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Gone are the days when publishers would publish both hard copies and e-books. The increase in the number of people listening to podcasts, due to the availability of high-quality earphones has shifted the publishing industry. It is hard to imagine that in such an era, a publisher would avoid considering venturing into audiobooks. 

The market for audiobooks has been growing at a rate of 30% per year. This is an indication that more individuals are getting more value from information in audio format. For the established publishers, it is easier to produce audiobooks since they can afford high-quality recording devices. As a result, the barrier to entry for established publishers is low. However, for self-publishers, making an audiobook can be a challenging task. These individuals may not have what it takes to produce high-quality audios hence they may decide to publish e-books instead. Podcasts are becoming more and more popular across industries especially in the hospitality and travel industry. Lots of hospitality blogs and magazines are incorporating audio materials for readers and the same is the case with books being released all over. 

In this article, you will learn the importance of books and other learning material in audio format and how to make a book into an audiobook.

The rising popularity of audiobooks

The popularity of audiobooks has increased due to the need for individuals to gain more knowledge. We live in an information age where individuals want to remain informed. Reading has remained one of the most effective ways for individuals to gain the information they need.

The challenge has been that individuals often find themselves very busy such that they do not get sufficient time to read. The convenience that audiobooks offer to readers has made them more popular since one can listen to an audiobook while doing other activities.

Furthermore, audiobooks offer readers the flexibility they need such that they can listen to the books while doing other things. Other formats of books like hardcopies or e-books require a captive audience where readers have to dedicate time and read. With audiobooks, however, readers can listen to the audio while at the same time doing other activities.

Such kind of flexibility is what modern-day readers are seeking. When you create an audiobook, you are taking advantage of the increase in the demand for audio formats. 

Additionally, not all individuals are capable of reading e-books or hard copies. There are millions of individuals who do not enjoy reading, but they love listening. Such individuals may find it difficult to sit down and read a book. Others struggle with slow reading or they are physically impaired which makes reading which makes reading impossible.  These categories of people have found a solution in audiobooks because they do not have to read. Without an audiobook, you are losing millions of clients who prefer reading to listening. 

It caters to the needs to increase your audience

The goal of any author is to reach as many people as possible.

Audiobooks are an effective way for publishers to reach a wider audience. Over the years, the number of individuals listening to books has increased. You need to put your book in an audio format to reach this growing market segment.

You cannot afford to lock out potential clients from reading your book hence make audio copies.  

Not all individuals are capable of reading books. Such a segment requires audiobooks so that they can listen instead of reading. Without an audio format, you cannot reach this segment of customers.

When you make an audiobook, you are working towards increasing your client base. You will end up capturing a larger segment of the market for your book.

You need to acknowledge that your target market needs various formats of your book. It is not a wise move to have only one format for your book. You need to come up with different formats including an audio one.

The move will ensure that the same client can have your book in different formats. Hence, he/she can decide whether to read or listen to your book. 

Audiobooks can boost your sales for print and e-books. For the readers who cannot access both print and e-books, audiobooks will work for them perfectly. You are more likely to get more clients when you have audio formats of your work. Hence, you will notice that sales for your book will increase when you also publish in an audio format. 

With a wider audience, you will get more income from the sale of your work. You will sale more books if your audience is wider. With audiobooks, you are working towards diversifying your sources of income. Why should you earn less money with print and e-books, yet you can increase your income with audiobooks? Audiobooks will enable you to have a wider audience, and subsequently more sales for your work.

Recording an audiobook is now very simple and inexpensive

Perhaps you have been shying from releasing an audio format of your book because of the cost and processes informed. We have good news for you; recording an audiobook is very simple and will not cost you much. You do not need to have special technical skills to do it. Further, you do not need to spend a lot of money to make an audiobook. 

In the early 2000s, producing an audiobook was a tedious process that was expensive. Even for established publishers, the process was time-consuming.

As a result, a majority of the established publishers would only put the popular titles in audio. However, creating an audiobook has become easier and inexpensive due to the advancement of technology.

For instance, services like Voices.com make it easier for anyone to produce an audiobook easier and cheaply. You can check with any custom thesis writing service to identify more services for making audiobooks. You can also get a friend who has a good voice to do it for you. Hence, you do not have an excuse on why you cannot make an audio format of your work.

Since making an audiobook has become easier and cheaper, you need to take advantage and make one. With a computer and relevant software, you can easily turn your e-book into audio. Here, you do not have to pay someone, since you can do it yourself. Further, you do not need special skills to make an audio format. Please take advantage of the technology available to create audio from your e-book.

You can update the book anytime

Once you publish a book for the first time, you may realize that some critical information may have been left out. If it is in print or e-book formats, then you need to take time to come up with an edition. The good thing with an audiobook is that you can complement the plot of the book with new facts. When you realize that you left some details out, you can easily include them in the audiobook.

An audiobook format offers a way to include more details, where this was not possible with the other formats. For instance, when publishing in print, you may realize that your publisher has put a limit on the number of pages.

This means that you may end up omitting key information from your book. With an audio format, however, you can easily include details that were missing in the earlier copies. You will be free to add more facts to enhance your book.

Some tips on how to record an audiobook

While the creation of audiobooks has become easier, you may still find it challenging. The following are some tips on how to create an audiobook.

  1. Select an appropriate software

This can work where you do not want to go through the more tedious approach of voice recording. There are plenty of software that can assist you to convert the e-book into audio. Ensure that the software is user-friendly and meets your needs. A program like Voices.com would make the process easier for you. 

  1. Budget your time well

Producing an audiobook should not be an afterthought. You need to plan your time well so that you can work towards a definite goal. Ensure that you know when you need to have the audiobook ready. The move will be useful where you have promised customers to deliver audiobooks to them. 

  1. Voice talent is key

One of the biggest challenges is who can narrate your book. If you cannot do it, then you need to identify someone who can do it for you. You need to look for someone who is experienced in narrations. Again, you do not have to spend a lot since this can be your friend.

  1. Allow the narrator time to read the book

In case you are not recording the book, you need to allow the narrator sufficient time to go through the work and become familiar with it. The narrator needs to connect with the book so that he/she can bring out the best in your book. 

  1. Attention to details

The narration is should be exactly like the written book (unless you want to add more details). Listen carefully to ensure that the narrator does not leave details when reading aloud, it is easier to get ahead and miss out a few words. Ask the writing service to check the work so that your final job is perfect.

Conclusively, making audio books has become critical in the publishing industry. Publishers have recognized that a big opportunity exists in producing books in audio formats. With the market expected to grow in the future, there is no reason why you should not have a share.

You need to recognize that the tastes of clients are shifting in favor of audiobooks. The popularity of audiobooks has allowed more individuals to shift from reading books to listening to them. The busy schedule hat individuals find themselves makes it challenging to find sufficient time to read books. However, with audiobooks, your audience can get the information at their convenience. They can listen to your boom while driving, cooking, playing, and doing any other activity.

Earlier, it was unaffordable to produce an audiobook but the process has been simplified. You need to start making plans on how you will make an audio format of your book. Remember that if reaching a wider audience is your goal, then you need to have different formats of your work, including an audio format.


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