Top Hotel Revenue Management Strategies for Business Growth in 2024

Top Revenue Management Strategies for Hotel Business growth

In the era of rapid technological advancements, the margin of error is shrinking. Competition becomes stiff and products and service methodologies are becoming obsolete in no time. The Hospitality industry is no exception to this super interesting yet challenging phase. In this post, we bring you some of the top hotel revenue management strategies to … Read more

25 Best Hotel and Travel Startups

Best Hotel and Travel startups in 2021

Startups seem to be the norm today in all the industries. Why should the hotel and travel industry hold back? Here in this post, we have listed some of the best hotel and travel startups that are shining in 2024. There’s no question that hospitality is a mammoth industry with numerous hotel chains, raking in … Read more

6 Customer Service Mistakes to Avoid in the Hospitality Industry

6 Customer Service Mistakes to Avoid in the Hospitality Industry

The Hospitality industry is all about customer service. After all, it’s all about delighting the customer which carries the essence of hospitality. This article focuses on 6 customer service mistakes that all hospitality professionals must avoid at any cost. Customer service mistakes can cause hospitality businesses to not only lose existing customers but even referrals. … Read more

How Revenue Management System Can Boost Your Hotel Business

Most of the businesses in the hospitality industry rely heavily on user data accumulated over time to design successful promotion strategies. This data may include consumer behaviour, time of bookings, types of bookings, factors contributing to customers’ choice of hotels and more. Thanks to technology, the hotel industry can easily access this data because of … Read more