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  • Country: UK
  • City: Manchester

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Fees: £9,250 for Home EU and £13,740 for international students / year

Course duration- 3 years full time (4 years with 1 Placement year)


Overview and Structure of the Course

The hospitality industry is growing at a rapid pace and that explains the increasing number of candidates showing interest in studying hospitality and tourism courses.

Studying hospitality at the University of Salford is rewarding in terms of reputation, career opportunities and experience.

Here are the highlights of the BSc Tourism Management course from Salford Business School:


  • BSc Tourism Management blends classroom activities with exciting field trips and excursions.
  • As part of this course, you will also take part in an international field trip funded by Salford Business.
  • The institute is located in the heart of Manchester which is an education hub.
  • A well-structured career support team to help graduates in securing the desired job after graduating.
  • Option to work full time in the United Kingdom for one year (supported by career support team).
  • Scholarships are available to candidates with excellent academic and professional records.


The course gives you an opportunity to visit an international destination that gives students an opportunity to learn about Destination Management to develop and maintain successful tourism destinations.

The course required all students to have four hours of lectures and four hours of seminars per week. This is to ensure that the students experience a blend of theory and practice.

Students also undertake four hours where they are supervised while working on the Multi-Level Team Project. This is crucial to make students get a zest of the real-world working environment.

Now let’s look at what the BSc (Hons) in Tourism management from the University of Salford looks like.

Let’s first have a look at Year 1:

This year covers the basics of tourism and every effort is made to inculcate key hospitality skills and qualities in students.

Expect to get a feel of factors that affect the macro and microenvironment of the hospitality & tourism industry.

Team projects ensure that all students are always simulating the real work environment that can help them to be industry-ready. The course areas include the one given below:

Overview of Year 2 of BSc Tourism Management:

It is in this year that all students are introduced to the concept of Marketing and business development.

The international project also takes place in the second year of the course.

Have a look at the image below to know the broad areas covered during year two.

As stated earlier in the highlights, all the BSc students can apply for a one-year of professional placement, which takes place between the second and last year of study.

This is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of as Salford Business school helps candidates find out about vacancies and in making the right connections with high-profile employers through regular events, seminars, fairs and presentations. Now moving on to the final year of the BSc in Tourism Management.

Year 3

Expect this year to cover the crucial areas related to the overall tourism industry this year.

From ethics to sustainability and from issues to opportunities, expect this year to be comprehensive and engrossing.

Have a look below at what to expect in the final year of this course.



Throughout the three years of the programme, you will have the opportunity to work on a live brief provided by a partner organisation through the Multi-level Team Project.

To be eligible for this course, you would need to have completed secondary school education and must have IELTS 6.0 or equivalent in terms of English language skills.


Career & Work during and after Graduation

Studying and working in the United Kingdom at a reputed institution like the University of Salford opens up limitless opportunities for graduates.

The course is designed after rigorous research on skills required by the employers of the hospitality and tourism industry.

During the course, you will also have the opportunity to learn about current and future issues that are shaping the tourism industry such as the development of technology like augmented and virtual reality as well as Smart Cities. This is sure to give you an edge over the competition.

The diversity of the tourism industry means that you will have a wide range of career paths available to you upon graduation. This programme will give you the knowledge and skills to work in various sectors of the hospitality and tourism industry.

The course will equip you for working in the hotel industry, in a destination management organisation, in travel agencies or tour operators. The career support office of the Salford Business School would help you in every way to decide the perfect career path and then take the necessary steps to get placed in the desired jobs.

The University also has regular networking and employment events.


About the University

Salford Business School aims to be the most business-informed, industry-relevant business school in the UK.

The University has a lot of industry partners and institutional collaborations across the globe. Industry shapes everything that’s done at the University of Salford, from informing the students’ learning to providing work placements, driving the research and influencing the academic staff.

As a student at the Salford Business School, you’ll have access to a range of experiences and opportunities, including internships and work placements in the UK or internationally.

The facilities at the university ensure that you have everything you have that is required for you to succeed. So you graduate with much more than a degree.   To know more about the course and to know how to apply, please use the Contact us button. Get started now.