These are the Best Hotel Management Magazines and Blogs

Smitten by the Travel and Hospitality Bug? You are not alone for sure. In this post, we highlight few of the Best Hotel Management magazines and Blogs to ensure that you stay updated on the latest of the hospitality industry.

Hotel and Travel magazines like Conde Nast Traveler are creating buzz and getting great viewership around the world. Conde Nast Travler also has an amazing website for travel enthusiasts around the globe.

Our very own Hospitality Blog has been acknowledged and rewarded by many as one of the best hospitality blogs which is growing every day.

However, let’s not steal the limelight as we open up to discuss top hotel magazines and blogs outside this portal.

Let’s begin.

The hotel management scene is an ever-changing landscape that churns out news, ranging hotelier awards to new breakthroughs in the industry and everything in between.

That in itself isn’t exactly news. Hoteliers and managers have to keep up with changing hospitality technologies, tips, and fresh ideas from hotel management schools.

So, if you are looking to spruce up your read, these hotel industry magazines are a must-have.



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Read on for others who are doing a heck of a job in terms of bringing the best and most fresh hotel and hospitality content.


Best Hotel Management Magazines and blogs


1. Green Hotelier


Green Hotelier is the ideal magazine for hoteliers who are looking to take environmental conservation efforts a notch higher.

The magazine looks to educate, inspire, and challenge those in hotel management positions on various socio-economic and environmental issues affecting the hospitality industry.

It also offers a canvas for leading hotels to showcase their top-notch green projects.

Not only does it feed you with expert opinions through its network that encompasses close to 25,000 hotels from over 100 countries, but also gives you a platform if you have a voice.

So, how do you plan your next eco-tourism as you Go green?

Not sure? Explore more about this on the Greenest Hotel management magazine and news site.


2. Hospitality Technology Magazine


This is one of the top hospitality magazines.

From Smartphones to the laptop; from Television to The Web; we are living in a world dominated by technology.

This informative magazine that’s available both on paper and online is geared towards technology managers in the hotel industry.

It features sizzling technologies, nifty hacks, and practical tips for hotel tech executives across the globe.

If you want to modernize your hotel or give yourself a technology edge, this should be on your reading list.

It will also guide you for Best Hotel Management Software to help hoteliers stay ahead of the competition.


3. Five Star Magazine


Do you love luxury travel? Looking for great Hotel Management magazines and media houses that can pep up your luxury travel search?

Luxury and ultra Luxury is what Five Star Magazine excels at.

Five Star Magazine blends the best of publishing and hospitality industry to come up with a one-stop-shop for all things related to hotel management news.

The editors handpick the best luxury spas, hotels, resorts, inns, and a raft of other hotel amenities to give you an up-close look at the industry.

It also provides an ad channel for top-notch hotels across the globe.


4. Hospitality Style


Don’t you think the hotel industry is trendy and stylish?

This again is one of the best hotel management magazines focusing on the trends and the style of the hospitality industry.

You need to look and act your best to be better than the best in the hotel industry.

Much like its name, this lovely hotel management magazine looks to inspire and educate on hotel designs, tricks, tips, and breakthroughs that will add a flair of style and sass to your hotel.

Hospitality Style covers the whole style spectrum in the hotel sector, all within impressive, elegant designs that make hotel industry tantalizing.


5. Hotel Management Young Professionals 30 Under 30


Now, this is an interesting one!

This is a unique and one of the best hotel management magazines that celebrate young hoteliers turning heads across the globe.

You can nominate someone under 30 as long as they as work in the hotel management.

It is an initiative by Hotel Management. Net which has pioneered a lot of similar initiatives.

So if you are over 30 nominate someone under 30, and if you are under 30, get nominated for recognition.


6. Institute of Hospitality


This Hospitality magazine is published and distributed by a body of professional managers for their colleagues and aspiring managers in the hotel, leisure, and general hospitality industry.

Its core goal is to educate and support thousands of members across the globe to further their careers in hospitality management.

It was established in 1938 and now has one of the biggest fleets of hotel managers and hospitality professionals for educating the hospitality fraternity.

Hospitality Magazine by the Institute of Hospitality along with other online and print materials have helped thousands of hotel professionals worldwide.


7. Travel and Leisure


For those who love travel (and that covers the globe :)), this travel magazine does a heck of a job.

It has an amazing collection of information and resources for travel and hotels.



From places to best Trip ideas, you will find it all here.

Explore more about Travel and leisure at their website here. 



The best hotel management magazines listed in this post represent just the tip of the iceberg. There are other myriad publications geared towards hoteliers available worldwide.

Websites like hospitalitynet, ehotelier and various others are a popular amalgamation of hotel management magazines and hospitality & travel guides.

We listed 7 popular and best resources and magazines for hotel management professionals. We will be adding more of these in our future updates.

So, keep coming back to this section for regular updates on the hospitality world.