Boutique Hospitality Management – A New Craze In US Towns

Love for Boutique Hotels has been on a high in recent years. This global phenomenon is most apparent in smaller US towns. Boutique Hospitality Management is indeed a new craze now around the globe, especially in smaller US towns. We will explore more about Boutique Hospitality in this post. So, please read on.

Innovation and creativity are now being loved by all. How could the hotel industry lag behind? Boutique Hotel Management is a key trend now around the globe.

The appeal of boutique hotels has grown in the last 10 years, and because of that, they’re picking up steam in smaller US towns such as Sewanee, Tenn. and Bethlehem, Pa. These hotels have been designed for hip travellers.

Boutique Hotels are thus expanding and even the Biggest Hotel chains are foraying into this lucrative business.

Who would not love to stay in one of those hotels that are custom made to your desires?

And, these are smaller properties with impeccable personalised services.

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Boutique Hospitality Target smaller towns in USA- Boutique Hotels

Boutique Hospitality Industry Shifting to Small towns


Boutique Hospitality is not something new to the hospitality industry. Boutique is a word that adds creativity and variety to the hotel industry.

Boutique Hotels are also trying to bring the consumers back to the hotel industry that it seems to lose to apartment-sharing websites like Airbnb.

Boutique Hotels have acknowledged that there is a big market to explore in the smaller US cities and the Tier 2 cities around the world.

For the longest time, boutique hotel operators put their attention to big cities in the hopes to give the business or personal travellers something different.

Charlestowne Hotels currently operates and manages close to 15 boutique hotels, with plans to open a 30-room hotel called Collector in St. Augustine, Fla., a 65-rooms hotel in Bristol, Va. and a 41-room hotel in Clemson, S.C.

Charlestowne Vice President of Business Development Larry Spelts said there’s a lot of civic pride for smaller towns to have boutique hotels.

The boutique hotel concept in the USA was first introduced in the 1980s by Hotelier Ian Schrager.

This lifestyle brand has found its way into smaller towns and cities like New Orleans, Cleveland and Austin.


New Boutique Hotels in the Hospitality Industry of USA


The idea through these Boutique Hotels is to give the younger generation luxurious accommodations with a Five-Star feel but at a reasonable price.

Boutique Hospitality is giving the consumers a variation to the traditional hotel industry options.

With boutique hotels making their presence known in smaller cities, the properties’ sizes are also being reduced.

For instance, it’s not uncommon to see 200-to-300 room boutique hotels in the USA.

However, the number of those rooms are much smaller in smaller towns.

Hilton Worldwide Holdings recently launched its stylish midscale hotel brand called Tru by Hilton, which will provide more open space for social events.

The first property is set to open sometime in 2017.

Many hoteliers are purchasing vacant or underutilized historic buildings to turn them into boutique hotels to bring in customers.

And, for many people looking for a local experience, it could work.

For example, the 43-room Sewanee Inn has shingle roofs and a stone frontage that mixes in with the university’s Gothic architectural feature.






The concept of Boutique Hospitality is here to stay and spread in smaller cities. It’s a real feat for the hotel, as it catered to the university visitors and people in close by cities of Nashville and Atlanta who just want to escape everyday life.

There are countless other Boutique properties which will make way to the smaller towns in the USA and worldwide in the coming years.

Few say the Hotel industry might start to shrink now. This is definitely not true with various arms of the hotel industry growing like never before.