Singapore which competes with the best hotel management colleges in world then EASB can be a place worth looking at.

EASB takes pride in its collaboration with 4 universities from UK – Queen Margaret University, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Herriot-Watt University and Aston University to offer Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programmes.

Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management, PSB Academy, Singapore

  • Course Duration– 12 Months+ Internship
  • Fees– S$ 6,634 (local) and S$ 11,556 (International)
  • Intakes– January, April, July, and October every year
  • Further info and contact details- PSB Academy

This Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management course helps students acquire knowledge in tourism, leisure and hospitality concepts.

During the 3 trimesters of this course, students will get an opportunity to learn how to apply the acquired knowledge of hospitality and tourism to a real-life tourism and hospitality business.

PSB academy offers a lot of programmes that includes hospitality industry certificates & diplomas, various hotel management short courses and various other certificates, diplomas and degree courses.

This Hospitality diploma course comes with exciting further education opportunities. Upon completion of this diploma course, students can further their degree studies with a PSB Academy university partner.

A couple of hospitality degree courses with renowned partners of PSB Academy Singapore are:

  • Coventry University’s Bachelor of Arts with Honours in International Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Edinburgh Napier University’s Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Hospitality and Tourism Management

International Hospitality and Tourism Management Diploma- Amity Singapore

  • Course Duration– 12 Months+ Internship
  • Fees– S$ 10500 (International)- S$ 7,500 (Local)
  • Intakes– Multiple
  • Further info and contact details- Amity Singapore

This course of International Hotel and Tourism Management Diploma is delivered by Amity Singapore through lectures, simulation, workshops, business games and more.

Be ready to take a unique approach to study hotel management. The innovative approach of study delivered by industry experts is what makes this course special. The short diploma course ensures that participants of this course get a thorough understanding of the ever-growing hospitality industry.

this course further equips students to be job-ready in the hotel industry/hospitality industry.

Over the period of 1 year, key areas covered during this course would be:

  1. Business Environment
  2. Managing People
  3. Introduction to Finance
  4. Hospitality and Tourism Management
  5. Information Management

and a few electives.

Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management – SDH Singapore

  • Course Duration– 18 Months Full time (6 months paid internship)
  • Fees– S$19,800
  • Intakes– Multiple
  • Further info and contact details- SDH Singapore

The course has a tailor-made mixture of classroom-based, project-based and internship based learning.

SDH Institute’s Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management programme prepares students to embark confidently in the booming global hospitality industry.

SDH Institute is accredited by Institute of Hospitality, UK and the Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management is awarded by SDH Institute.

Students who complete the Advanced Diploma are eligible to progress into the Vatel’s Bachelor’s Degree in International Hotel Management (Top-up) and obtain their degree in one year. This Degree program will be conducted in the SDH Institute in Singapore.

The Advanced Diploma program also has affiliations with other Overseas Universities from the UK. You can get admission in the final year to complete the degree in one straight year from the UK.


There are much more exciting courses in hospitality management in Singapore and Malaysia. We tried to cover the most popular ones here in this post.

Our other articles on this Career & Learning Portal cover hospitality courses in other countries as well including USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand to name a few.

Simply visit the Study Abroad section or search from the search box on the home page. Happy exploring.


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