How to Respond to Negative Hotel Reviews? Top Tips

Responding to negative online Hotel reviews

Is your hotel or restaurant business affected by negative online reviews? Are a few lousy customers threatening you against online negative reviews? Is there a way to effectively respond to negative online hotel reviews for damage control. In this article, we present a few of the tops tips to deal with negative online hotel reviews. … Read more

Smart Hotels Explored and Explained | Hotels of the Future

Smart Hotels Explored and Explained, Hotels of the Future

Technological advancements have brought almost everything within our reach. This applies to the hotel and travel industry as well. The rise of technology has led to various innovation and one term appearing out of many innovations is “Smart Hotels”. It is this idea of Smart hotels that have been explored and explained in this post.  … Read more

6 Customer Service Mistakes to Avoid in the Hospitality Industry

6 Customer Service Mistakes to Avoid in the Hospitality Industry

The Hospitality industry is all about customer service. After all, it’s all about delighting the customer that carries the essence of hospitality. This article focuses on 6 customer service mistakes that all hospitality professionals must avoid at any cost. Customer service mistakes can cause hospitality business not only lose an existing customer but even the … Read more

How Revenue Management System Can Boost Your Hotel Business

Most of the businesses in the hospitality industry rely heavily on user data accumulated over time to design successful promotion strategies. This data may include consumer behaviour, time of bookings, types of bookings, factors contributing to customers’ choice of hotels and more. Thanks to technology, the hotel industry can easily access this data because of … Read more

Blockchain For Hospitality Industry – Benefits and Uses

Blockchain has been the buzzword for a while. Whether it’s the security systems or the cryptocurrencies, blockchain is one of the underlying technologies. In this article, we focus on the benefits and uses of blockchain for the hospitality industry. Let’s begin with explaining a little bit about Blockchain. This is how Wikipedia defines Blockchain. “Blockchain … Read more

7 Email Marketing Tips for the Hospitality Industry

7 Email Marketing Tips for the Hospitality Industry

If you are looking to write outreach emails for your hospitality business, we present some useful tips here. The hospitality industry is a huge industry and email marketing is crucial to the success of any hospitality business. In this post, we present some of the useful email marketing tips specific to the hospitality industry.  Email … Read more

9 Excellent Customer Service Tips for Hospitality Industry

9 Tips for an Excellent customer Service in the Hospitality Industry

Customer service is the backbone of the hospitality industry. It is the service that makes or breaks a hospitality business. The expectations of consumers of service are changing. In this article, we bring to you 9 crucial tips for excellent customer service in the hospitality industry. So, all the hotel managers and hospitality professionals can find … Read more