6 Time Management Tips for the Hotel Managers

Hotel Managers arguably have one of the toughest jobs. Managing a hotel or a big team is not everyone’s cup of tea. Plus, every department in a hotel is pressed for time. Here in this article, we present 6 time management tips for the hotel managers.

Intentionally or unintentionally we all waste a lot of time. A knowledge of the biggest time wasters can be handy to help manage time better.

As per research, the biggest time wasters are:

  • Constantly checking your e-mails (this is a unanimous pick for the biggest time waster)
  • Multitasking or doing more than one thing at a time actually decreases productivity
  • Worrying and unnecessary planning
  • Lots of meetings
  • Gossips

That’s not all. Here’s a research by the job site Career Builder and reported by CNBC about the productivity killers. These are based on the reply of 2200 Human Resource Managers and Human Resource Leaders. 

Have a look.



So, here comes the next question.

Why do some employees waste time? Here’s what Paychex has to say about this. 

Distraction, procrastination, no allotted work are a few among many others as mentioned in the below image.

You can certainly think of a lot more reasons. 



The Hotel industry is extremely time sensitive and thus Hotel Managers have to ensure that the biggest time wasters are avoided in the Hotel premises by the team members.


To go about with it, here are 6 Time Management Tips


It is important to get organised and understand that time management is an art that needs to be mastered using science and technology.

We present here 6 time management tips for the hotel managers. However, these tips are equally useful for all professionals across industries.

So, without any further ado let’s begin with the first tip on time management.


6 Time Management Tips for the Hotel Managers



1. Scheduling and Maintaining a To-do-list


According to an article of TheBalance, people who schedule their tasks and manage a to-do list are more productive and successful in their profession. 

We agree to this and this is even more important for Hotel Managers. 

A Hotel Manager has strict deadlines for everything. For the year-end target to the next buffet meal for a group. A banquet or a business lunch; a hotel manager has to adhere to strict deadlines.

Managing time is crucial for hotels and thus scheduling comes into play.



We all know about this basic thing about scheduling work or maintaining a to-do list but how many of us actually do it on a daily basis? Only a very few.

This should be a part of the culture in the hotel industry and the Hotel Managers must ensure that a system is in place for everyone to follow.


2. Minimising Micromanagement


This again is one of the crucial Time Management tips for a more productive workplace.

Hospitality is a labour intensive industry. Managers are used to micromanaging. 

Micromanaging involves a lot of people in the loop and is a closed process. 

The knowledge economy of today requires an open work culture to enhance productivity.

Less Micromanagement is one of the key habits of successful Hotel Managers.

Too much-micromanaging leads to losing view of the bigger picture and you start leaking time in counter-productive tasks.

Effective delegation can be useful in this regard which we cover in one of the next points.


3. Embracing Technology


Technology is being embraced by all sectors. Innovation holds the key to success in the Hospitality industry.

Technology is more of a partner now for successful hotel managers.

Various Hotel Management Software is readily available to Hotel Managers to automate a lot of tasks.

Technology can also be used in training and empowering employees.

Hotel Managers can use technology to automate a lot of tasks.

In this era of technology, this is one of the most important time management tips for Hotel Managers.


4. Inclusive and Open work culture- The Art of Delegation


This complements the previous point on less micromanaging.

A happier workforce with a sense of purpose is equivalent to a more productive workforce. 

An inclusive culture and a sense of purpose are things that hotel employees want from employers. 

Hotel Managers thus need to ensure that a sense of purpose and inclusiveness is in place so that people can start to enjoy the work.

Once hotel employees are exactly aware of their role with an attached sense of purpose, they will eliminate a lot of time wasters themselves.

Delegation is sure to become a lot easier once everyone is clear about expectations and communication at all levels is transparent.

The real art of delegation is thus deeply embedded in creating an inclusive workplace. 


5. Prioritise Important Tasks and Time Box them


One of the most important time management tips is to prioritise important tasks. 

Hotel Managers should create a Priority Matrix for Hotel Operations. One of the samples of a Priority Matrix is provided by Skills you need.



This should then be followed by a proper time boxing. 

Timeboxing is allocating a fixed time slot to each task. It is easier to keep a journal of time spent to decrease wastage of time and to increase productivity.


6. Ensure a Buffer Time for Rest and Realignment


Hotel Managers don’t have one of the easier jobs. Hoteliers have to put 50,60 and at times even 70 hours a week during the busy season.

To remain productive, the mind and body need rest.

It’s the duty of the Hotel Manager to ensure that the workforce is duly rested. 

A buffer time must also be created by the Hotel Managers to ensure they have some time to rest their brain and reflect on the tasks in hand. If realignment is required, it is this buffer time that helps the most.

Thus allocating a buffer time is never counterproductive and a super useful time management tip.



These Time Management Tips are crucial for Hotel Managers to ensure that they stay on top of the success curve.

To stay ahead of the competition, it is important to increase the productivity of the workforce.

Skills enhancement, technology, training, empowerment, happier workplace and various other similar ways can help hotel managers get the most out of the workday.

Hope these time management tips would make some difference to our hospitality superstars.

We wish you the very best. Keep shining.