7 Techniques to Get Promoted Quickly in the Hospitality industry

Let’s be honest here. You really cannot think about moving to the top of the ladder in the hospitality industry if you don’t know how to please the top position. You would like to climb up the ladder without asking for promotion but that is not always how it works. You need to be good at work for sure. but, in order to get promoted quickly and regularly, you need to be a smart worker and a people pleaser.

This is true, especially in the Hospitality industry.

You may at times need to own up to a few things in a way that isn’t acceptable to you so that you can get the promotion you have your eyes on.

In this post, we discuss 7 techniques to get promoted quickly in the hospitality industry.


7 Techniques to Get Promoted Quickly in the Hospitality industry


Few of these tips would also be useful to build an excellent career in the hospitality industry.


Let’s not be cynical to buttering as licking ass. At times some buttering in a positive way at work can help you phenomenally.

Yes, some of you might not be interested in doing so, but it can help you climb the stairs to success.

Asking for promotion might not be a bad idea but then you need to paraphrase and look out for alternative ways to convey the message.

Your actions should demand and command promotion.


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Well, we all do things to please our bosses and at times it falls under this category. However, there are other legitimate ways as well to please your boss.

The best strategy for getting a promotion is to mix it all up.

Challenging the status quo and speaking what’s in your mind can be done later on when you’re where you’ve always wanted to be.

It is equally important to know what not to do at the workplace that might get your boss pissed. Watch it in the below 1-minute video.



Hope you already know quite a lot of the above-mentioned points on what not to do.


Here are seven techniques that will enable you to reach the top while working in the hospitality industry:


There are several basic techniques to get promoted quickly in the hospitality industry.

These are basic and thus need not be discussed in detail but it’s worthwhile to make a listing here before we start with our 7 techniques.

Basic Techniques to get promoted quickly in the Hospitality industry


  • Punctuality- Always arrive on time
  • Etiquette- This is related to dressing properly and behaving professionally
  • Work ethics- Be committed, proactive and honest in your job.
  • Attitude- Be positive and confident. Increase productivity through attitude. Who doesn’t love good personalities?
  • Stay organized- Keep a track of all your work in progress and keep your work area clean
  • Goal oriented- It is important to stay ahead of schedule. Always strive to beat targets and deadlines
  • Team player- Love everyone and be loved by all. This should be the aim to get promoted quickly.
  • Leave home at home- Don’t discuss private affairs and leave your personal baggage of responsibilities at home
  • Work hard- Nothings succeeds like success. Work hard to become successful and further success will follow

However, eminent politics in organizations, especially in the Hospitality industry, doesn’t do justice to hard and smart work.



So, below are the ways which need to be in your strategies apart from those mentioned above to keep getting those promotions early on.


1. Put the interest of your Organisation before your own interest

Techniques to Get Promoted Quickly in Hospitality industry 2


Yes, this is extremely important and one of the key techniques to get promoted quickly.

When you put someone else’s interest before your interest, even for a little time, they will certainly take care of you.

In the hospitality industry, it doesn’t matter what position you are working on when you want to make it big, you start by placing other people’s interest before yours.

There can be multiple ways to put them before yourself, a few of which are mentioned below.

  • Listen carefully to your boss to understand the priorities
  • Do what they want you to do not what you can do or love to do
  • Be a team player and volunteer to do the work your department head and hotel finds urgent
  • Be proactive to suggest a solution to a problem your manager might be staring at
  • Be willing to learn from the situation and be empathetic towards other members. This is what your manager wants to do. Do this for them.

The hospitality industry is all about giving your best.

So the best technique to get promoted in the hospitality industry is to always do what your department head likes the most.

If your manager gets promoted, you follow your manager up the ladder without asking for a promotion.


2. Pretend to Like your boss Even If You Don’t


Make yourself indispensable at work and incorporate genuine work habits so that the boss loves you as given by Lifehacker

Start with this video to learn how you and your manager can be on the same boat.


People can help you reach the top and you need to like them even if you don’t because these people can do things for you others cannot. This is the truth.

If you want to be promoted fast in your job, take the liking people aspect to level next.

So be good to your manager when he says that he met with a minor accident or your boss might say she lost the keys to her house.

Don’t reveal your happiness. Stay calm and offer help.


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This is significant because as stated above, it’s all about who you know.


3. Enquire about the family and friends of your manager and team


Here’s a secret for getting in someone’s good books: always inquire about their family.

Now that’s not a big deal at all. You have social media. Stalk (politely) the people from your team on Facebook if you can and then ask away. Seem genuinely interested in whatever you talk about.

These sort of things mentioned below should help in edging your tight competition for a promotion.

