Choice Hotel Privileges and Rewards To Woo Customers and Employees

The hospitality industry is leaving no stone unturned to woo its customers. Several hotel chains are coming up with excellent incentives to woo its external Customers and internal customers or employees to be precise. One such entity is the ever innovative Choice Hotel group. In this post, we quickly outline the top Choice Hotel Privileges and Rewards.

We have divided the post into two sections. One of the customers and one for the employees. After all the secret sauce of success in the hospitality industry is to know the art of hiring and retaining the best talent. Thus External Customers and internal customers must be treated alike.

While we have focused specifically on Choice Hotels in this post to discuss the privileges and rewards, there are various other hospitality chains which offer similar rewards to customers and employees alike.

As a disclaimer, we would like to mention that we don’t endorse or promote this hotel chain. The information provided here is through reputed resources and official website of the hotel.


Choice Privileges for Customers


Choice Hotel Privileges and Rewards To Woo Customers


Choice Hotel Rewards is indeed rewarding. It is one of the most robust Customer Loyalty Programmes in the hospitality industry.

whether it is getting a free night stay or bonus points to use in the next stay, you can find all about this Choice Hotel Privileges on their official webpage.

There are gift cards, freebies and various other options through which a customer can get rewarded under the Choice Hotel Privileges program.

Not only does the Hotel ensure all benefits to participating customers, the hotel chain also provides a web-based innovative property management system named Choice Advantage.

Using this property management system can help the hotel managers get the maximum out of the chain and pass on the benefits to the customers.

Choice Hotel Reward programmes like many other reward programmes have multiple levels of elite membership levels.


Choice Hotel Employees Benefit Schemes

Choice Hotel Privileges and Rewards To Woo Employees


Choice Hotel is truly innovative in providing the best possible employee benefits. These range from retirement plans, medical and dental insurance and vacation plans.

In their recent effort, choice hotels have even introduced financial and emotional wellness programmes for their employees.

Isn’t it innovative and unheard of in the hospitality industry?

Check out the Choice Hotel Career page for details on how the Choice Hotel Privileges extend to the employee domain. The Hotel chain makes every effort to care about employee’s finances, health and life.

And, we love this hotel chain for their innovative ways of caring for the employees and customers alike.

We leave you with a story on how the Choice Hotel Chain is bringing the concept of Parental care benefits to the mainstream in the hospitality industry.


Choice Hotels to increase Parental Care benefits for Employees


Choice Hotels will magnify its family care and parental leave benefits to its employees based in the U.S.

Choice Hotels has been one of the Best Hospitality companies and with increased benefits, it plans to attract the most talented millennial.

The move comes on the heels of Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. that said it would provide up to $10,000 in adoption assistance for each child to all salaried and hourly U.S. employees.

It also comes nearly a year after the Hilton decided to increase its paid leave of 10 weeks to new moms and two weeks for dad and adoptive parents.

The companies are among an ever-increasing number of companies offering the benefit.

Best Hospitality Jobs are not only tempting in terms of salary but also include ever-increasing perks.



Image by  Choice Hotels Careers 



Idea Behind increased perks in the Hospitality Industry


Why are more hospitality industry companies offering this perk when it’s already become an established idea for the Silicon Valley tech industry?

According to Lisa Horn, Society for Human Resource Management senior government relations advisor said more and more employees what these kinds of benefits and leave policies and demand them from their potential employer.

And, for that reason, more companies are adding them to the perks – in order to recruit and keep the best folks in the industry.

Officials with Choice Hotels said it wanted to establish itself as a leader in the industry – and it would extend its paid maternity leave for 12 weeks with 100 per cent wage replacement and offer four weeks of paid paternity leave.

The company has about 6,400 hotels around the world and will offer another four weeks of transition time from parental leave to a reduced work schedule.

The Press Release of Choice Hotels mentioned that it would provide four weeks of intermittent paid leave for any employee who takes care of a qualifying family member – parent, child or spouse.

It’s going to provide backup care coverage in a facility or home if the adult day care is closed for any reason.

Horn said she feels employers will look for ways to be flexible when employees are competing for work.

It will also help Millennials keep working on their career instead of going off course when they choose to start a family.



Choice Hotel Privileges extend beyond the normal boundaries of maximum hotels.

We found it worthwhile to have an article covering the benefits as it is one of the very few hotel chains which has a more robust employee benefits programmes than that of the customer privileges.

Choice hotels seem to have understood the fact that if they care more for the employees, the employees would care more for their customers and profits. While a lot of top hotel chains understand this, it must have a cascading effect on the smaller hotel chains and standalone properties.