Top Digital Marketing Tools for the Hospitality Industry

9 Best Hospitality Digital Marketing Tools in 2020

Digital marketing for the hotel industry must include automation as the hotel industry is always tight in terms of staffing. The below strategy and tools will add a lot of energy and pace to your existing strategy. Most of the hotel businesses now acknowledge the importance of these techniques. However, these are grossly underutilized in … Read more

How to Use Self Assessment Tools for Hospitality Career Growth

How to use Self-Assessment tools to skyrocket your career in the Hospitality Industry?

Self-assessment tools can be extremely useful to check your own weaknesses and advantages. Using self assessment tools is not very common for the hospitality professionals. However, with a greater focus towards soft skills, these tools are becoming more and more common in the hospitality industry. It helps the hospitality professionals in knowing the best skills … Read more

How to Search for Hospitality Jobs in Canada

Searching Hospitality Jobs in Canada- A Step by Step Guide

In this post, we reflect upon the process of searching for hospitality jobs in Canada Canada is a country which is brimming with possibilities. Various international workers are vying to get hotel jobs in Canada. Hospitality Jobs in Canada are extremely prized and thus landing a dream job in the hospitality industry of Canada is … Read more

5 Top Tips for Searching Cruise Line Jobs

Best Ways to Search Jobs in Cruise Lines

When you are looking to search for jobs in cruise lines, one of the essential elements of a successful job search is the development of the job leads. How can you find significant sources for the new job vacancies in your own field? In this article, we are going to share 5 ways to search … Read more

Pros And Cons of Working on Cruise Ships

Working on Cruise Ships- The good and Bad

Cruise lines are one of the best-paying organisations in the hospitality industry. It is one of the most exciting as well as demanding sections of the hospitality industry. However, there are various pros and cons of working in Cruise Lines. We have tried to cover the advantages and the disadvantages of working on Cruise lines. … Read more

Top Strategies to Attract The Best Hospitality Talent in 2022

the art of attracting and hiring the best talent

In this article, we have focused on tips and strategies for attracting more Job Applicants from the hospitality industry. This is a big challenge for all the recruiters, especially in the labour-intensive industries like hospitality and travel industry. Thus, traditional strategies might not always work in order to attract the best talent or job seekers … Read more