Expedia Survey Reveals the etiquette of tipping housekeepers

We are all used to tipping servers when we dine out. That is the right way to go and we all know that. But, what about the room service guys and the cleaning guys. Don’t they make our stay special with towel art, turn down services and by wearing a smile on their faces at all times.

expedia.com did a survey to check what people think about it and how do they react to tipping housekeepers. The survey was carried out in the USA.

According to an Expedia.com survey, many people don’t really know the etiquette of tipping a housekeeper.

Should they or shouldn’t they?


Survey sample and results about the etiquette of tipping housekeepers 

The survey of over 1,000 American travellers revealed that 30 per cent of them don’t tip hotel staff. 46 per cent of people tip the housekeeper, 40 per cent tip the room service attendants, 30 per cent tip the valet and 20 per cent tip the porter and 10 per cent tip the concierge.

Lizzie Post, Emily Post Institute president, said while travellers don’t have to tip the staff, it’s always a good idea to leave some type of tip to thank those workers who did make your stay a pleasant one.

She said it’s perfectly okay to withhold tips from the concierge and valet if it’s not used. However, if people are dealing with these folks, then yes, it’s a good idea to tip them if they did a good job.

Post said housekeepers should be tipped between $2 and $5 per night on the desk as well as a note to thank them for their efforts.


Marriott bats for housekeepers and promotes tipping 


Marriott started a campaign regarding the etiquette of tipping by placing 160,000 envelopes for tipping room attendants. This exercise has been followed in a lot of properties of Marriott across US and Canada.

Also, it has been advised to tip daily even in small amounts so that the person who made your day special gets the reward with a thank you note in the envelope.

It is not at all old fashioned to tip room attendants and is actually a right thing to do.

Here is more about the Marriott initiative about tipping etiquette.


Etiquette of tipping other hotel staff

It is not the architecture and design but the people at the hotel or restaurant that makes visits special for us.

It is always good to leave a small tip with a thank you note in the room and a small tip with a thank you in person.



What surveys reveal that tipping makes you feel happy and fairer. The percentages and amounts are extremely subjective and vary according to regions and countries.

It has normally been found out to range between the 5%-20% of the bill depending on a lot of things like:

  1. Quality of the hotel
  2. Quality of services
  3. Service charge amount already included in the bill
  4. Quality and Grading of the hotel or restaurant
  5. Ambience of the place

There are several other cognitive and non cognitive factors that play in the minds of travellers when they tip hotel staff.

TripAdvisor surveyed a lot of travellers and have compiled a guide on tipping etiquette which can be found through this TripAdvisor page.