About the Global Hospitality Portal – SOEG

Global Hospitality Portal is one of the most innovative and user-friendly hospitality portal. It is not only a job portal but is an overall solution to all your hospitality needs.

SOEG, with its Corporate office in Bengaluru, is the parent organisation for Global Hospitality Portal which has engaged itself in Hospitality recruitment services since 2009 and has served hundreds of hotels and placed thousands of hospitality candidates from all around the globe. 

Global Hospitality Portal has over 500 hospitality clients on board, thousands of live jobs and a network of over 200,000 hospitality professionals from 30+ countries.


About the Global Hospitality Portal (SOEG Hospitality Placements)


Please explore yourself how the Global Hospitality Portal is making job posting and job search easy. What more, you can search for all hospitality related information, news, salaries, market data and trends.

For Hospitality Employers:


  • Global Hospitality Portal has made job listing and job management easy.
  • Simply enter the e-mail id and you will be automatically sent username and password.
  • You can manage (new job posting, job dashboard, edit, mark filled or delete) post through the job dashboard
  • Posts are automatically removed from the database after 90 days
  • The jobs upon posting also get listed immediately on our social networking networks (Premium Members)
  • View, edit, order, comment and manage applications from the dashboard


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For Hospitality Job-seekers:


  • Search recent jobs through search jobs page
  • Integrate with LinkedIn
  • Free articles on career, jobs, interviews.
  • Catch up with recent trends through infographics
  • Be part of one of the most dynamic and growing job network
  • Sign up for newsletters and manage listings through newsletters



The Global Hospitality Portal is improving and adapting to an ever-changing marketplace. So please keep coming back to see how we are improving day by day. Help us with your suggestions as we grow.

We are adding content as we grow and soon it will become the ultimate guide to all your hospitality needs.

We are learning and innovating every day. Don’t only be a part of this change. BE THE CHANGE!!