‘Boss saw your vacation pics on Facebook and you were looking smashing in casuals’

‘Ma’am, you seem to have lost some weight but you are looking great’

‘Tom, it’s your wife’s birthday today, got to know from Facebook; here is a small gift from me.’

‘Aww, the little girl is a big girl now. Such a cute adorable baby’

And the list goes on.

Believe it or not, everyone wants themselves to be treated as special either voluntarily or involuntarily.


4. Stay Updated about your Macro environment


Yes, you need to be updated about the company, your manager, your team and your competitors.

The hospitality industry is an industry with cut-throat competition.

You need to be visible and your deeds should ask for that rare promotion opportunity.

Be updated about what’s happening in the hospitality industry. Know the latest technology trends in the hospitality industry.

Knowledge about your team and the manager is also a good thing to edge out competitors for promotion.

Knowledge about your own industry is also crucial for healthy discussions. If you work in hotels, keep yourself updated about updates by following sites of major hotel chains around the world or discuss major Cruise lines of the world.

Especially about your immediate manager or boss. If you are unsure of what would be the passion of your boss then take your chances. Health and fitness-related discussion is your safest bet then.

Bosses love the athleticism, Yoga and extreme Sports (Even the paunchiest of them love these too. Trust me). Stay updated on these to be in the good books of your bosses.

You should always treat your Boss like your first date.

Butter him/her up, give them compliments and then let them know what you want.

Schmoozing certainly takes losing out of the question so pucker up right away!

Be sure that you are in good books of your boss before you start doing so.



5. Always Keep Your Game Face On


There will be people who are above you at work. Whether it’s someone you like or someone you hate, you need to build up your network like never before and get them to care for you.

Build your networking skills with people you don’t like and for this, you will need to always keep your game face on like you have never done it before.


6. Deal positively with the politics in your hospitality organisation


The hospitality industry is one of the best opportunities for job seekers who are in search of a job that can give them a handsome salary, good exposure as well as entertainment.

However, life seems unfair at times especially when you are working in the hospitality industry as you see many people around you who seem lazy and do nothing apart from politics and still manage to get promotions regularly.

You can’t even raise voice against such promotions because you fear to lose your job.

Follow the points below to ensure that you don’t share your brownie points with those lazy ones busy in office politics to pip you in the race of promotion in the hospitality industry.

You need to stay ahead in the race. The Hospitality industry is extremely competitive and to get promoted in the hospitality industry, you need to be hardworking, smart as well as innovative in your approach.

To ensure that you stay ahead in the race of promotion, try following the points below.

  1. Stop doing all the work of others at the cost of your project even if they are super polite or extremely beautiful/handsome.
  2. Learn the art of selling yourself to get rewarded for your work.
  3. Single out the lazy ones in social gatherings.
  4. Learn the act of communicating and connecting. Maybe the ones doing politics are good to communicate and your boss might not find you willing to take new responsibility.
  5. Be ready to take up opportunities.
  6. The company can’t read your mind- Please don’t wait for the boss to come to you. Approach your management and be willing to deal with new challenges.
  7. Stop caring about the politics- Don’t try to beat the lazy one in politics; maybe he/she know more of it that you do. Stick to your competencies and stay positive in your approach.


7. Be your Boss’s Bitch (If none of the above work :))

Techniques to Get Promoted Quickly in Hospitality industry


If you are one of those ass lickers (check this from your own psyche first), go for it and be their personal assistant.

Because this is what licking someone’s ass is all about. If that helps and that’s what your boss likes, why not give this a try.

Again, only if your own psyche allows this only then use it as one of the techniques to get promoted quickly.

Offer to pick up laundry or get them a coffee on your way out. Go out of your way to show them you’re making an effort.

Perhaps you can get their favourite pastry from the bakery. It helps to earn those brownie points.

Go as far as you can to help yourself gain attention. Get them gifts, walk their dogs or take the kids to the park.

Hey, but don’t take the above literally. You don’t need to kiss ass to get promoted :).

You just want to be your Boss’s baby before requesting for promotion.

Be good to your boss and go out of the way to help with daily errands. That’s it.




Finally, keep selling yourself. Please make sure you make your presence feel to your manager and everyone else in your team.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys are becoming more and more important in the hospitality industry as well.

So, use these surveys to the fullest to your advantage and get promoted quickly. Try to highlight your contributions in subtle manners.

While all of the above works like heaven when pleasing your boss and looking for techniques to get promoted quickly, it is advisable to begin the quest with honest hard work and efficient teamwork.

You should only be asking for promotion after you have proved your mettle.

Use these techniques wisely based on your nature and personality.