Top Celebrity Owned Hotels Around the World – Brad Pitt, Di Caprio and Others Turn Hoteliers

Brad Pitt is an actor, producer and activist, but he’s adding one more title to his resume: hotelier. Pitt is not alone in Hollywood in terms of adding the reputed tag of Hotelier. A lot of other celebrities own hotels all across the world. In this article, we have compiled a list of celebrity owned hotels from around the world.

Let’s check out who are the celebrities who have turned hoteliers already by owning or investing in the hotel industry.

Pitt is just one of many Hollywood actors who’ve decided that becoming a hotelier is the way to go:

  • Robert De Niro opened New York’s The Greenwich Hotel and another one in London. He’s also redeveloping the K-Club in the Caribbean.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio announced his plans to develop a multi-million dollar eco-tourism resort along the Belize coast.
  • Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones own a resort in Bermuda that reopened in 2017.
  • Elizabeth Hurley owns a gorgeous Boutique hotel in London

And the list goes on…




So, Brad Pitt becomes the latest celebrity to get involved in the hospitality industry and is looking to build a luxury resort in Croatia. This resort will include a hotel, restaurants, villas, shops and a golf course. We already have included a few celebrities on our list of top celebrity chefs and legendary hoteliers in the world but this post is a lot more towards the entertainment industry.

Now let’s have a look at some of these amazing celebrity-owned hotels.

  • Barabriga-The Luxury Hotel Resort of Brad Pitt


Pitt’s Hotel development will take place in Zablace, a small coastal town in Croatia with a cost of over $1.5 billion and is going to be a “modern ecologically-liable strategic community.”

The project is named “Barabriga,” and talks about the project began with the “Mr and Mrs Smith” star recently visited the site. According to information, TFI Holding, a Swiss-based fund group, has put $70 million toward the project.

The project’s architect is Nikola Bašić, and he joined Pitt for a tour of the proposed development. Bašić said Pitt told him he feels Croatia is the most beautiful country he’s been to.

Pitt is not a newbie when it comes to the development of large structures.

Using his Make It Right Foundation, Pitt was able to build over 100 new homes in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina devastated the area.

There have been no firm details on the project in Croatia, but the actor is talking about building a clinic and schools to assist the 2,500 residents nearby.



  • Robert De Niro’s Luxurious Boutique Hotel In New York


Most people know Robert De Niro as an actor, but he’ll soon be known for something else in the heart of Warsaw – for opening an extravagant boutique hotel.

De Niro owns The Greenwich Hotel located in New York’s Tribeca – a five-star luxury boutique hotel.

A hospitality enthusiast by nature, De Niro, with the assistance of famous chef Nobu Matsuhisa, co-established Nobu Hospitality Group, which has more than 30 restaurants and nine hotels.

Nobu Hotels have been expanding well and a lot of the luxury hotels and restaurants of the chain are endorsed by celebrities from around the globe.

However not all his hospitality outings have been equally successful. Some of De Niro’s business endeavours did not go as planned. For instance, the Luxury Travel Intelligence recently named The Nobu Hotel in Manila the world’s worst new luxury hotel.

According to the company, there have been disappointments as according to, there have been more positive reviews than negative ones.

The actor, however, has clearly shown his intent to expand around the globe and after moving forward with opening other hotels around the world.



  • 432 Hermosa by Leonardo Di Caprio in Palm Springs


Yes, the award-winning actor and celebrity Leonardo Di Caprio has his hands into the hotel industry.

432 Hermosa in Palm Springs has been converted to a classy hotel from a mid-century home. This was designed in 1964 and is now a luxury boutique hotel.




Needless to mention that this is like a paradise for a lot of other Hollywood celebrities who grace this small luxury boutique hotel by their presence on a regular basis.


  • Marley Resort & Spa, Bahamas – By Bob Marley Family


It is said, the legend lives on in this resort. Luxurious 16 themed suites at this resort blend the warmth of Marley history with ultimate comfort and convenience.

This luxury beach resort on the cable beach in the Bahamas is not just a celebrity-owned hotel who is no more. Bob Marley’s legacy can be felt all over the resort. Add to this, luxury, scenic neighbourhood and more.

This resort is extremely popular and a lot of marriages, functions and parties find their dream destination at this resort.


  • The MiM Hotel, Sitges – Lionel Messi


Now turning the table a bit and coming to another superstar not from Hollywood but from the Football arena. Lionel Messi is one of the most sought after celebrity in the world today.

This luxury hotel and Spa retreat are located at a comfortable 40 minutes drive from Barcelona.

You will be able to experience all the cosiness and luxury at this amazing hotel. However, don’t expect to see Messi around.


  • Trump International, Las Vegas- Donald Trump


The hotel chain that saw an immense growth under Donald Trump has recently seen a change of fortunes with a couple of hotels closing.

Donald Trump had to step down from the chair for the bigger role- Position as the President of the United States of America. However, that should not stop us from including him on our list of top celebrities who own hotels.



This Casino Hotel is a delight for tourists and extremely popular. Needless to mention, it has all facilities and services in the hospitality book. Well, we might have exaggerated here but it still is a phenomenal Casino hotel with an enviable location in Las Vegas apart from all the luxury services in the house.


  • Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat, Australia – Hugh Jackman


The Wolverine star Hugh Jackman is a huge fan of lifestyle retreats. The 7-day detox plan which he endorses is practised in real terms at this retreat that he now co-owns.

This celebrity owned lifestyle resort is located on a mountain top behind the famous Australian Gold cost.

This resort is known for its wellness and lifestyle packages and is loved by both local and international tourists. Well, Hugh Jackman’s name must have had an influence on its growing popularity.



And the list goes on for top celebrity-owned hotels. Leonardo Di Caprio owns another luxury hotel and Richard Gere also co-owns a hotel. Tennis star Andy Murray owns a plush hotel in Scotland and there are many other sportsperson and celebrities from all industries who have shown interest in hotels and restaurants.

We are happy to see the soaring interest of these celebrities for the hotel industry. We expect this to grow and our readers can expect new additions to this list as well. So, please keep coming back to your favourite stop for all hospitality related information.