8 Most Unusual Hotels in the World?

You travel for an experience and hotel stay is a big part of your experience. Give these unusual hotels in the world a try. It will surely be an experience of a lifetime.

Read on to know why we are sure of the experience these unusual hotels bring to your travel plans.

Hotels are a crucial part of our travel and if there is something peculiar about our Hotel, that adds to our memories of the trip. In this post, we have discussed a few of the most unusual hotels in the world.

Holiday seekers these days focus more on the overall look of the hotels, before getting a room on rent. The potential travellers tend to focus more and more on adventures and everything that concerns adventure so that they can make the most of their time.

With the advanced technologies, you expect more and more from the world, which is why we have compiled the list of the 8 most unusual hotels in the world:


Hotel Jested in the Czech Republic

List of Unusual Hotels in the world


Like the Most beautiful hotels in the world or the Best Boutique Hotels, these strange and unusual hotels ensure that you are wowed and surprised during your vacation.


  1. Propeller Island City Lodge – Germany


The Propeller Island City Lodge, situated in Berlin, Germany, is basically a museum as well as a hotel merged into one. The hotel comprises of 30 exceptional rooms, which marks this hotel among the unusual hotels in the world.

The art forms displayed in this hotel range from tame to the extreme forms of art.

Now does that not sound special. There are more things which make it one of the strangest hotels in the world.

You would not be having access to Television or Radio if you stay here but the soundbox is peculiar. All the rooms are brilliant pieces of art and if you are an art lover, this is a delight.

If you are not an art lover, you will be one after you have stayed here. The galleries and even the restaurants contribute to making this place one of the most unusual hotels in the world.

Even more strange is that you need to adhere to some rules if you want to stay here. You would be surrounded by artwork worth a lot and most of these are fragile and delicate. So, you need to take extra caution while staying here.

You will be handed over a rule list as well along with welcome drink and room keys.

No two rooms are the same and you can enjoy a totally new decor and the art display by staying in different rooms.

So, if you enjoyed the glass house room earlier, it’s time to share space with two lions in the Zoo themed art room.


The upside down Hotel room at Propeller Island City Lodge, Berlin


There are rooms with artwork depicting an Asian temple and a room displaying nightlight and another one themed in Bronze.

It’s for a reason that some call it the weirdest hotel in the world.

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2. Inntel Hotel Zaandam – Amsterdam 


The hotel seems to be made up of a sequence of houses arranged on top of the other, which is one of the core reasons for the attraction of this hotel. The stacking makes it one of the strangest hotels in the world.

The neo-traditional dutch architecture makes it one of the weirdest hotels in the world in terms of architecture.

Standing in front of the hotel makes it look like an act from a maverick and only after looking at the building twice you realise that what you have in front of you is real.


Outside view of Intel Hotel Zaandam, Amsterdam, Netherlands


The architecture of the hotel is basically inspired by the traditional houses present in the Zaan region.

It looks like a marvel of architecture as if a portrait is drawn or looks like a photoshopped image. The interior is no less artistic which each room decorated with amazing artwork.

It is an extremely innovative Hotel concept in the hospitality industry.

The galleries, restaurants, reception area and rooms make it look like a hotel of illusions. This special hotel is made of a lot of special features.

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3. Hotel Jested – Czech Republic


Think of the unusual hotels in the world, think of Hotel Jested. Have you dreamt of staying above the clouds?

This hotel on top of the mountains seems to provide just the same experience.

The Hotel Jested seems to be a sci-fi getaway, and although the hotel was built in the 1960’s, the structure and construct of the hotel provide the guests with the panoramic sights of the countryside of Czech Republic.

The rooms are designed in a way to provide heavenly experience. Feel the cloud coming into the room and watch uncluttered space from the windows.


Room view Hotel Jested 


It has become an iconic structure for the Czech Republic and has become a national cultural monument and building of the century for the country.

Rooms are based on various styles. These range from the retro look to the most modern architecture. The place has been designed to provide a never before unique experience to all its guests.

A cable car takes you to this hotel and you are left alone with nature and around 160 other guests in one of the most unusual settings.


4. The Dog Bark Park Inn – USA


This needs to be on the list of unusual hotels in the world. It is unique and cute.

Although a small Bed & Breakfast, it has become extremely popular in the area.


The Dog Bark Park Inn represents the love for the man’s best friend, i.e., dogs.

The hotel, that is owned by the chainsaw artists,  is the world’s biggest Beagle, and also one of the strangest hotels in the world.

It is named among the top 20 exciting places to stay in the world by London Times.

This is a must visit place for dog lovers.

Sometimes even sleeping in the Doghouse is worth it.


If you are thinking of visiting the place, this place has received all excellent reviews at TripAdvisor.


5. V8 Hotel – Germany


This is the perfect hotel for all the car lovers, as the theme of the rooms in the hotel is cars.


Image Courtesy-  Official website V8 Hotel


The themes include vintage cars, drive-through cinemas or racing paraphernalia.

From Hotel rooms to lobby areas to convention centres, you will find Cars everywhere. There are a lot of rooms to select from.

There are racing rooms, washing themed rooms, gas station themed rooms and car tours and much more.

The V8 experience is one of its kind Car themed experience. The artistic illustration and use of vintage cars make the experience unique and memorable.

Stuttgart is known for its automobiles and this themed hotel enlivens your love of cars. The highlight of the place is the Mercedes Suite in the former air traffic control spread over four floors with a rooftop terrace.

It is one of the most unusual hotels in the world due to this unique theme.


6. Faralda Crane Hotel – Netherlands


The Crane Hotel is acknowledged as one of the unusual hotels in the world because it has rooms 150 ft. high, and the rooms can rotate 360 degrees to give you the panoramic views of the Wadden Sea.



The story of Faralda, a beautiful dutch lady, is even more interesting who lived in Amsterdam in the 1940s. She was determined to do things in a different and grander way.

Her name became synonymous with strange and unusual determination to defy the norms.

This is what has been done at the Crane Hotel. they have been nominated for several prestigious awards including hotelier of the year award and innovation in hospitality industry awards.

Read more about Faralda Crane Hotel.


7. Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort – China


It can’t get more unusual that this Sheraton Hotel in China.

The shape, the concept and the service; it’s all unusual and weird.

The hotel is a luxury property and has made headlines over the years for its uniqueness.


Image of Sheraton Huzhou


The nickname of this hotel is the ‘doughnut hotel’ because of the magnet shape of the hotel.

The hotel consists of 27 floors above water and two underwater, marking it one among the unusual hotels of the world.

So what would excite you more, the top two in the sky or the bottom 2 underwater?

Strange and unusual indeed!


8. Capsulevalue Kanda – Japan


We saved the strangest and the most unusual for the last; didn’t we?

The Hospitality industry of Japan keeps coming up with the unusual as well as innovative stuff.

May it be the use of Robots as the Future of the Hospitality industry or the Innovative Capsule Hotel concept for its customers of the budget travel segment.

It’s strange to be in a capsule for the night. But, it is for sure an experience in itself. A rather strange one though.

The capsule beds in this hotel are a popular Japanese concept. The beds are sequenced side-by-side and on top of one another to maximise space, which is why it is named among the strangest hotels in the world.


Image of Capsulevalue


The Japanese concept of effective utilisation and simple living works even here.

Given that Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world, this might not be a bad option.

If luxury is not the only criteria, the experience and cost should make it worth a try.




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The same old vacation spots and traditional fancy hotels all over the world are becoming quite boring now. An out of the box and memorable experience is what travellers want.

So, make sure that you book a room in one of these unusual hotels which provide you with a unique experience.