• Culinary Diploma / Certificate
  • Country: Switzerland
  • City: Le Bouveret Campus

Website Culinary Arts Academy

Fees: CHF 19800 - CHF 21300 per term

Course Duration – 33 Weeks plus optional paid 4-6 months internship


Course Highlights

Culinary Arts Academy is located in the Cesar Ritz Campus in Switzerland. The course is created and delivered by culinary industry experts. Mentioned below are the key highlights of this course:

  • The course is delivered at the Le Bouveret Campus in Switzerland.
  • Culinary Arts Academy is a part of the prestigious Swiss Education Group.
  • The course is divided into three 11 weeks terms.
  • One paid internship of 4-6 months is arranged by the Culinary Arts Academy to help candidates get real-world experience if they enrol for 2 terms or more.
  • The Course includes hundreds of kitchen hours over a period of 3 terms.
  • Candidates also receive a Swiss Certificate apart from the Diploma.
  • After the end of term 1, students get the certificate of Culinary Arts essentials.
  • After the end of term 2, students get a Diploma in European Culinary Arts.
  • After the end of term 3, students get a Swiss Grand Diploma in Culinary Arts.

The Culinary Arts Academy is a young and highly reputed institute inching progressively to the league of top culinary institutes in the world. Let’s have a look at some more facts and information about this course.


Course Structure

There are a lot of popular short culinary courses in the world that help hospitality industry professionals take the right step towards career advancement.

So, if you are an aspiring chef with or without experience, this course can be a great launchpad to help you reach the next level in your culinary career.

The course is structured for busy professionals who can’t take out years from their busy careers. This Diploma course in culinary management ensures that all areas are covered to create masters of this art in 3 terms of 11 weeks each.

Let’s have a look at what is covered in the first term.

In this term, all students are exposed to the essentials of culinary arts. You would be made used to this exquisite art of cooking along with the usage of advanced tools.

In the next term of 11 weeks more advanced things are covered as displayed below.

European cuisine is covered in this term and at the end of this term, students get a Diploma in European Culinary Arts.

It is after the completion of Term 2 that students are offered an option to take up a paid internship in Switzerland.

This helps in getting hands-on experience at a real employer location.

The minimum gross monthly salary in Switzerland is CHF 2,212 for those who wish to pursue an internship before they take up the third and final term leading to the Swiss Grand Diploma in Culinary Arts. The aim of the third term is to help candidates gain mastery of the art. Let’s have a look at what is covered in the third and final term of this course.


About Culinary Arts Academy

Here’s more about the Culinary Arts Academy. Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland offers a unique experience.

Graduates of this Culinary Diploma course will not only master the art of cooking but will also acquire the tools and know-how to make their dream of becoming an entrepreneur in the world of culinary arts come true.

The Culinary School’s Le Bouveret Campus is a delight for food service professionals and students.

With state-of-the-art kitchens and multiple professional partnerships with industry pioneers, the 5-star educational experience starts here for students!

There are multiple intakes every year. Get in touch with the student admission advisors from the institute using the contact us button to know more and apply for this course.   You are just a step away from chef mastery. Get in touch now.