• Bachelor Degree
  • Country: Switzerland
  • City: Lucerne

Website Business and Hotel Management School (B.H.M.S)

Fees: Approx CHF 34000 per year

Course Duration – 3 Years (includes paid internships)

  This Bachelor degree course in hospitality management is a fast track degree course. The course is designed by Business and Hotel Management School (B.H.M.S), Switzerland and Robert Gordon University (RBU), UK. The course covers all areas of hospitality management to ensure the graduates are industry-ready. Year 1 provides a diploma in hospitality management. Year 2 provides a higher diploma in hospitality management. Completion of year 3 grants graduates with a Bachelor degree in hospitality management.  

Course Structure

  This course in BA in hospitality management from BHMS is a perfect blend intensive study semesters and paid internships.   Year one covers the basics of hospitality management. Explains the functioning and all about hotel management through an intensive 20 weeks study period. This is followed by 4-6 months paid internship arranged with one of the hospitality employers in Switzerland or abroad. The below image shows how the year one of this BA course in hospitality management is structured and which are key courses covered. From consumer marketing to introduction to food and beverage, an additional language, kitchen operations and professional development and more. There is a lot that is covered in the first semester of the course to give a perfect hospitality refresher and understanding to all the students.       Internship break after the first semester helps students to understand hospitality in real terms by dealing with real business and working with other people both experienced and inexperienced. Moreover, the students get to learn, understand issues, interact with customers and earn while they learn. Students then come back to the campus for the second year of studies. Year 2 covers some of the advanced hospitality subjects while building upon the areas already covered. Semester 3 like semester 1 covers lots of subjects taught by industry experts on the campus followed by another internship. The below infographic displays the key areas covered in year 2. The students get an opportunity to analyse issues, learn about front office and housekeeping and understand the research methods before they go back for another stint at real employers of the hospitality industry.     Year 3 of this BA hospitality management course covers combined modules of B.H.M.S and Robert Gordon University. The key subject areas covered are events management, academic writing, strategic management in the hotel & hospitality industry, financial management and more. Below is the snapshot of what you can expect in year 3 of your studies at the Business and Hotel Management School in Switzerland.    

About Business and Hotel Management School (B.H.M.S)

  B.H.M.S. is one of the world’s leading hospitality schools, located in the heart of Lucerne, a vibrant and beautiful city in Switzerland. In the heart of Lucerne city, B.H.M.S. offers a great campus location to its students with easy access to cafés, supermarkets, bars, shops, and restaurants and additional a 24-hour front desk security. State of the art facilities along with a well-experienced faculty and a well-integrated student and alumni network makes this institute an ideal place to study and experience the Swiss hospitality. Check out the official video below about the study experience at the BHMS.  

  B.H.M.S. has a partnership agreement with The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen in the UK for granting the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Hotel & Hospitality Management in Switzerland and the Master degree in the hospitality business management. Robert Gordon University (RBU) is an extremely reputed University. The Times Good University Guide 2010 named it as the best modern university in the UK.   There are multiple entries to this BA degree course every year. Please get in touch with the admissions office to apply or to know more.