• Culinary Degree
  • Country: USA
  • City: Austin, Texas

Website Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts

Fees: Approx. US$ 14000 (excluding boarding and lodging)

Have you been searching for the right culinary arts program? Look no further than Escoffier, where you can leverage the best foodie culture in the Austin area to grow your career locally or globally. You can choose from a set of degree and diploma options that suits your career progression and knowledge appetite.  

Course Duration- 60 Weeks

  This course of Associate of Applied Science and Culinary arts is completed in 60 weeks and also includes compulsory externship component.  

Course Overview

  The course is of 60 weeks duration. During this period students gain a comprehensive foundation of directly transferable skills in food service preparation, operations and management. Gaining experience on area farms through the registered “Farm To Table experience” and in neighbourhood restaurants during the 12-week externship is an experience that is set to stay with the students for a lifetime. Exploring local farms, understanding the community helps the prospective chefs prepare themselves in a better way for pioneering a more sustainable foodservice industry of tomorrow. The externship component reinforces culinary theory through work done in a real industry kitchen, a local restaurant, hotel or other food service establishments.  

Career Support

  Auguste Escoffier Culinary School through its excellent career support team and alumni network assures it’s graduate a lifetime job assistance. After completing this culinary art course, there are multiple culinary roles that you can get into. There are management training roles in the kitchen which help you climb the Commis Chef and Demi Chef de Partie ladder in real quick time. There are various level of roles and the most important ones include Chef de Partie, Sous Chef, Chef de Cuisine, Executive Sous Chef, Executive Chef to name a few. After completing this culinary arts degree course, you are set to benefit from a long list of partners of the institutions that include some of the best names like Disney, Hyatt, The Ritz Carlton, Sodexo, Omni hotels and many more.  

About Auguste Escoffier Culinary School, Austin

  Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts is a well know and one of the best culinary schools in the world. This course of Associate in Applied Science and Culinary Arts is conducted at the Austin Campus of the school. Austin is known for its thriving food truck community and diverse restaurant culture. This big little city has quickly established itself as one of the leading metropolises for cuisine in the nation. It is expected that 1.2 Million Food Service jobs would be created in Texas alone by 2027. With over 43,000 eating locations in Texas, the number isn’t surprising at all. Programs from Auguste Escoffier culinary school in Austin can prepare students for entry points in the local food scene in Texas or beyond in settings such as restaurants, hotels and other foodservice settings.   To know more about the course, admission and more, please visit the website of the course given in the top snapshot section.