• Bachelor Degree
  • Country: Switzerland
  • City: Leysin / Montreux

Website Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS)

Fees: CHF 136,600 (includes 3 years Tuition fees, lodging, boarding)

Course Duration- 3 Years

This course is an extension of the Swiss Hotel Operations Diploma. The third and final year which consists of 2 semesters is conducted on the scenic Leysin campus.

First, two years are conducted at the Caux campus of SHMS in Montreux.

The highlight of the course is the Bachelor of Arts degree (honours) from the University of Derby UK along with the Swiss Higher Diploma.

The degree and diploma are conferred based on the choice of the specialisation after completing the hotel operations diploma.


Course Structure

For the first 2 years, the course follows the same structure as the Swiss Hotel Operations Diploma.

For further details about the first two years, please visit the Course page of Swiss Diploma in Hotel Operations Management.

The third and final year consists of 2 academic semesters the details of which are given in this post below which is followed by the details of the first two years.

Year 3 (2 Semesters)

Semester 3 or the first semester of 3rd year is the semester for the Swiss Higher diploma in hospitality management. This semester is carried out at the Leysin campus of SHMS which is housed in two swiss styled premium hotels. Students can select from two specialisations

  • International Hospitality Management
  • Swiss Diploma in Hospitality & Events management

The key subjects covered in the 3rd semester of the Hospitality Management Diploma are:

  1. Strategies for Yield Management
  2. Human Resource Management
  3. MICE Markets and logistics
  4. Managerial Accounting
  5. Hospitality Economics

and various other management courses related to marketing, design management, facility management, managing culture, business communication, extra language and so on. Students are also expected to carry out independent research during this semester.

Subjects related to events management replace facilities management and intercultural communication modules for Semester 3 if the specialisation selected is Hospitality and Events Management.


Semester 4 is the final semester which leads to a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management making it one of the best courses in hotel management.

If the chosen specialisation is Hospitality Management? The course areas are:

  1. Food & Beverage Development
  2. Business Strategy
  3. Contemporary trends
  4. Digital Marketing
  5. International Resort & Spa Management
  6. Leadership


This is followed by a dissertation of 6 weeks on the topic as agreed upon between the student and academic supervisor.


If the chosen specialisation is International Hospitality & Events Management? The course areas are:

  1. Sustainable Events Management
  2. Business Strategy
  3. Contemporary trends
  4. Public Relations and E-marketing of events
  5. International Resort & Spa Management
  6. Leadership


This is followed by a dissertation of 6 weeks on the topic as agreed upon between the student and academic supervisor.

Below is a snapshot of what can be expected out of the first 2 years at the classy Caux Palace campus of SHMS. This includes curriculum along with 2 paid internships.


Year 1 (2 Semesters)

5 Months On campus followed by 4-6 months of a paid internship arranged by the Swiss Hotel Management School.

Focus– Food & Beverage Management Top Subjects covered:

  1. Food & Beverage Theory
  2. Food & Beverage Management Practice
  3. F&B Cost Control
  4. Accounting / Business Communications / Wine & Bar
  5. Information Systems
  6. Additional Language


Internship (Practical Experience)

One of the key concepts of SHMS is to ensure adherence to the practice of Learning by doing.

Students can expect to earn a minimum of CHF 2100 per month during their internship in Switzerland.

Convert currency on XE to your local currency for a better understanding of what can be the earning.


Year 2- (2 Semesters)

Like Year 1 the same pattern is followed for 5 months semester 1 on campus followed by a paid internship of 4-6 months. The focus of year 2 is Room division Management & Banquets


Top Subjects covered:

  1. Housekeeping Management & Operations
  2. Front Office Operations (Opera) / Room Division Management
  3. Introduction to Tourism and Geography
  4. Banqueting and Events
  5. Marketing
  6. Additional Language
  7. Management Principles

and so on.

Paid Internship

The front office or housekeeping-based internships are arranged this semester and remuneration falls on or above the CHF 2100 per month mark.


Eligibility Criterion & When to apply

You must have completed your secondary education and should be proficient in English (IELTS 5.5 and above or equivalent). Options of lateral entry are also available on a case per case basis.

Please reach out to SHMS or SEG for more information.

There are 3 intakes per year in February, September and November. It is advised to apply as early as possible due to the limited number of seats available.

Also, it is advisable to apply at least 12-14 weeks before intake if you require a visa to study in Switzerland.


About SHMS

Swiss Hotel Management School is housed in Caux and Leysin in traditional Swiss Hotels.

It has state-of-the-art facilities with lavish banquets, a grand theatre, multiple restaurants, spas and so on.

The Hotel school is also equipped with all the facilities for the students like luxury accommodation, Library, Gardens, Gym, sports centre, IT centre, restaurants, cafes, nightclub, vending machines etc.

The Hotel School is a part of the highly reputed Swiss Education Group (SEG) Network which has a lot of other top hotel schools under its flagship brand. SEG has evolved as a highly reputed alliance of various Swiss Hotel Schools.