Best PEMF Devices Companies Should Recommend to Employees to Manage Pain

Consider labour intensive workplaces like Construction, Petroleum or even the hospitality industry. A lot of jobs in these industries and more require long working hours and heavy lifting. Thus managing pain becomes crucial and a lot of companies have employee care programs to ensure their employees are not physically overstressed due to workplace load. 

Pulsed electromagnetic field devices (PEMF) are the best therapy products used to manage chronic pain. These low-frequency heating therapy devices use electromagnetic waves to cure acute pain in the lower back and recover body aches.

Here, in this article, we have compiled the best PEMF devices to provide comfort in home convenience or even at workplaces. These therapy devices prove very beneficial for people who follow a hectic routine at work or face some physical health issues.

BioBalance PEMF – Best professional device

The BioBalance PEMF is a full-body, medium-intensity system with a substantial frequency range. It can be powered by electrical power or a battery. This PEMF therapy device is running 6 programs, some of which include a background frequency in addition to the therapeutic frequency.

Balance, Alert, Relax, Sleep, Recovery, and Sweep are among the programs. The spectrum of therapeutic frequencies is within that of the normal brainwave state (0.5-23 Hz). The range of background frequencies is 300 to 1,000 Hz.


·  10 gauss on the full-body pad

·  Frequency range: 0.5-1000 Hz

·  Program duration: 12 minutes-6 hours

·  2 years warranty period

EarthPulse V5.3 pro – Best PEMF device for sleep

This Earthpulse pro is the most potent therapy device at a very cheap price. It has ten program options with a duration range of 10 minutes to 12 hours. When a person uses this therapy device overnight, it emits lower frequencies and is primarily intended to aid in sleep.

 In addition, this product offers all of the additional advantages of PEMF therapy devices, including increased bone density and decreased inflammation. This is also applicable to release your back pain, knee pain, and joint pain.


·  A travel cover

·  6-feet cable

·  A pin adapter

·  90-day return policy

OMI PEMF mat – Best full-body device

If you’re searching for a portable PEMF therapy device for smaller, more specific body parts, like your knees or back. Then OMI Pulsepad is the best option for you. The conveniently foldable mattress has an operation unit. The device has three separate programs and operates in the frequency range of 1 to 99 Hz.

The electrical current that flows through the body is produced by the pulsed electromagnetic field device, aiding in the restoration of blocked ion flow and promoting the body’s natural regeneration processes. As result, the body gains more energy and exhaustion is reduced by using the mattress, which contributes to an improvement in general health for the entire body.


·   Easy to use

·   Fold-away design

·   3-years warranty

DC cure PEMF device – Best for lower back pain

Chronic lower back pain is the major issue for those who work hard, do sports or have some physical health issue. This DC cure PEMF therapy device proves very beneficial for the lower back treatment recommended by the pain management specialist and doctors.

The product uses a low intensity and 50 Hz frequency to decrease pain and inflammation in the lower back. By using this therapy device twice a day for up to six weeks before cutting back to a few times per week to reap the most benefits.


·   Clinical proven

·   Long-lasting relief

·   Easy to self-apply

·   1-year warranty

Pebble T series FIR mats – Best for knee pain

It is one of the most affordable solutions for a heating pad to treat knee pain. It is a therapy device approved by the US FDA and designed to cure knee pain. It has a carrying case and is quite small and compact.

 It provides a pulsed electromagnetic field, infrared rays to relieve pain, far infrared radiations, negative ion therapy and soothing hot stone therapy.  It is set with 70 tourmaline gems for advanced benefits. It can provide heat therapy suitable for controlling joint stiffness, lowering muscular tension, and encouraging the growth of joint cartilage.


·  Very comfortable

·  Eliminate aches and pains

·  It has a well-ventilated space

·  5-years extended warranty


Hope you find the list of PEMF devices useful. One of our other articles cover more about managing workplace related stress. In the article, you can read about more tips of managing stress effectively. So, if you work in physically or mentally demanding place, it is even more important to look after your health. 

The above-mentioned 5 products are the best PEMF devices that have become a better choice for people to manage acute pain. You can buy these devices at healthy Line and similar companies offering these products within an affordable range. These devices prove very helpful for patients suffering from physical pain and injury.

To wrap up, we would recommend everyone to work hard and strive for career success. However, it is even more important to take care of your health. So, please do take care!